Dove Hair Fall Therapy 1

Dove Hair Fall Therapy

Does the above photo look familiar to you especially if you just gave birth.. DON’T PANIC!! Anyway, that is my photo hor.. No.. I’m not going bald, don’t worry. If you just gave birth, few months later you start to having bad hair falls, it is normal. No matter you are breastfeeding or not. All …

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Experience More Together 2 2

Experience More Together 2

Finally the baby fair is over!! But I got a trade fair coming up.. Busy busy.. Today going to teach you parents how to entertain your kids for 1-2 hours but doing some interesting activities outdoor! You know sometimes being a parents is not easy, because we have to entertain our child(ren), keeping our creativity …

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Just Indulge ~ A New Shopping Experience! 3

Just Indulge ~ A New Shopping Experience!

Ding Dong!! Super love the sound of postman pressing my doorbell! Look what I have in mail!   Just Indulge is a new shopping experience for everyone! Especially new mothers, oh-not-so-good-news for daddy! Haha… just joking! They do have guys stuff too!   Why I said is good for mothers? Because they have baby clothing …

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Experience More Together 1 4

Experience More Together 1

For those who have been following my blog, FB or instagram will know that during my free times I love to bring my kids out for picnic, swim or just do something under the sun! Being influence or should I say based on my childhood experience, my parents loves to bring us around Singapore Farm (last time there …

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Seek ~ Stop the Eye Epidemic In Kids!! 5

Seek ~ Stop the Eye Epidemic In Kids!!

As an ophthalmic trained nurse and having working in an eye specialist environment for 7-8years, I couldn’t emphasis how important eye care is. Especially when our younger generation are wearing specs as young as toddler age, Right now 1 in 4 Primary One children have to wear glasses and this percentage doubles by Primary 6!! Don’t be …

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Agape Babies ~ Baby items under one roof!

As a full-time working mom, it’s never easy juggling from work, housework, kids, setting their meals, etc.. The list will go forever long! Seriously I feel every mom, no matter full-time working mom, stay at home mom or work at home mom, secretly in our heart we wish that we have: Doraemon Door, that brings you anywhere …

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Let Mickey and friends celebrate X’mas with U!

Hohoho… Merry Christmas to everyone!! Hopefully you guys have an enjoyable count down yesterday!! Not sure where to bring your kids to spend your Christmas?? If you or your children love mickey mouse like I do then let Mickey Mouse and his friends spend their Christmas with you!! Go to Terminal 3, Departure Check-in Hall and …

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I remember 2+yrs back when I sent Yi He to IFC, I did not label all of her belongings. It does not even come across my mind to label also.. haha.. such a lazy mom. So the teachers will keep reminding me to do that, but it wasn’t a very big concern to me because …

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