5 School Bento Making Hacks For Morning Rush

5 School Bento Making Hacks For Morning Rush 1

Happy 2022! Hope everyone surviving well so far. Kids are finally back to school and Bento making starts again. Before having kids, whenever I see any cute and yummilicious school bento, it becomes my dream to make bento for my kids. I even attended a food art lesson with my friends! Finally, when Yi He […]

Kid-Friendly 4D3N Staycation @ Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa 2021


Our last staycation was 2 years back before Jia He was born. Ever since then, the kids have been asking for a staycation, but it’s never easy, especially after the Covid-19 outbreak. Finally, this year we decided that it’s time to have a kid-friendly staycation since travelling overseas is still not an option for us […]

8 Activities to spend our School Holidays 2020

Singapore Parenting blog

When I thought I could make use of my Kidzania Membership and bring the 2 girls to spend the December school holidays 2020 while I work in the cafe, my bubble got burst when they decided to close for good. 🙁 So, there is no choice but, to find an alternative way, especially on days […]

Baby Products Must Buy From Taobao

Baby Products Must Buy From Taobao 2

“Qiqi, what baby products should I buy from taobao?!” I have been shopping Taobao for more than 12 years, my wedding gown and even the hotel hall aisle Sunflower stand is also DIYed by me using materials from Taobao. As the years go by, shopping in Taobao is getting easier and easier, so long as […]

Top 5 Daiso Items I Love & I Think You Should Have It

Daiso Products

Daiso, the shopping paradise for young to old and those who love bargains and budget products. But often we will get lost in the rows and rows of shelves, because they literally have everything, from home, beauty products, travel essentials baby products and even pets products! I can’t deny that whenever we shop Daiso, we […]

My Postnatal Confinement Food For Speedy Recovery

Postnatal Confinement Food

Postnatal confinement food has its place and has been a part of a long history in Chinese culture. Typically, the food consists of fish soups to boost milk supply, ginger to expel wind and the diet generally avoids ‘cooling’ foods. Whether you believe in Chinese confinement or not, there’s one thing you have to agree […]

9 Singapore Woman Organisation Supporting Women

Supporting Woman

If you realised recently, hashtagging #ChallengeAccepted with black and white selfie about supporting women is “flooding” our Instagram Feed this few days. But do you know the real meaning behind this campaign? This trending challenge is to nominate your friend to take part in this campaign by posting a photo of themselves in black and […]