Lao Xie Zhen Chicken Essence – The Strength Booster For Mothers

In the history of Chinese delicacies, to boost energy we have chicken soup, among traditional herbs and etc. Of which, one of them is Chicken Essence. Chicken essence plays an important role during our pregnancy and even after birth. Lao Xie Zhen (LXZ) is a well-established brand in Taiwan, and advocates the importance of chicken essence for pregnant mothers as it contains essential nutrients for the babies’ growth and development, boost energy, improve body immune system and stimulate the appetite.

What is so special about Lao Xie Zhen Chicken Essence?

Because it is from Taiwan, and I’m half Taiwanese! Nah, just joking, but I’m really a Taiwan product/brand lover.

LXZ Premium Boiled Essence of Chicken only uses 2nd generation free-range hens that are at least 12 months old, boiled together with premium pork ribs for 8 hours.

Using traditional slow-boiling, incorporated with advanced hydration technology, a small amount of water is added as a medium to help fully extract the micro-molecular and macro-molecular nutrients from the ingredients during the extraction process. Nutritional tests have found that the level of protein is higher in chicken essence prepared by slow-boiling method.

This makes LXZ Premium Boiled Essence of Chicken rich in protein, amino acids (18 types) and collagen. When you feel the sticky texture while sipping it, that’s the proof of collagen!

With 80 years of history, Lao Xie Zhen has established itself as a favourite and trustworthy brand among consumers. They are also voted as the Best Chicken Essence for Pre-natal & Post Natal by Mummys Market Singapore.

Lao Xie Zhen Premium Boiled Essence of Chicken – The Strength Booster For Mothers

What are the benefits of Chicken Essence?

Since Chicken Essence is well-known for boosting energy levels, combating fatigue and strengthening the immune system while supplementing essential nutrients. It is especially good for mummies with morning sickness or not eating well as it helps to improve appetite.

After giving birth, it also helps to speed up wound recovery and promote post-natal milk secretion & enhance the quality of the milk.

Why do TCM or Chinese believe in Chicken Essence during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, we woman requires a high supply of “Qi” (energy) and blood to support the fetus during pregnancy. Chinese believe that if we do not have enough “Qi” and blood, it may cause fatigue and increase heatiness in the body and from the TCM perspective, pregnant woman’s body constitution is already “heaty” to begin with.

That is when Chicken Essence comes in. It supplements the amount of nutrients needed in a pregnant woman’s diet, helping us to boost the “Qi” in our bodies and maintaining it at desirable levels.

Me at week 29, having mantou with Didi that I made myself the night before. Energy-boosting and combating fatigue foods help me handle my 3 kids while pregnancy.

Preparation Method

  1. Warm it up and drink it! Suitable for busy people.
    – Put the unopened sachet into a mug
    – Soak it in hot water for 3 minutes.
    – Tear open he sachet and consume!

2. Steam with chicken/fish, suitable for confinement meals or a quick meal fix.

Check out my IGTV for the cooking steps!

Who can drink?

Besides pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, I would say almost everyone can drink, because LXZ Premium Boiled Essence of Chicken is 100% natural (no preservative, no additives, zero fats & cholesterol). Everyone will definitely experience fatigue and need a boost of energy, especially working adults and the elderly.

Kids coming up with PSLE also can take to boost their energy level and improve concentration! You don’t have to worry about kids’ rejection as the delicious taste and natural yellow colour make it very attractive to children! The taste is almost similar to chicken soup, unlike conventional chicken essence. Children under 2 years old can consume the chicken essence with water added. Alternatively, you can add it into cooked food such as porridge or steamed egg!

Lao Xie Zhen Premium Boiled Essence of Chicken – The Strength Booster For Mothers 6
Suitable for kids too!

So, when is the best time to drink and how should I store?

Chicken essence is recommended to consume in the morning before breakfast for the best effect.

The product packaging uses Japan’s technology of high temperature and high-pressure sterilization sealing method to preserve the nutrients, allowing you to conveniently store it at room temperature

If you are interested to find out more about Lao Xie Zheng Chicken Essence, you can visit Hao Yi Kang (they are the exclusive distributor) website, Facebook and Instagram!

You can also visit their booth in the upcoming Mummys Market Baby Fair to have a taste :
Date: 11-13 October 2019
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 5, Booth F21

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