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For those who have been following my blog, FB or instagram will know that during my free times I love to bring my kids out for picnic, swim or just do something under the sun!

Being influence or should I say based on my childhood experience, my parents loves to bring us around Singapore Farm (last time there is a lot of them!) to explore, learn the types of vegetables, how to grow them etc. Unfortunately I did not inherit any green fingers genes from my parents, but still I love plants (not flowers except for Sunflower), farms and Sun! So ever since I become a parent, I can’t wait for my girl to grow up so that I can bring her to all this places which I have been before or have not yet been explore.

Lots of photos ahead, mostly Yi He because we want to wait till Xin He is old enough before we will have another farm trip!

We chance upon this area by accident after running some errands near Sembawang. Subsequently I brought my parents and siblings along! 🙂
Green Valley Farm
1 Bah Soon Pah Rd, Singapore 769959

This farm is very interesting, unlike those commercial farms we went before like mushrooms farms. The farm is divided into different section with small plots of land for people like us to rent and plat our own vegetables! Which means we will get to see different types of plants, flowers and vegetables that people are planting.
One thing to note is, not all are open for viewing, you have to ask politely from the owners if they are comfortable to let you have a look at their mini farm! Most of them are very friendly and chatty, so long as you make sure your kids don’t pluck or step their plantation. If you are lucky enough you can buy all this organic vegetables at a min price!

Her first visit to farm when she was coming to 3 years old. 🙂
21362_10152968580500453_554512178_n 1001001_10152968530665453_1487887677_n 1047902_10152968523550453_1047968576_o

Nice auntie who gave her flowers.. As usual the greedy her.. she ate the flowers the moment we board into the car =.=” #FrisoMoment


Another trip again with my family

1116016_10153098373985453_949006412_o 1157529_10153093339690453_1326733892_n

My farm trips doesn’t stop in Singapore! When we went back to Taiwan, I told my relatives that we want a farm trip to be arranged. So we went to strawberry farm and Yi He had her first experience as 採莓女郎! She likes it a lot, insist to pick and hold the strawberry herself while hubby cut it and gently put the strawberry in the basket. #FrisoMoment
1490579_10153664085735453_592987250_o 1514994_10153664085325453_142976642_n 1523263_10153664086660453_1043208816_o 1529899_10153664085805453_1159142602_o

You know going out doesn’t mean that your wallet going to have a hole. Enjoy somewhere out of the shopping malls, tourist attraction areas or busy location. Take a break from all this and enjoy the quietness, less crowded and more rewarding location. Why I say is rewarding? Because your child gets to learn types of plants, vegetables, fruits etc. Give them chance to know the vegetables and hopefully he/she will grow to like it and eat it (just saying). And by you teaching them means you will focus less on your smart gadgets, which means extra bonding! Isn’t that good?!

This Experience More Together is brought to you by Friso. Thanks to them for inviting me to share my outdoor activities with you parents and with me sharing, which means you must share too!! Be fair right! Got to win prizes some more!! Every week got prize leh!

What PRIZE??

Very very simple!

1. Submit a photo of you and your child sharing a special experience. You may submit 1 experience each week.
2. Each photo submitted will earn you 2 instant rewards – A Friso Experience journal and a Friso voucher worth $5, $10 or $20.
3. Friso will also select and print one photo in 4R size with a Friso frame and send it to you.
4. You will be eligible for weekly and grand prizes if you agree to display your image in the gallery to inspire other parents.

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Qiqi 温馨提示 aka tips
Your child has to be 6 months old at the time when the photo is taken
Breast milk is the best for babies. The World Health Organisation recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life. After six months of age, infants should receive age-appropriate foods while breastfeeding continues for up to two years of age or beyond.


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