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Agape Babies ~ Baby items under one roof!

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As a full-time working mom, it’s never easy juggling from work, housework, kids, setting their meals, etc.. The list will go forever long! Seriously I feel every mom, no matter full-time working mom, stay at home mom or work at home mom, secretly in our heart we wish that we have:

Doraemon Door, that brings you anywhere in seconds.. Talking about meeting appointment ion time, fetching kids in time, do some quick marketing or even moving from room to room.

Or even be Elastic Supergirl! Getting stuck with your crying baby or sleeping baby which you can’t even move an inch away from them. You wish you have elastic powers which allows you to take a glass of water/snacks when you are so exhausted from carrying, latching or pumping. Getting stuck in the bedroom, hopping that you have your hp or any smart devices with you, or even just a simple task of taking remote control which is just few feet away.
Ok joke aside, even though how much we wish for that, it’s impossible for us to become one of the super heroes with super natural powers. Even though we don’t have super natural powers, but we still have great responsibilities for our little ones.
AND one mom started out Agape Babies.
Read on to find out how this mommy created this platform to make our life as a mother a lot easier!

Agape Babies started in 2009, is founded by Karen who is expecting her child in 2008. Like every parents, she wanted the best and safest products for her baby, unfortunately she couldn’t find one.
And that’s how she started Agape Babies ~ a one stop online store which have over 150 premium brands and retail more than 3000 products under them!!


I have used them since 2012,  and the staff are very friendly to answer my question 🙂

Trust me, is not easy to find an online store which has everything, I MEAN EVERYTHING..
To diapers, strollers, toys, clothing, formula milk etc.. you name it, they have it. It’s actually a pretty new concept in Asia! It’s so nice to see the store you patronize have grown so well and still doesn’t compromise on their services! 2 thumbs up for them!

If you telling me Qoo10 is considered as one, you are wrong, Qoo10 is just an e-commerce platform with multiple seller, yes you can put everything in the cart and pay once, but remember since its different seller means you will incurred several shipping price and keep track different seller whether a not do they send you the correct items.
Sometimes I can even forget what I bought!

Personally I find that it’s a very good platform, especially for working parents. Imagine finish work at 5-6pm, rush to pick up the kids, have dinner and by the time when you are able to do some grocery shopping it’s too late. For weekends, some of my friends complain that they can’t even do a proper shopping when the kids are around!

And for new parents who wants to get everything under one roof and get it delivered to your doorstep, it’s also a good choice. Because of its wide variety in brands, you can do comparison online WITHIN the store itself! Save the trouble of traveling from store A to B just to compare. Pregnant so tired still have to travel!! Save your wife for “murdering” you, as a hubby it’s time for you to do some homework at Agape Babies!

Lots of promotion for shoppers!
FREE delivery for spending above $80! Try spending so much at shopping center, going to different retail shop to get the items you want, and best part you have to lag it back with all the heavy stuff.
Earlier on when I mentioned the have everything I really mean it!
For breastfeeding mommy, you can get pumps, storage bags, pumps accessories, milk bottles all under one roof!
Same for formula feeding babies, they have a wide range of formula milk, including those organic and goats milk!
And weaning baby, they have weaning accessories, cereals, snacks drinks etc.

Not sure whether if you want to get strollers, baby carrier, slings or plan to get all? They have it too! And since its free delivery which means, you no need to carry super big box, thinking whether if you car is able to fit in a not, or wondering how you can carry it up to public transport.
You also can get authentic baby carrier brands like ergo and manduca. Please get from the right seller, there are too many fakes ergo carrier around!


Want to buy diapers or wipes? They also have it!! Popular and common brands like pampers, huggies and Goon! Got discount code *Auntie mood on*!



Not only for mommy, they have products for mommy too! So nice! Sometimes when we are so engross in taking care our child, we forget that we still need to upkeep ourselves!
And for hubby, no excuses for you to miss this!


They are not only an online store that you can shop, they also provide good information on pregnancy and parenting for parents. And for non-parents who are not sure what to buy you can also refer to their newsletter for recommendations.

This time round I ordered 2 items for my baby girls! The delivery is quite fast! I ordered on Friday afternoon and received it on Tuesday.

This is for Xin He. She likes it a lot!! Refused to let go from the moment she got into her car seat. Hahaha..
2 20141225_175459_副本

And this freeze dry apple snacks for Yi He… No photo on her eating, because this greedy girl finished it within mins… before I even realized it.. -.- greedy pig leh…

Want to rush off to get some thing for your little ones?

Hold on!!!

Key in “missyqiqi” during checkout to receive 5% discount!
promo code is valid till 16 Jan 2015!

*the code excludes sale category items, diapers, milk & breast pumps*

Or sign up as their new member  and newsletter to get $10 off for your first order over HERE!
“Like” their Facebook or “Follow” them in Instagram to get updates or promotion items!




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