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Dove Hair Fall Therapy

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2015-04-29 23.58.20
Does the above photo look familiar to you especially if you just gave birth.. DON’T PANIC!! Anyway, that is my photo hor.. No.. I’m not going bald, don’t worry.

If you just gave birth, few months later you start to having bad hair falls, it is normal. No matter you are breastfeeding or not. All this hair falling is because of our hormones level in our body. So all this will go back to normal about 6-12 months. But does that mean we no need to do anything? Not really! We still have to try and maintain overall how our hair look (volume?), ensure our scalp are healthy and not oily which may worsen the condition and end up permanent. Especially if you also have hair breakage concern like me.. 🙁 so many baby hair flying around my head..

There are products in the market which can help us to prevent it from getting worse! I’m lucky that Dove have contacted me to try out their new range ~ Dove Hair Therapy (before my hubby get irritated by the hairs on the floor and saying my hair like grass)!

2015-04-29 23.54.14
Left to Right: Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner, Dove Intensive Hair Tonic, Dove Hair Fall Rescue Serum.

1. Dove Hair Fall Rescue Conditioner (RRP$11.90)

How? Helps prevent breakage and strengthens hair from root to tip.
Directions: Massage through wet hair, leave for a minute and rinse out.
2015-04-29 23.54.56 2015-04-29 23.55.30 2015-04-29 23.55.53
My views: Some conditioner when you apply, the application is not as smooth as this Dove Hair Fall conditioner. It is also easy to rinse off and doesn’t leave a oily or slippery feeling to both my hair and hands. And to ladies, if you love nice smelling conditioner but not over whelming, you should consider this.

2. Dove Intensive Hair Tonic (RRP$10.90)
How? Works directly on the scalp to reduce hair fall.
Directions: Massage treatment into the scalp and hair roots. Use for two weeks or more to see optimal results.

2015-04-29 23.56.31 2015-04-29 23.57.01
My view: I only use this product for a week so I can’t comment much on how well it really works, but so far I do see my scalp is less oily so I’m keen to buy another box to try 😛 It’s not expensive for this hair scalp treatment. I ever encounter hundred bucks and not even sure if it’s effective a not. I love this a lot because when you apply, it gives your scalp a very cooling (not mint) feeling. So nice for Singapore hot weather! There is fragrance but not as strong as the conditioner. So for $10.90, definitely I don’t mind to give it a try!

*Oily scalp will suffocate your hair follicles, which cause them to be inactive therefore resulting in hair loss. Oily scalp can be triggered by hormones change, pregnancy or menopause.


3.  Dove Hair Fall Rescue Serum (RRP$19.90) 
How? Deeply nourishes hair and protects it from external stressors such as heat and tugging during styling.
Directions: Massage a dollop onto towelled dry hair.

2015-04-29 23.57.55 2015-04-29 23.57.32
My view: This doesn’t have much smell and is oily (because it is a serum) but after I wash my hand (without soap) after awhile my hand doesn’t feel oily at all. Because of the strengthening effect, I do see less breakage of my hair.. but not very significant enough for me to take a photo (I only use the products for one week -.-)

Even though the price is pocket friendly, the way I mentioned seems good, but is it really effective? Does this work for you? Not sure if you like the smell or texture? EASY!


Best person to review is definitely yourself and share your review (same link) so others can benefit and decide if they should try Dove Hair Fall Control!

Besides using products, you also have to have a good lifestyle to ensure the chances of your hair fall decrease. For me, I love to massage my scalp using my finger tips. This massage actually helps to increase blood circulation which helps me to distress (seeing all the invoices, accounts very stressful you know.. ), it actually boost the strength of our hair roots too!

And for those who knows me or my loyal readers will know that I LOVE to eat.. So having my favorite food definitely helps me in this area too! Surprise right! Let me share with you whats my favorite food which helps in strengthening and a healthy hair.

Salmon > The omega-3 fatty acids not only good for brain (which I don’t think it works on me, I need ginko nuts hahaha), it actually helps to promote hair growth by keeping your scalp healthy.
Eggs > I’m a egg lover but not extreme as my hubby (who took 8-10 eggs a day). I love hard boiled eggs, half boiled eggs and steam eggs (hungry.. ) Again is because of the omega-3 and biotin(necessary for cell growth).
Sweet Potatoes > Although my tummy is not very good with sweet potatoes but I love it to the max, especially honey coated sweet potatoes.. drool. Sweet potatoes have antioxidant called beta carotene. It encourages the glands in your scalp to make an oily fluid called sebum that keeps hair from drying out

Mommies, please remember that you can’t prevent this from happening, but you can definitely prevent it from getting worse! Remember to grab your samples ok!

Dove Hair Fall Rescue range is available at all leading supermarkets, hypermarkets and pharmacies from June.


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