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I remember 2+yrs back when I sent Yi He to IFC, I did not label all of her belongings. It does not even come across my mind to label also.. haha.. such a lazy mom. So the teachers will keep reminding me to do that, but it wasn’t a very big concern to me because in IFC, she’s the only one using glass bottles. As for clothes, she wore her own home clothes, no school uniform, erm, anything missing I also wouldn’t know. -.-

The problem arises when she starts to go nursery.

They have uniforms, shoes, water bottle, milk bottles etc. Now that’s a lot of stuff to label.. I did try to label but gave up because the stickers I used kept dropping off after a few washes. It is those kind of common, glossy name stickers where you can order from Qoo10.

That’s when she started to have missing/mixed up uniforms, other children wore her shoes and the teachers ended up using markers to label her items.
So now it’s Xin He turn to go IFC and we also bought an extra set of uniform for Yi He. This time round I decided that I shouldn’t be lazy and start sourcing for a good name sticker label from a good company. I can’t have missing uniforms or Yi He wearing other kids shoes or barefoot to go back home right?

Fortunately, a company came to the rescue!


I’m so so glad that they mailed me at the right time! Excitement aside, before I agreed, I went to their website to have a look. Just to make sure that this is what I really wanted –  a one stop service which I can do stickers for clothes, milk bottles and shoes!
After researching and googling about them.. they are the perfect fit!
And all the way from Switzerland with an affordable cost, definitely 2 hands up for this.  Best is they have value pack, which allows you to choose various stickers for clothes, shoes etc.. and keying of different names! Unlike most sticker labeling store, they don’t really have a package and even if they have, you can only do 1 name, which is not very friendly for Mommy who have 2 or more kids.

One more thing I like, it is really very personalized stickers without additional cost to you! How cool is that!

Let me show you the step by step guide and let the pictures do the talking!

Front page!


Product guarantee!

3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

And 1 week later, this is what I received!!
(Note: my package is not the one listed in the web)

Paste it on Xin He’s milk bottle!

Yi He shoes!! No more missing shoes!! It’s comfortable and doesn’t came off easily, especially Yi He is so active.
2014-12-17 01.02.20 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Her clothes! It is so simple, although the instructions say to use baking paper, I don’t have so I use cupcakes paper. 😛 I prefer this type compare to the other iron on which the material is thicker, because after a few washes, the edges tend to come off. This is perfect!
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 2014-12-17 01.00.14 2014-12-17 01.01.35

Product testing.. I scratch, scratch scratch!

I feel so tempted to get some more (even for myself)… hahaha… For the price I find that its very worth it, because it’s very personalized, it does not have additional charges for the shapes, logo or colours that you want to choose.
And I have used it for 1 week plus, put inside washing machine, sterilizer etc.. so far everything is good and well!

So for my readers…… DISCOUNT CODE!!!

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*discount code valid till 31 Dec 2014*



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