I remember 2+yrs back when I sent Yi He to IFC, I did not label all of her belongings. It does not even come across my mind to label also.. haha.. such a lazy mom. So the teachers will keep reminding me to do that, but it wasn’t a very big concern to me because […]

Stretch marks…

Stretch marks... 1

Stretch marks… It’s such a irritating thing to talk about!! Although I am really fortunate enough of not having it during pregnancy, but I am not so lucky during my teenage times. Strange? Yes, I have had stretch marks during teenager times but not during pregnancy.. Ahh, whatever! Anyway… here’s more information about stretch marks >

Eating Right!!

Not neglecting my blog…. Just that after 4 days of baby fair, I’m totally worn out and I still got to go back warehouse to settle stocks and start delivering soon. End up reaching back home, I fell asleep immediately on my BFF aka bed.. And I still have to wake up at 2-3 am […]

Yoomi ~ The self heating bottle & Giveaway!

Ask all mom who use bottle to feed their baby with breast milk, what is the most common problem they face? WARMING UP THE EBM that is kept in the fridge!! (*ebm aka expressed breastmilk) Especially during the wee hours, your eyes barely open, your baby screaming for milk, but the milk isn’t warming up […]

Bio-essence Tanaka White

Bio-essence Tanaka White 2

I’m so tan, what for I need whitening products?? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need to be a Snow White and I’m proud and happy with my “so-called-tan” skin tone. But why is there still a need for whitening products? Although my skin tone is quite tan, but if you notice in my previous […]

Collection Primed and Ready Makeup Primer

Collection Primed and Ready Makeup Primer 3

(Advertorial) Like I mentioned previously, (or many times), I’m not a pro makeup person, so when I saw this makeup primer from Collection, I wanted to try just because it can make your skin look flawless without the need of concealer. I’m not a fan of concealer, so I’m love to try stuff which makes […]

Face Mask save the day!

Face Mask save the day! 4

All along my friends have been asking me what is my skin care regime like, how to have good skin. Not say my skin is super fantastic like 吹破可弹, but at least no major outbreak, wrinkles etc, good enough for me to be confidence without wearing makeup. Frankly speaking I’m quite lazy when comes to […]

Getting Confinement nanny

Nowadays getting confinement nanny is becoming more and more popular in our generation. It’s so popular that we have to book really in advance! So whenever my friends who got pregnant and ask me for advice, I always tell them, book your confinement nanny and infant care early! “what does confinement lady do? They help to do housework? […]