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Finally the baby fair is over!! But I got a trade fair coming up.. Busy busy.. Today going to teach you parents how to entertain your kids for 1-2 hours but doing some interesting activities outdoor!

You know sometimes being a parents is not easy, because we have to entertain our child(ren), keeping our creativity level as high as possible, sometimes I wonder does our kids find us boring.. hahaha.. This activity is inspired by my mom. Frankly speaking I have wonderful parents, that’s why they are my role model!

This activities will let you and your child get more touch with our natural environment and hopefully learn about trees and flowers along the way!

1. Bring them to the park or sea side. I brought my girl to the park in my area. Of course the bigger the area, the better it is to unleash you and your child’s creativity!

2. What you need?

Colour pencil, Blue tag (or double sided tape), drawing paper
Colour pencil, Blue tag (or double sided tape), drawing paper

3. Now ask your child(ren) to walk around the park, pick up some nice and beautiful leaves, flowers or whatever stuff (of course not rubbish) that they could find. Help them along the way, at the same time you can explain to them what is the name of the trees, what is the colour of the flower and why do flowers wither, most importantly to love our environment.

4. Explain to the child(ren) , the things which they are going to find are going to be part of the drawings, so think about what they want to draw or guide them to choose as colourful leaves and flowers as much as possible.

Yi He picking up some flowers and leaves

Picking some pink flower
Picking some pink flower
Hmm.. let me check if this leave can be use.
Hmm.. let me check if this leave can be use.
Woohoo.. another leave!
Woohoo.. another leave!
I love all this red flower!
Another small yellow flower into my collection
Another small yellow flower into my collection
Flowers and leaves that Yi He has collected
Flowers and leaves that Yi He has collected

Lets start our drawing!

Me helping out Yi He, while hubby takes care of Xin He #FrisoMoment
Yi He sticking the flowers on the drawing paper.
Hmm.. looks fun.. daddy can I join in? Do you think I can?
Ahh.. I saw the leave! Maybe I can help to stick somewhere?
Where should I stick? But it looks fun to play with
I don’t think I want to stick.. I want to keep it! Can I?
Ahhh.. there is one more!! I want! Unfortunately mei mei you can’t have the leaves. 😛
Adding some colours to her drawing.. I asked her what she’s drawing, she said Sun.. Hmm.. right in the middle?
One final touch up
One final touch up
Accomplished! Yi He is very happy with it! haha… Can fell that she totally enjoy working on it, and didn’t really bother about the mud until she’s done. Oops.


After we finished our drawing, we spent a little moment encouraging Xin He to walk with the help of daddy! #FrisoMoment

hmm.. it's a bit weird stepping on the grass.
hmm.. it’s a bit weird stepping on the grass.
Jie Jie said she’s going to me her toys to play if I walk.. let’s see


Actually it's not bad and I start to enjoy it!
Actually it’s not bad and I start to enjoy it!

After that we took a stroll along the pond and called it a day!

Our activities with the kids doesn’t have to be a fanciful playground or shopping malls. Usually is just a short outdoor activities, swimming, accompany us delivery goods, baking/cooking, picnic and etc. Most importantly is we truly love spending our time laughing and enjoying each company. Although is simple, but what our kids truly enjoy is our undivided attention to them. #FrisoMoment

If you are reading this, I hope you can give it a try and let me know if you and your child(ren) enjoys it yeah! Please do tag me if you are posting on IG or FB your child’s artwork, so I can enjoy looking at the beautiful drawing!!


This Experience More Together is brought to you by Friso. Thanks to them for inviting me to share my outdoor activities with you parents and with me sharing!
Win prizes every week by sharing your #FrisoMoment!

What Prizes?

Very very simple!

1. Submit a photo of you and your child sharing a special experience. You may submit 1 experience each week.
2. Each photo submitted will earn you 2 instant rewards – A Friso Experience journal and a Friso voucher worth $5, $10 or $20.
3. Friso will also select and print one photo in 4R size with a Friso frame and send it to you.
4. You will be eligible for weekly and grand prizes if you agree to display your image in the gallery to inspire other parents.

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Qiqi 温馨提示 aka tips
Your child has to be 6 months old at the time when the photo is taken.


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