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Seek ~ Stop the Eye Epidemic In Kids!!

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As an ophthalmic trained nurse and having working in an eye specialist environment for 7-8years, I couldn’t emphasis how important eye care is. Especially when our younger generation are wearing specs as young as toddler age, Right now 1 in 4 Primary One children have to wear glasses and this percentage doubles by Primary 6!!
Don’t be surprise, I do encounter patient as young as that! Best part, inside keep asking the doctor how to solve it, can’t be etc, but on the other hand, once they are out of the consultation room, iPAD is just right in front of the toddler. I remember blogging about myopia before, and myopia isn’t just myopia. In can affect one’s eye side for long, for example retinal issues, which in serious cases will lead to blindness.
As a parents I don’t wish to judge, no parents like to be questioned on their parenting style and I understand how hard it is to tame a monkey a cranky child, but pardon me, it’s just a job hazard (职业病)that “bad for eyes” just come right into my mind and the list of serious outcome will just floating in front of my eyes.

SEEK (Stop the Eye Epidemic in Kids) is a non-profit group of 4 from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, NTU embarking on a health communication campaign aims to reduce the number of children who develop early childhood myopia by meeting 3 key objectives:

1. Educating parents about the risks and long-term consequences of childhood myopia
2. Informing parents that going outdoors is a simple and effective way to prevent the onset of myopia or to slow down its progress
3. Encouraging going outdoors regularly by incorporating education and play.

Sounds tough?? Nah.. Actually, by just going outdoors for 2-3 hours a day can prevent this!! Cool hur.. means more fun and play for the kids (more tired for parents?? haha.. joking, hey it’s a good bonding)!! Woohoo!!!

So Seek team sent me a wonderful outdoor fun pack! Let’s see!!

2015-03-06 23.33.01
Like Doreamon pocket.. haha..

I’m surprise at the gifts that they have pack inside! Kudous to the team. It’s not just boring words or stuff that you always received from govt on how to save water, (if you understand what I mean, those boring magnets and stickers?), they have packed a lot of activities for you which you can interact with your kids outdoor!

2015-03-06 23.33.47
Got Stickers for you to paste and make your own avatar also! Very interactive!

Colourful bubble maker and shuttlecock..
Blowing bubble is not new to Yi He, but shuttlecock will be a challenge coz I seriously don’t know how to play.. haha..  I think we will end up throwing to each other.
2015-03-06 23.34.41
Activities books! Not a boring kind ok! It comes with story and bonding activities for you and your child to do.
2015-03-06 23.35.19 2015-03-06 23.36.00

They even have map and all the outdoor locations that you can bring your kids! Cool, this is super like. This is going to pin it up at my fridge and get my picnic bag ready.
2015-03-06 23.36.44

Really can see that the team is making a lot and a great effort in making this project! Actually this activities have been on going for few weeks. Here are some of the events photos taken on that day!
Seek ~ Stop the Eye Epidemic In Kids!! 1
Seek ~ Stop the Eye Epidemic In Kids!! 2
Seek ~ Stop the Eye Epidemic In Kids!! 3

If you are not sure where to bring your kids this coming Saturday (in few hours time), please bring them to West Coast Park! Its their Grand Finale at West Coast Park! I will be going so see you guys there ok!! Say hi to me yah, I think I look fierce in my new hairstyle but I don’t bite hehe..
So many goodies and fun activities already plan for you, so we parents just join in the fun, is so simple!!
Kids really need our time, to bond with them, play with them!

Location: West Coast Park’s Grand Lawn
Time: 4-7pm
Sign up at:
Seek ~ Stop the Eye Epidemic In Kids!! 4

And also they are holding a ootd contest with a twist! It’s called “Kids Outdoor Outfit OF The Day” aka #koootd! Most creative entries with the hastags #koootd and #seeksg will win Capitaland Mall Vouchers!!

See you guys tomorrow and keep all those cute little ones #koootd coming in!!

Seek Singapore is supported by Essilor Singapore, Singapore Eye Research Institute, Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, Health Promotion Board and National Parks Board. [SP]


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