Magiclean Fabric Freshener ~ Parent Best Fabric Cleaner!

Even before accepting this Magiclean product review, I have been using their fabric freshener. I use it mainly for my girls’ mattress. Both my girls aged 6 and 3, sometimes do still wet their bed at night. Or when they are unwell, vomits happen too, at night.

Is not a pleasant thing for us. Don’t talk about the cleaning, the smell is enough to put everyone off. And we can’t possibly bring out the mattress at night to “sun”. That’s why I bought the Magiclean Fabric Freshener. Honestly, we can just spray, air it and everyone can go back and sleep in peace. This is the super lifesaver especially if you don’t have any helper. We do have one, but we don’t wake her up when our kids wet or vomit on their bed.

Features of Magiclean Fabric Freshener
o Strong penetrative power, penetrates deeply into fabric fibers, killing 99.9% bacteria from
the inside out
o Trigger technology from Japan that dispenses micro-mist spray for wider, more even
o With natural deodorizing extracts to neutralize odor from the root and prevent it from
returning for up to 24 hours
o Ergonomically designed bottle for easy grip when using
o Suitable for hard-to-wash fabric products such as bedding items, baby’s fabric toys and
stroller seats, sofa, carpet, curtains, to eliminate musty, cigarette and cooking smell on
clothing, car seats as well as fabric shoes.

Besides spraying on my girls mattress, I also like to spray on my pillow. Hehe.. you know sometimes you are in a deep sleep, or maybe dreaming of food.. you tend to drool.. Morning when you wake up, you can smell your yucky saliva.

Actually, there is a lot of places you can use it, although I mainly use it for my pillows and my girls’ mattress. You can spray on your kid’s shoes, their clothes, soft toys (my girls do that on their “baby”) and in the air for freshening up.

The best place to put my Magiclean Fabric Freshener.

This Fabric Freshener comes in 3 available scents, Fresh & Light scent, Refreshing Mint and Pure Blossom fragrances. You can buy it from Redmart, NTUC and Sheng Shiong. Personally, I’m not a fan of the strong and flowery smell, so I prefer the Fresh & Light Scent.

StickerKid ~ Door Decal!

The girls received a gift!!


Da..da… it’s from Stickerkid!
I really love their stickers a lot, previously I have blogged about their sticker labels for milk bottles etc, you can read the review here. I have recommended their stickers to a lot of my friends to use it for their milk bottles. How to find such a good product which is dishwasher/microwave/washing machine safe?
Personally I can’t wait until Yi He turn Primary school so I can order more! So going to stick all over her belongings.. haha.. ok a bit o topic.

Pretty Door Decal!
GsX1FOrNspMlmyqIXtdUv_tPNEJ1zFWwz3XAvolPcFE YTHOq-8aM_3jO2AYm_XCwB1WOJw5_MC3s6tca2RHRHo
The door decal is made of high-quality wave fabric which wouldn’t scratch and is fully removable and repositionable!

Let’s start decorating the girls room!EQRFvHeo5VJ-U_BNVFoSgJZt5cARblzI4153eBDe4DcXFla6HOyqhQQhQHsiD5s2we4qYJsmvGOYn2AiGuU31M
If you have realised, my door texture is not smooth, it comes with some wood natural kind of texture. Stickerkid Door Decals can also be applied on some textured surfaces as wall stickers!

Yi He wants to help in decorating her room door!
Yjg90cHPZrAJZDrhy0R9XB4KOOnutWcIcd7KizWDbBkZFCfxveQxVSxICG6XZFldaVK8d49eycQXLFiacCqwtc k9mHZuYqpgv7MfZlFBqoDSj2FJLbGjERt7z0IkllWsw

YI He: Mommy why you put so high up!!
In my heart: “Because stickerkid Door Decal is removable and reusable! Later you anyhow paste!!”

One last bit and we are done!
Hubby and I had a small argument on the rain drop. Coz I didn’t really stick it straight like the picture, I was like.. rain got so straight meh! Be creative lah! Haha..
(actually excuses lah.. I’m sucks with sticking small items -,-‘)

Yeah!!! Yi He is really happy, Xin He happy just because Yi He is happy.. Haha..

The masterpiece!
cZbQcuQMPdqYs01qL9KMxbwatdR27MIq9Jqc2TpynJA mPCELwq5Ov0ngivUWbIf6Uw7PAf3D6bc134TKaLqqpk


Now is your turn to order!

Go to this link >

There is 9 design for you to choose from!

Choose one of the designs you like and follow the steps in the picture.
I put “kids room” as their name because I have plans to let my kids share the same room till they are teens. And since I have plans for #3 or #4, that also explain why I choose a unisex design, although colour is purple.haha

When you are at the order page, put in discount code:

You will get 10% discount off for your door decal!

After you receive your door decal, are with me your design ok! 😀
Enjoy the discount!





When husband is your business partner

“You two always face each other not sian meh?”

Not sure how many times I have answered this kind of questions.

Honestly speaking, up till now I haven’t feel “sian” yet, even though we have been together for 10+ years. But having said that, we have only started working together for close to 2 years, so it might be too early to make any conclusions.

I’m glad that both of us have our own strengths and weaknesses to compliment each other, in a way that we don’t really touch or cross other’s job scope. But that does not come easy too. In the initial stage, we do fight, and we fight a lot. Normal married couple already have different views in their daily life, not to mention working together. I think my staff / interns are used to us quarreling in front of them.
It is not easy, because after quarreling, we can’t say ‘fine, I’m going to work” and leave home. We still have to face each other no matter how.


If you have plans to work together as a perfect husband and wife team.. Decide after you go through my pointers. This is only limited to working, I got no say in your marriage life hor!

1. Quarreling in front of your co-workers
I know a lot of people will say “hey, not good to quarrel in front of your workers..”
yah yah tell me that later, when things goes wrong, or doesn’t go our my way I don’t think I can wait, go home, close door and trash it out.
I think I will grow old faster if I keep it to myself.

Anyway, it is easier said than done. Sometimes, it just feels so much better to trash it out on the spot, get things over and done with and we leave work happily, MOST of the time.
I think my interns and staffs are so used to us quarreling in front of them. Best is every time after quarrel, we will tell them, get used to it, we are like that. hahaha…

2. You suck lah!
Honestly, I don’t think you believe this is the harshest words we said to each other.. This is cyberspace and I’m a mom blogger (ahem), so i need to be cyber friendly. I do not encourage any personal attacks like ugly, you B*****, you smell.. etc. That’s too much. My hubby said my English sucks, I agree but this is personal attack! NO dinner for you!

3. Sleep together, hug together
All couples know the golden rules of not bringing quarrel to bed. This rules applies the same to us. One more rule, buy Queen Size bed. No way squeeze so best is to hug together. And whoever sleep outside is the LOOSER!! Ok joking, not loser, but if you take the initiative to sleep outside means you want the quarrel to carry on till the next day or forever!
And if you ask your the other half to sleep outside, erm why not you sleep outside?

Anyway there is only once hubby sleep outside after we have a super huge quarrel. But not that he wanted, because he deliver the stroller past 12mn and he was too shag he slept in the car for few hours. But it scared the shit out of me.

4. You can’t do without me.. 
Although there is a saying that every one is dispensable, but can you change your hubby who do shit jobs with you, get shit pay, do OT without complaining (ok maybe nag). Last time when I’m angry I shoot my hubby that I can do without him. He will say fine lor.. but still stick with me (I think he can’t live without me leh).

As days goes by, we slowly learn each other strength in different areas.
I’m strong at back-end, hubby strong in sales area. His strength is in English and my strength is in Chinese. We compliment each other well! As weaknesses will always takes its place to portray itself as THE bigger picture, it is therefore best to focus on each others’ strengths, especially when we are facing each other everyday almost 24/7. It definitely makes our life so much easier.
At the end of the day, both of us know that we have each other’s best interest at heart.


5. Be husband and wife again
In business, it is definitely a two-way relationship, just as how husband and wife work. It takes time for us to position ourselves at work. Like who should do the planning, who should be handling the customers, who’s doing the proposals etc. Starting, there was a lot of over lapping roles, again we end up quarreling telling each other to focus what they should be doing. Just like wife in charge of housework, husband don’t come and complain there and here is still dirty. Instead of giving such unpleasant “complaints”, we will start to give each other suggestions, from a different point of view.

Just like buying a new dishwasher, so your wife no need to wash plates or break them. *Suggestions*

6. 白头偕老 
a.ka. let’s stay together till our hair grows grey
When you build your business or even a employee in a company, you grow with the company, not only by age, but also in many areas. Feedback, research and consulting each other how our company/relationships and parents role can be improved.

Overall, having my hubby on board with my business and becoming a partner in business, is very worthwhile. Because of this working relationship, we exposed ourselves to more opportunities and ideas along the way.
To some, maybe is a mission impossible, but to me, I’m glad that because of our differences we make a good partner in business.


Friso Experience Play Set!

“Yes, I’m at home, the door is opened!” I answered my phone while opening the door and 2 of my curious little girls followed. The moment they saw what the 2 friendly ladies from Friso were carrying, Yi He jumped for joy with excitement. Mei mei Xin He jumped too, but I don’t think she knows what is happening lah but she continued jumping because the Yi He is jumping as well… Hahaha.. monkey see monkey baby do.. :p

So these are the 2 things that the kids were excited about!
I don’t think it is that difficult to figure out bah….
It is a slide which comes with a basketball play set and a tent!! The friso experiences play set comes with 2 cushions, storage box, and a green carpet.

Starting to have fun even before daddy complete his setup.. -.-‘
FNQ_gAQwWAcj-rolt_MDzrXgyVf81rPWpYqHcUNQFxs p2p3WB5yJm8h8omGuEczzeqjyXXFAFNLDA9VVu3wZNY

We had a small tent also, but only enough for their small baby “aka soft toy” to go in. Yi He immediately took that out and said we have the same also! I’m surprised that she remembered it because I kept that away in a corner but she went to dig it out.


Previously I had bought a slide (bigger than this) but I moved it to my warehouse, for my kids to pass time while I’m working. I actually bought extra but not keen to put at home because it was too big! So I’m glad this play set came at the right time, is extremely useful and is of the right size to put it at home!

SViHouNN8nvFGkWp8S5m6fluoBYEcIg4zbCKm4vD7uw VyW62mNuEEXAOp3KnKSzMQ34oFoepnsL3MCzfA648fc

Now this is the first and only toy they will definitely play every day once they wake up and reach home. Didn’t even pester me to bring them to playground, which is good because of the bad haze past few weeks!

Invited my friends’ baby to come over to play also hehe….. weee….. My friend said I can do a indoor playground and start collecting fees. Haha.. good idea man..


Ok, no need to envious me, you can also get this Friso Experiences Play Set worth S$300 for FREE!!

Just spend $350 on any Friso participating products (Frisomum, Friso Gold Cereal and Friso 2,3,4, excluding all infant formula) at participating outlets, you will get this Friso Experiences Play Set too!!
That’s quite easy to hit lor, just need to but about 5-6 cans! I always buy in cartons!

If you want to check out the playset, Friso actually has also setup a Experience play zone which you can take a photo with your little ones!!

The participating outlets are:
1 FP Xtra Jem mall 1 to 30 Sept
2 FP Xtra AMK Hub 1 to 30 Sept
3 FP Xtra sport hub 1 to 30 Sept
4 FP Xtra nex mall 7 to 30 Sept
5 FP Xtra jurong 1 to 30 Sept
6 FP East Point 14 to 30 Sep
7 Guardian Plus Taka 17 to 30 Sep
8 Sheng Siong Woodlands 6A 1 to 31 Oct
9 Sheng Siong Bedok 209 1 to 31 Oct
10 Guardian Compass Point (B1) – 21 to 27 Sept
11 Guardian Causeway Point (B3-4) – 27 Sep to 4 Oct
Let’s fight the haze enjoy bonding moments with Friso Experience Play set!!


After having maid

Life after having maid, at home shaking leg? Unfortunately no. Wonder who paint a beautiful picture of having a maid = shaking leg or having high tea. To me this kind of life more suitable when I married off my kids.. haha..

It’s still busy ever. Not that my maid is slow or she giving me trouble. We have pull out mei mei Xin He from infant care, no point paying both side (unless I’m printing money). So we got to bring her to work everyday unless I work from home. I’m still doing the cooking and making the kids go to bed, so basically I’m only free from housework in order to have more time for me to play with kids or do my work. After I make the kids sleep, I’m back at work again!
No much change in lifestyle, except for clean, tidy house and no mountain of clothes!! Oh ya hubby say YEAH to no more hanging clothes and dish washing.. haha..

Ordered a big slide/swing so Yi He can play when she’s having school holiday.

Playing around warehouse area. I’m glad we are located at the top floor, corner unit for our new warehouse. So the kids can play more with the extra space.
Jn6mh8GbtrTRQU9GrtTIwMwKDIk5x027wM2i7SZ2YxM Ox-0m6PGLPubLgLEgEFhpVZmfqmDGn1VTqLu3sPCL_w hapvS91790m_mWCTNAJWcwiMQOpJQnu7uTDeJbqT0_g cctVFvgjTVifeYCW73Z1cxa2C5s7kTT6cBLkX1t3myA

But sometimes in warehouse, when I got too busy, need my maid to help settling my girl to sleep and okay with her. To be honest, do I feel jealous? Definitely have, even though my girls still do look for me if they upset/cranky. I just feel jealous lah.. *woman mother* I have to be honest with my feelings, especially when maid is not even in my “parenting book”! Not sure about you, but I’m not trying to overcome this feeling, just acknowledge it because I feel that this feeling is normal. At least I know that my maid likes my girls enough to play with them, carry them etc..
I can totally feel how working moms will feel when their kids spend about 8-10 hours at home alone with the maid.

Muyar with mei mei Xin He


Till now, keeping my finger cross.. I’m just glad that there is one more person who share my burden and likes my kids. But again.. I still do feel jealous.. hey I’m human leh… So don’t feel sucks if you feel this way.. because I’m one of them!

Happy 32

As the clock strikes 12mn.. I’m a year younger older and hopefully a little wiser. Every year, my birthday is always special and means a lot to me. Is a special day to reflect what have I done and achieve during this one year period. Is there any regrets and/or mistakes I have made? Of course is impossible to turn the clock back. All this reflection is served as a reminder that I need to learn through my mistakes and move on.

Ever since I become a nurse, I always commented that I’m fated to be one because nurses day falls on 1st Aug and mine on the 3rd (like that also can right, u must be thinking..Haha). It feels wonderful to have so many celebrations and I’m just imagining that everyone is celebrating my birthday too! But this year is my first year (after almost 11 years of nursing) I’m not celebrating nurses day. Seeing my Facebook news feed with all the nurses day wishes, my heart does feel a pinch. Although to me I’m still a certified nurse (I’m still having my license), somehow the thought of not physically in the medical field (or uniform) does makes me think back is this the right decision I ever made?

I can remember since young helping out in my uncle’s clinic in Taiwan. Hearing the footsteps of the patient excites me (doesn’t mean I’m happy that they are sick hur), pestering my parents to allow me to study nursing. Taking thick yellow pages and calling each hospital one by one, to check if they have job vacancy for an ‘o’ level student. And finally got myself into nursing.

Times flies, people grow old, thinking changes, priority also change. Study degree halfway, got myself married and had Yi He and slowly step foot into business.

Till date having 6 brands under my company, I wouldn’t say it’s a big achievers comparing myself to all the big players and senior out there, but I’m thankful for the opportunity and chances given to me. Is it a beautiful fight? I would say for now, it’s still a happy struggle.

At age 32, looking at some of my friends, stable income, frequent overseas trips etc. Sometimes I wonder am I doing my hubby justice, am I being too much to give up my dream job just because I want a flexible timing for my kids. At age 32, me struggling for business, struggling to ensure finances are good and my parents concern about how am coping, it definitely hurts me a little.

But it doesn’t mean I regret my decision and if I have a choice to turn back the clock, I will still make the same decision again or maybe even start my business earlier.

My birthday wishes for this year? Should be easy to guess!

Happy birthday to the 32years old me!


For every decision you make, it will mould the future you.

For every decision you make, it means you are taking the responsibility for your future.

For every decision you make, as a parents, you are creating a model for your child to follow.

For every decision you make, make no room for regrets, only room for improvement.



Banana Honey Wholemeal Bread


Honey Banana Wholemeal Bread

Honey Banana Wholemeal Bread

1 loaf

3 small banana (or 2 medium banana)
1 egg
1 tablespoon butter or Olive oil
3 tablespoon honey
1 1/4 cup bread flour
1 1/4 cup wholemeal flour
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 cup warm water
7g dry yeast

Normal/Basic Bread, Medium colour

Put all ingredients together according to your breadmaker setting.
Using DONLIM breadmaker.


A New Member

After baby fair over in April, my mom talked to hubby and me about getting a maid. I know she has a good intention in mind, but I’m still not very comfortable. But one thing she also mentioned is that she’s getting older (although I feel she doesn’t look like her age! I want my mom forever young.. but not that possible hur), especially after her recent operation. Although she only helps me to take care of my girls during baby fair, but that’s enough to drain her. We parents already do feel tired, imagine how an elderly will feel? Husband also agree on her suggestions, because he has been helping out with my household chores too. So he feel that the time he spend on household chores he can do his work.

For those who have been following my blog will know the reason why all along I don’t want to hire a maid. Unfortunately this decision have to be made somehow. So I try to drag.. drag… drag… see if anyone forgets.. but no -.-” hubby already message his friend to get some information and actually brought me down one day. Lucky the company is closed on that day.. But that doesn’t mean I don’t need to face the reality.

I know everyone in my family have a good intention in mind, but to overcome this barrier really need some time.


Finally the day come and my maid is ready in about 2 weeks time. So fast hur… My mom and sis is more anxious than me. Anyway I can’t tell you how much thoughts have been going through my head. But somehow I have to accept the fact right..

So this is my maid~~ Her name is call Muyar (Moo-ya)
2015-05-09 00.25.31
So she arrived on the 2 May.. I’m suppose to do a schedule and sent to the agent for her to train Muyar, but I seriously don’t know what she need to do. Just happen that the day she came to my house in the afternoon, she packed the kids room for a while and she follow us out to celebrate my FIL’s birthday and Sunday whole day eating out with us because we have a full day of events… Eating spree for her before she starts work.. 😛

Anyway I finally sit down and draft out her schedule and guidelines.
maid schedule

After one week, she seems quite alright, and frankly speaking sometimes she finish her work early she just rest lor.. Coz I’m still the one doing the cooking, packing the girls bag, bathe the girls and feed the girls.. haha.. my friends said my maid has good life with me >.< should get a part-time maid instead.
We did tried before but the timing doesn’t really suits me because I need to be at home (already said I have trust issues), so ever since we moved into our new house for 3yrs, we only managed to hire less than 4 times. Our laundry got to do 2 times a day daily, so impossible for a part-time cleaner to come daily to wash the clothes.

We have actually withdraw Xin He from her IFC, because no point paying for 2 side causing us to have financial stress, so she will help me with Xin He when I work from home or warehouse.

So far I haven’t really leave her alone at home, even if have is only like 1 hr, which means when I go warehouse she follows me! I brought some housework to warehouse for her to do .. hahaha..

> Clean ikan bilis for my ikan bilis powder and pluck vegetables for that night dinner!!
Just nice when she finish her job, we finish our work! 😛 So next time will be Xin He and her follow me to warehouse till Xin He is old enough to go Pre-nursery. 🙂

So far I should say it’s quite ok, except when she asked me anything else for her to do (I feel stress), but when I’m busy with my work she don’t disturb me, she automatically find stuff to do like iron the clothes (I added the job into the schedule after she starts ironing the clothes), rearrange my wardrobe.. etc. Thanks to her actually, coz seeing the amount of panties and clothes I have, can faint, but ever since I quit my full-time job in Feb I haven’t been buying clothes (yay for me!). My hubby did buy me some.. so nice of him 🙂

Anyway.. she’s only 1 week+ with us, I’m not sure how things will work out between us, I hope for the best and I hope she find us good to work with. Honestly, I’m still trying to adjust myself never had maid in my life before, especially I don’t like to close my toilet doors (very funny). Having her till now seems good, house is clean, my cooking time cut short to about 15-20 mins, because while she do the chopping I can prepare or cook the other dish.

We let her eat with us, watch movie with us if she finish her chores and ensure that she goes to bed by 10pm (if nothing to do) and wake up at 730am And maybe one day help me take good photos? Like Jamie Chua maid?? >.<

The photo I asked her help me to take, unfortunately out of so many photos, this is the best T.T
20150504So *keeping finger cross*

Share your maid story with me! No horror story ok.. coz I already know many.. >.<