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Excited About Thermomix? Read This Before Buying!

So, you have been ‘psycho-ed’ to buy the the magical Thermomix machine to cook healthy meals at home or even looking forward to cooking a fanciful dish that you’ve never dreamt of cooking before.

In this article, I’m going to share with you the pros and the cons of the Thermomix machine. Yes, the cons too, even though I’m a fan of one. Let’s continue. Warning and disclaimer, it’s a pretty long post ahead but since you are planning to get this gadget, you have to make sure that this is definitely worth your time and money. 

For those who have totally no idea what is this Thermomix about, (for those who know, please bear with me for a min.) it is a Kitchen Helper from Germany (since 1961), the most advanced kitchen appliance on the market today, with 20 and more functions in 1 machine.

Check out the video below!

Wow.. in case you don’t understand the video. Let me elaborate further on some of the functions and features. 

Thermomix Features

High Temperature

This is like browning your onions, caramelising sugar or browning 3 layer meat. This is only available in guided cooking 


Vacuum cook meat, fish, vegetables and fruits for 0-12 hours at temperatures between 40-85℃ for extremely tender and juicy results.


Used for making homemade yoghurts, or assisting the proving of doughs, leave mixtures to ferment for 12 hours at temperatures between 37-85℃.

Slow Cooking

Cook up to 800 g meat or soup for 1-8 hours at temperatures between 37-98℃.  Ideal for stews and casseroles.


Knead and mix your dough to perfection. The special build in interval dough mode ensures optimal raising. 

Rice Cooker

You can cook the rice in the simmering basket or in the mixing bowl. In rice Cooker Mode temperature and cooking time are automatically controlled by Thermomix®️.


Cleaning with ease. Preconfigured for up to 5 minutes, and specially configured for pre-clean after cooking at high temperatures, e.g. browning meat.


Keeps track of your cooking time and gives you precise and constant temperature. It will stop at the exact time you need. It will remind you with sound once it has done cooking. 


Grind perfect coffee, cheese or even confectioners’ sugar. Just decide how fine you need by adjusting the time and speed.  


With the help of butterfly whisk attachment, you can whip cream or whisk egg whites easily and quickly. Just set the speed to moderate 2-4 to get the perfect results. 


With varoma, you can cook a complete meal all at the same time. Cook rice or soup below in the mixing bowl, place your vegetables / meat in the varoma tray. Set the temperature and you will have a healthy meal in mins.


No more standing and stirring. Get perfect results with risotto, rice pudding, custard and expert recipes like bechamel. Just set the temperature to the lowest speed and your food will be stirred gently as it cooks. 


Blend soups, smoothies and silky smooth sauces to perfect texture. Simple use the automatic blending or set your prefered time and speed to get the perfect results. 

Get perfectly chopped ingredients in seconds. Just set the speed to control how the course or fine you want your ingredients chopped. Chop vegetables, onions and much more. 


With the built-in scale you can weigh everything with precision directly into the mixing bowl as you mix and cook. Just reset the scale using the tare button to weigh all your ingredients one after another to ensure perfect results every time.

Kettle function that will ensure that you have the perfect temperature for boiling water and for hot beverages. Precise temperature like making tea, preparing baby milk or making pasta. 

Inbuilt Cookidoo

With built-in WiFi, smart touchscreen step by step guided cooking with 50,000 recipes. You can also plan weekly meal and make use shopping list tools to get organised, so you’ll spend less time thinking about what to cook and more time enjoying it. You can access the cookidoo on your desktop, mobile and Thermomix. 

Now, you have go through some of the functions / features here or some of you even have watch the demo. 

The question is… should I bring this SGD$2398 (promo price as of 2020) machine home? what is the pros and cons of the machine? Does it worth the price tag?

Before I answer the above questions, ask yourself this. What do you want the machine do for you?

  1. If you are a mother like me, who prepares meals for your kids, and you need to have more time on hand, lesser cleaning and even feel frustrated while handling baby and cooking at the same time. Preparing quick, nutritional meals and less cleaning is what you need.  
  2.  You are clueless about cooking, but wish to start cooking quickly because you just had a baby or you just got married. The guided on-screen recipe cooking helps you.
  3. You are a home baker, you wish to speed up your baking process AND increase the volume without compromising the taste and texture.
  4. You love to cook, and you want to brush up on your cooking skills and want a machine to help you cook smarter in the kitchen. 


Whenever we buy a kitchen gadgets, we all wish that it can do something for us, by making our life easier. But sometimes, because of its limited user functions, and space limitations we tend to put it away in the cupboard and slowly it ended up as an white elephant. 

Let’s face it, all kitchen gadgets are good and they all have their pros and cons. To make it perfect, we have to use our skills, creativity and taste buds. 

Pros: (all this are my personal experience)
1. Multi-level cooking, if you know how to plan your meals/dishes correctly, you can cook up to 4 meals one shot. I use this frequently because I always prepare 1 soup and 2-3 dishes for dinner. 

2. Easy cleaning. Because of the pre-clean functions, it makes cleaning a lot easier.  And because you can chop, fry and blend, all in one mixing bowl, there are lesser appliances and gadgets needed during cooking. So the hassle becomes lesser!

3. In-built guided recipe cooking allows you explore more recipes and let you cook more dishes that you never try before. 

4. Makes baking a lot easier and faster than before. If you have been follow my social media, I have been baking and cooking ever since the arrival of my eldest. I always do late night baking, so time and less cleaning is important for me. 

5. It’s compact and with so many features in one machine, I need not have so many gadgets in my kitchen like mixer, kettle, blender, ice-cream/yogurt maker, slow cooker and many more. 

6. With it’s precise cooking temperature, it helps to retain your vegetables and meat nutrients. 

1. No deep frying, pan fry (like fish), baking and pressure cooking

2. Does not slice ingredients, like strips.

Bursting some misconceptions
1. Can only cook 1 dish at a time. 
Well, it’s just like our stove, 1  burner can only cook 1 dish at a time. Like I mentioned above, if you know how to plan your dishes, you can cook up to 4 dishes at one time. 

2. Ice-cream is actually blended freeze fruits. 
Cooking it’s full of exploration even with Thermomix. You definitely can make gelato style ice-cream. Recipe is available in cookidoo or just google online!

3. Not suitable for small family or big family. 
While I agree that it is a tad too small if you need to cook for about 10 person. But a lot of customers make use of the machine to chop and fry garlic, onions, herbs, sauces or desserts, while they prepare the others over the stove. 
That’s how a lot of cafes and restaurants uses it to speed up their cooking process. 

4. Can’t do proper cooking.
If you are looking for wok hei kind of taste, this will be better to do it over the stove. Otherwise it definitely can do stir fry and even do pork lard, fried shallots and garlic. 

Fried shallots using Thermomix

5. It limits your cooking.
Having cooked for over 20 years I don’t believethat gadgets can limit your cooking, unless you want it to. You can do a lot of testing and explore using Thermomix. You can see what other Thermomix users have been cooking by viewing their creation of recipes here. I also followed Sophia’s Kitchen for the variety of bakes and westernised dishes. 

6. It is big.
In actual fact, it is actually quite compact, with the size similar with a 1.8l rice cooker. Just that it looks taller. With so many functions in a machine, there is no need for you to drag out the machine every time you want to use. It is designed to place on the table top and use it whenever you want to. 

7. It has many accessories. 
In actual fact, for all cooking functions, there is only one blade unless you want to whisk eggs, then we have the butterfly. Because of this it makes cleaning a lot easier and it’s dishwasher safe. 

Thermomix set

As a modern woman with multiple roles, we always have to chase time, be efficienct and provide meals for our family. 

And for a person who loves to cook and eat, exploring through both stove and Thermomix makes my cooking a lot more enjoyable and more bonding with the kids. 

But why is it not selling in the departmental stores?
With such comprehensive functions and features, it will take more than an hour for the salesperson to explain and introduce you. And after purchasing the machine,  we will tend to explore the machine more and hence you will need a after sales service to help you explore more recipes and functions. That is why Thermomix will have appointed Advisor to help you throughout the sales process and after sales. So choosing a Thermomix Advisor is important, so she/he can help you with any questions even after you have made a purchase. Most importantly, encourage you to cook and explore more so it doesn’t become one of your many white elephant gadgets. 

Bottom Line
Although it’s not cheap, but because of it’s functions, it eliminates the need of other gadgets in your house. Investing in other kitchen appliances like mixer, blender, food processor, bread maker, slow cooker, you may still rack up the same bill.

Eliminating the cluttering and improve your kitchen productivity makes it valuable and useful for current household with space constraint. 

And with proper care, Thermomix can last you for a lifetime. Their 1st generation TM31 (launched 16yrs ago are still operating with accessories still available)

Payment mode
There are 2 payment modes available, you can make the payment in full via bank transfer or online payment (key in Advisor ID 1390). 
You can also pay via interest free installment up to 2 years. 

How about being an advisor?
If you want the machine, have a passion about cooking and want to earn an income you can consider becoming an advisor. You can either start your advisor journey by getting the machine for free* or convert yourself after you have purchased the machine. 

If you still have any questions or wish to watch more demos, feel free to connect with me. 

If you have an Instagram account, you can watch more of my cookings here.



Hihi, I’m Qiqi, a mother of 4, staying in a sunny Singapore. 

Started blogging since 2004, stop blogging in between while trying to manage my parenting life and business. 

Hope my articles help you achieve what you need in life. 




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