Tummy Liposuction, J Plasma and Breast Augmentation At BKK – Results and Recovery

Sharing my breast augmentation, tummy liposuction and J Plasma surgery in Bangkok. Including the expenses, the overall experience, and the recovery duration. In summary, I had a positive experience, but I strongly advise to conduct a thorough research before making your decision.
breast augmentation and liposuction surgery in Bangkok

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It’s been about 2 months since I had my breast augmentation, tummy liposuction and J Plasma surgery in Bangkok. Going to share my experience with those who wish to do the procedure and also for those considering doing it overseas.

My decision to do breast augmentation was always at the back of my mind. Tummy liposuction was after careful consideration, especially when I had just done Coolsculpting a few years back. But the thought of doing it in Thailand was the least expected.

How It Started?

My hubby has been researching BA (breast augmentation) and other plastic surgery locally and overseas. We also consulted a local Dr regarding BA. I decided on Thailand after my friend shared her experience with me. She went to Thailand – The Art Clinic, to do her liposuction and other procedures. She praised the doctor’s professionalism, the surgery process, and the affordable rates compared to Singapore..

The Art Clinic in Bangkok
The Art Clinic is located in Bangkok, Ladprao Branch.

Despite my doubts, they convinced me, and I decided to proceed after discussing it with my husband.

Below, I will break down all the pricing details, pre-operation and post-operation care.

Contact Person, Breast Augmentation (BA) And Liposuction Rates

I contacted Kate (you can DM me for her WhatsApp number) from The Art Clinic to ask her about the price. She’s working directly for Art Clinic and not a 3rd party agent, which makes communication a lot easier and faster. She can speak English.

Consultation with kate at The Art Clinic
Kate is doing pre-registration consultation and admission.

Singapore BA & Tummy liposuction cost (in Dec 2022)

Motiva Joy (360cc / 430cc) SGD$21k, excluding GST
Motiva Ergo 1 (340cc / 400cc) SGD$18k, excluding GST
Both rates excluding medication, pre-op checkup, and consultation
Based on research,
Local tummy liposuction ranges from SGD15K to SGD20K.

Thailand: The Art Clinic BA & Tummy liposuction cost (in July 2023)

Motiva Joy THB313,600 (SGD13K), including everything
Motiva Ergo 1 THB185,000 (SGD7.2K), including everything
Full tummy liposuction THB180,000 (SGD7.3k) including everything
(upper, lower, love handle & waist)
J Plasma (skin tightening) THB100,000 (SGD4K)
Both excluding blood tests (THB1900) and General anesthesia (THB10,000)

Please note that the price is based on my personal data, weight, height, and other considerations. It can only serve as a guideline, as everyone’s body shape/weight differs. Please contact the clinic for more accurate pricing based on your requirements and body shape.

We transferred about SGD$800 as a deposit to secure the operation dates with Art Clinic.

Air ticket, Hotel, and Length of Stay

The discussion took place in May 2023 and, due to my tight schedule; I arranged for the procedure to be done in July 2023, and faster arranged for the air tickets and hotel.

1st day is supposed to be consultation, 2nd day will be the surgery if everything goes well, and the review is on the 5th day before I leave BKK to Singapore. The recommended number of days to stay depends on what procedure you are doing.

We booked our air tickets directly from Thai Airways, with economy seats with 20kg baggage and meals provided, which is SGD$404 per pax.

Since my trip focus is on my surgery and we know Bangkok has “bad” traffic, so for the hotel, I booked B Stay Hotel, which is about a 10-15 min drive to The Art Clinic. I booked the Superior Twin Room but when I arrived with my friends, the room looked like a hostel. We immediately changed the room to a Deluxe Twin room, and luckily all is good. The hotel overall is clean and the staff are very friendly. So the price for the 5D4N is about SGD$150.

B Stay hotel at Bangkok
Deluxe Twin Room, very clean and spacious enough for us to put our luggage. The pillow is okay only.
Tummy Liposuction, J Plasma and Breast Augmentation At BKK - Results and Recovery 1
The toilet. Spacious and clean. They provide toiletries and small/big towels.
Family mart in Bangkok
The Family Mart is just below the hotel. This is where I get my daily breakfast and snacks. I also bought some tidbits back for my kids and hubby.

Pre-Surgery and Post-Surgery Process.


Dr. Natthon Buchakoon, The Art Clinic doctor for my breast augmentation.
Consultation with Dr. Natthon Buchakoon for my breast augmentation.

Once I touch down in Bangkok, I straightaway head to The Art clinic for consultation. There are a lot of things to be done, like taking a pre-consultation questionnaire, photo taking, and registration before we get to see the doctor. While waiting for the doctor, my friends and I went nearby (about 15 mins walk) to get some street snacks.

Even though I have already consulted a local doctor on Motiva, I still want to find out more about the size from different doctor’s perspectives. What I like about the clinic is, Dr. Natthon and Kate accompanied me throughout the entire process. From selecting the implant size and answering all my concerns while I was trying it. This gives a better and clearer picture when I’m thinking of upsizing or downsizing.

So I go ahead with Motiva Ergo 1, 425cc, Full (projection) with Qid
Because I want to do liposuction, I do Motiva Ergo 1 instead of Motiva Joy. If you do not have any budget constraints, of course, Joy is a lot better. In terms of softness, both are very similar.

Surgery Day

My surgery starts at 1 pm, so I started fasting from 12 mn. Once I reach the clinic, I need to do covid test,; it’s negative. If not, I can’t proceed to my surgery.

Tummy Liposuction, J Plasma and Breast Augmentation At BKK - Results and Recovery 2
The COVID test area is at the back of the clinic, near the operating theatre.

When the results showed negative, I went ahead and made the payment for my surgery, and then collected my medicine and compression garment. For payment you can use a credit card/debit card, just make sure you increase your spending limit. Cards like Trust and Revolute have 0 transaction fees and good exchange rates for overseas payments.

Tummy Liposuction, J Plasma and Breast Augmentation At BKK - Results and Recovery 3
Making payment.
Tummy Liposuction, J Plasma and Breast Augmentation At BKK - Results and Recovery 4
Collecting medication. They will also try to upsell you the reduced swelling medication and injection, plus extra garments. I only get the reduced swelling medication and 1 extra garment because need to wear it 24/7 for 2 months.

After everything was done, I went to see Dr. Wisrutim Tanpattanarat to discuss my liposuction and J Plasma details and also the marking of the surgery area.

No photos before the surgery because I’m getting anxious about it.

Post tummy liposuction and J Plasma.
Before (Left) and After (right) surgery.

After the surgery, I woke up already past 10 pm, and I was feeling so pain. The first time I felt so much in pain, not even my natural birth. I requested a painkiller and Dr Dr. Natthon came and explained to me why I was in so much pain. One reason is because of my thick muscle mass. So he gave me a painkiller over my plug and I fell back to sleep.

On and off I wake up because of the discomfort and when the painkiller effect wears off.

Post Surgery Day 1 to 3

When I feel much better, it’s already the next morning. Luckily I brought a long chicken essence and pumpkin juice to drink. It makes me feel a lot better.

After that around 9 am, I requested to go back and meet my girlfriends at the hotel.

Tummy Liposuction, J Plasma and Breast Augmentation At BKK - Results and Recovery 5
Before I left they removed my urine bag.

After going back to the hotel, and resting for a while, my friends and I headed out to shop. Although I feel fatigued and in pain in my chest area, everything is still bearable enough for me to walk. Really feel thankful to my friends, for waiting for me because I walk slowly and also for helping me to carry my shopping loot.

Tummy Liposuction, J Plasma and Breast Augmentation At BKK - Results and Recovery 6
Spent Day 2 and Day 3 shopping. Can see that I’m good but have a bit of water retention.

The only troublesome part is trying to get used to sleeping flat as I’m a side sleeper. My friends helped me get out of bed because I have difficulty using my chest muscles and my tummy is weak from surgery..

So it’s good to have someone with you if you are planning for breast augmentation surgery, no matter local or overseas.

Post Surgery Day 4

This is also the day we are preparing to go back to Singapore.

Before that, we went over to The Art Clinic for review and I did Q-switch laser for my face and RF tummy skin tightening. Even though I did J plasma for my tummy tightening, they recommended RRF skin tightening to enhance the results further.

Tummy Liposuction, J Plasma and Breast Augmentation At BKK - Results and Recovery 7
I feel a bit of discomfort and a little pain when doing the skin tightening. Not because of the machine, it’s due to my skin is still sensitive after the surgery.

What I Packed For My Surgery

If you plan to go for breast augmentation and tummy liposuction surgery, these are the things I packed.

  • Button-up shirt – After BA, there’s no way you can lift up your arms above the shoulder to wear your clothes. And you definitely have no energy to wear your pants. Wearing a button-up shirt will be a lot easier.
  • Wet wipes – After surgery, we have to wear the garment 24/7 until the (liposuction) stitches are removed, which is about 8 days later. You can go to the salon to wash your hair, but body you will have to use wet wipes.
  • Pumpkin juice. Koreans love to take pumpkin juice after surgery. It helps to reduce swelling and bruising. I bought 1 box directly from a local seller and packed about 10 packets over. I drink 2 packets a day after surgery.
  • Chicken Essence. I have been taking chicken essence a lot after giving birth and definitely will take it after my surgery. It helps to speed up recovery and prevent fatigue, and their high protein level also helps in wound recovery.
  • Slip-on slippers. You wouldn’t want to bend down to wear your shoes or tie a shoelace. So slip-on slippers or sandals will be a better choice.

Post Surgery 2 weeks to 1st Month

Between 8 days to 2 weeks of my post-surgery, I removed my stitches and also removed my BA wound dressing.

8 days later, I can remove my liposuction / J plasma stitches. I did it at our local GP clinic, E Medical Clinic located at TPY. I walk in myself, but I recommend calling the clinic before going down. The removal of stitches costs about $50 plus.

After 2 weeks, I removed my BA wound dressing.
1 month later I went back to the gym, focusing exercise only on my lower body.

Tummy Liposuction, J Plasma and Breast Augmentation At BKK - Results and Recovery 8
This is what the scar looks like after I remove the dressing. Look a little disgusting, but don’t worry, it will get better. The wound length is about 3cm.
Tummy Liposuction, J Plasma and Breast Augmentation At BKK - Results and Recovery 9
The left side is after 2 weeks of a weekly massage. The right image is after surgery with all the swelling and water retention.
Post breast augmentation
My breast augmentation before and after surgery.
post liposuction
My tummy liposuction and J plasma front view – post 1 month. Can’t see much difference.
post liposuction and j plasma
Post liposuction and J plasma side view – post 1 month. The right is before surgery. Also not much difference.
Tummy Liposuction, J Plasma and Breast Augmentation At BKK - Results and Recovery 10
Post-surgery 2 months. Can see the difference clearly.

Post Surgery 3rd Month

I will be updating the blog soon. Bookmark and come back!

Post Surgery 6th Month

I will be updating the blog soon. Bookmark and come back!


Apart from being mentally prepared and having enough money for the surgery, it’s also really important to manage your expectations, especially after the surgery is done. Similar to Coolsculpting, Liposuction doesn’t help in weight loss. It’s a body sculpting procedure. It helps to define your body in a faster and more effective way. We still have to exercise and watch our diet to maintain our post-liposuction body.

As for breast augmentation, the bigger the CC you put in, the longer the process of recovery will take. The cup size doesn’t depend a lot on the CC, but also on your overall chest frame. Nobody’s body is the same. For example, a smaller chest frame input of 350cc will definitely look a lot bigger compared to a bigger chest frame putting in the same amount of CC. So discussion with the doctor and a doctor who truly listens to you is equally important.

If you have questions, drop me a message or follow my recovery journey in my IGS!

P.S. Definitely the best 40th birthday present!

Tummy Liposuction, J Plasma and Breast Augmentation At BKK - Results and Recovery 11
40th birthday present.

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