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Best Pal wedding~~

Best Pal wedding~~ 1

婚礼虽只一时,相爱是一辈子;洞房春意常在,围城风景长存;慢慢变老的,是彼此的容颜;永远不减的,是相互的真情。 (image copyright to the couple Jerry and Mei)

Face Mask save the day!

Face Mask save the day! 3

All along my friends have been asking me what is my skin care regime like, how to have good skin. Not say my skin is super fantastic like 吹破可弹, but at least no major outbreak, wrinkles etc, good enough for me to be confidence without wearing makeup. Frankly speaking I’m quite lazy when comes to […]

Getting Confinement nanny

Nowadays getting confinement nanny is becoming more and more popular in our generation. It’s so popular that we have to book really in advance! So whenever my friends who got pregnant and ask me for advice, I always tell them, book your confinement nanny and infant care early! “what does confinement lady do? They help to do housework? […]

Save my hair!

Save my hair! 4

Actually I haven’t been really hardworking enough to do hair treatment or do something about my hair. Reason being, since I’m pregnant right now, I have been avoiding doing colouring or any chemical treatment to my hair. But Seriously I need it badly lor.. White hair coming out (thanks to genes, I get white hair […]

A trip back to my childhood…

Did a shopping spree on Saturday.. Seriously I think I’m really have pre-delivery distress shopping mood. First time ever I spend so much in one single shop. Remember my previous post I mentioned I only limit my clothes price to $30, but seldom will spend more than $200 each time, of course per month totally […]

Parenting Style

“Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do.”  

Feeling Studious…

Not sure is it because my sister frequent updates on her FB status reminds me of the time I study psychology in SMU. Anyway, I didn’t manage to complete my degree because motherhood seems much more interesting and has taken up my whole mind.. I’m not sure if I will be able to go back […]

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