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“Parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do.”



Received this beautiful small hamper last week from Abbott!!
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Abbott recently have been running this parenting style quiz online, letting mommy knows what is their parenting style, identifying the strength of your approach and provide suggestions to mums on how complement their parenting style to achieve the best outcome of their children.
Stefanie Sun, ambassador of Similac-Gain, has tried the quiz also and discovered that she’s a sailing mum!

Mommy take this quiz and find out what is your parenting style!!


Here is my results!!

The Easy-going Sailing Mommy

Relaxed, easy-going and chilled-out describe you and your parenting style best. You appreciate the opinions and advice of others as and when you need to make important decisions regarding your child. Because of your easy-going nature, you are socially in demand and enjoy organising play sessions for your child with other children. You like the idea of community and make every effort to include your child in community activities.

I think this quiz is kind of quite accurate. Haha.. I always tell my friends, “I’m a lazy mommy.”

Don’t get me wrong, my lazy doesn’t mean I “throw” my girl one corner, hang a piece of bread over her neck and let her survive on her own. Haha… I will be charged child abused.

Basically I’m quite laid back, (example) I don’t really follow the toilet training rules, I just wait till my girl is ready for it. Reason being, I feel that there is no hurry, she’s still so young, and changing diapers is definitely so much easier for me, no need to bring her go toilet every few hours, paranoid on when is she going to pee on the floor/ on the bed or on our leather sofa. So one fine day, she decided to pull out her diapers and go diaper free at home! How nice, but still must wear diapers when sleeping and outside, mommy lazy to find toilet outside hahaha… *just joking*!!

I also ask my girl to help out my household chores, sometimes even ask her to take water for me. How I started? I’m just too lazy to get my ass off the sofa while watching tv, so I told my daughter to help me take a cup of water. Ours is a button operate water dispenser so is quite easy for her. That’s goes the same for opening the doors and helping me to throw rubbish and clear her own plates.
When hanging clothes, I’m lazy to bend down, so I ask her to pull out the laundry from the front loading and pass it to me or take the dry clothes to either her room or mine, (although she will drop some along the way). *can see how lazy I am*

Actually this bit and pieces of her helping out due to my “laziness” helps her to become much more independent and understand me when I explained to her what exactly I’m doing and why I have to accompany her later (works only when she’s not cranky/fussy). Which in turns makes my life a lot easier and teachers/elders also praising her to be independent for her age.

Even though I’m quite laid back overall as a mother, but nutrients is one thing I’m kind of much more hardworking. No I don’t fall into the category of 100% organic, expensive means is good.
I believe in 食疗 aka food/nutritional therapy (like boiling of soup, no picky of food etc), that explained why I have lots of recipe books at home. So I always create a lot of dishes or boil different types of soup like increase immunity, build the strength of the lungs, promote healthy skin etc. When sick, for example cough, I will cook dishes/boil soup that is good for coughing in kids. All just purely using vegetables/foods that is easily found in supermarket, not much on herbs as not all herbs are suitable for toddlers.

As a mom, I can only try my best at her age to provide well-balanced nutrition, because when she grows old, she will comes in contact with lots of unhealthy food, which we as a parents wouldn’t be able to control, or sometimes maybe even close one eye. So laying a good foundation of health is what I can provide for her.

When it comes to parenting, we always get all sorts of recommendation / tips / advise from all source like our parents, siblings, friends, articles, magazines and even stranger along the streets or in the sopping mall. Even sometimes we as a parents also give advise to other parents on our parenting style.
Whatever your parenting style is or which method you plan to adopt, most importantly, you as a parents must feel comfortable implementing it, because at the end of the day, our child actually learn from us a lot through modeling.

– Stefanie Sun’s Album!!


How to win??
Step 1: Take a photo and share your parenting style/tips (can be funny, whacky, serious etc)
Step 2: Post either on your instagram or  facebook and tag
> instagram  #AbbottMummyStyle @missyqiqi
> facebook #AbbottMummyStyle #missyqiqi

1 winner will be choosen!! Contest end 1 June 2014!!

*Abbott is the sponsor of the contest and will be mailing out the album to the winner. All decisions make by the judges will be final. Winner will be notified via my blog and social media.


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