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Not sure is it because my sister frequent updates on her FB status reminds me of the time I study psychology in SMU. Anyway, I didn’t manage to complete my degree because motherhood seems much more interesting and has taken up my whole mind.. I’m not sure if I will be able to go back to finish up, but 40yrs old taking degree? I know is possible but I think is not for me, I love to study but no exam for me. I’m sucks at exam. *Pig brain*
And this baby business makes me thinks and research a lot, due to kidsme. I mean I’m glad that my mom has a bit of medical background and study early childhood, so I learn a lot from her since young. But I think the Founder brainwash me badly when I was in Hong Kong, so it makes me even “hunger” for more, even some of the topics I’m interested may not be even directly link to the product I’m selling anyway.

And now with my sister content updating on her psychology/exams/whatever crap, I think I had enough and decided to go on a shopping spree..

Ok before I continue…….

I have updated my Pampers Baby Dry blog on benefits of cuddling in babies and share some tips how working parents can spend more time cuddle their child.
Please support > http://blog.omy.sg/pampers-baby-dry/2014/05/20/mama-papa-i-need-a-hug/

One more thing, I have readers and friends ask me regarding the sleeping topics I have blog at Pampers over here.
Please please all the tips I share is creating a habit, not a miracle pills or solution to get them sleep long hours within a month or so. My girl only manages to sleep 5-6hrs at 3+ months, and from there it gets longer. I start practicing the habit by follow her milk schedule and com out with the training habit which my mom taught us. Of course different baby takes different time to kick in the habit and also how consistent parents continue the habit. I told my hubby if we need to go out, we got to be home by certain time or I have to make her zzz by certain time, the cycle cannot break. If break, you got to repeat again.

And 1st 1-2 months no matter you breast feed or formula feed, please please don’t expect baby to sleep more than 3-4 hours, it will be possible once a while but not all the time. Reason being, baby tummy is very small, they digest their milk very fast (please google baby tummy size, if you don’t know), U can expect a 5-7mls milk last time for 4-5hours?
Secondly, our womb is much nosier, much cosier than outside world, it takes time for them to adapt. Thirdly, they may be unwell, like having colic issues which is very common in new born.
I don’t have an easy life also for my first 2 months, my friends will know, I bring my girl to temple lah, go see my late mil, go place metal etc… whatever shit also do lah.. But once I get a hang of it, it really gets a lot easier. I can say that I have great support from my parents, siblings and hubby. Especially my mom who is a mother, who also breastfeed me and my siblings and also provides me medical knowledge. Have someone to support you is really really very important.
Parenthood is all about patience, patience and patience! You don’t plant a tree today and expect a fruit tomorrow right?

So jia you!!


Decided to part with my money, and bought all this books! Have been researching, googling, putting them in the cart, taking them out, finding best and cheaper shipping options, finally manage to get what I want.

This is the most expensive books among all.. why medical books need to so freaking expensive?? Not all medical line people are rich leh!! This is the book which makes me have sleepless night, to buy or not to buy?
Lucky I manage found the publisher and got it cheaper than amazon including shipping, brand new book some more. Some used books still can sell at USD$120plus.. *crazy*


and the rest its quite cheap plus FREE SHIPPING with no minimal amount spend!! I love this new website lah!!

9780415413299 9780553378252 9781592335695 9781934019337

In case you are wondering, my daughter doesn’t have eating issues or sleeping issues.No eating issues means she’s not a picky eater, eat half way get distracted, that’s normal lah! No sleeping issues means she does sleep through the night once a while sudden wake up crying or having nightmare or drag sleeping hours is also normal lah!
Parenting issues, not sure yet, don’t think so, wait till teenage age.. I will let u know.

All this books that I bought, is because I’m curious about how exactly all this will link up to a child’s development. I have been searching for books that is related or indirectly links to children behavior, motor skills etc because online articles doesn’t really satisfy me. I can’t wait for the books to arrive. Not sure which part of my time I can squeeze to read up the books, but I hope I can do it.
Maybe I shall kiss goodbye to my kdrama for the time being. Good idea?


Not sure is it because my delivery date is coming near, this month I have been doing a lot of shopping spree. Yesterday my iherbs goods arrived. Bought some bathing stuff for my girl and baby, snacks and ingredients for lactation cookies.

Got to know these lactation cookies from one of the July group mommy friends. I have no big issues with my supply for my number 1 till I fall damn sick with my once-a-year-bff > Viral fever. Every time kena this I’m sure to bed bound for 1-2 days, I seldom or almost never get flu/cough but this viral fever sure report to me every year. So my supply drops, can’t even save my milk supply. So this time round I want to be well prepared, because I need to have much more supply so I can keep for number 2, as I plan to have number 3 baby soonest. I know you still can breast feeding while you pregnant, but seriously not say my diet is so super fantastic and I hate drink milk. So imagine nursing a baby and pregnant at the same time, it wouldn’t affect my body now, doesn’t mean it will affect my body later.
Example: Is like the % of vitamins in breast milk is directly related to amount of vitamins of my intake, so nursing to born and unborn baby imagine the amount of vitamins I need to take?? And if I take 500mg of vitamins (example lah) doesn’t mean my body will absorb the whole 500mg. So it’s not that breastfeeding will cause me to have health issues in the later stage but it’s because of additional factors (which is pregnant) may have indirect link to it.
Direct cause and indirect cause, hmmm can understand??

Ok, see my buys better.. hahaha..
the main ingredients for lactation cookies. I know you can eat oats directly but I don’t really like oats unless is mixed with lots of honey and fruits (overdose).. so I think cookies (with chocolate chips) seems like a better choice for me 😛


If you google there is actually a lot of recipe for lactation cookies. I have shortlist a few, you can see which one suits you. Or who wants to be my guinea pig??

Recipe 1: Normal Oats cookies
Recipe 2: Chocolate Chip cookies

U can add cranberry, strawberry etc to your cookies, just google the key ingredients and you will have it!! Shall start baking next month and try it out. Hopefully is yummy. 😀

And this is the snacks I bought, is actually for my girl. I like her to snack on this power snacks compare to biscuits. I still will buy her biscuits ok.. haha..

Then I will pack into a small container like this >
walnuts, almonds, gouqizi, dried raisins, dried cranberries.
Must drink plenty of water if you plan to give your kids to snacks, because it’s quite “heaty”

Took some #selfie photos before I left for work…. I think my girl getting more pro in selfie.

20140521_080404[1] 20140521_080410[1] 20140521_080415[1]

My shopping spree didn’t stop here ok.. I don’t know what got into me.. I think I better off with guys hair style and buy 100 wigs to wear everyday.. hahaha..
When short hair > want to grow long
when grow long > want to cut short


I posted on facebook about hair extensions, got quite a few feed backs.

Is not suitable for me.

Unless anyone can intro, non itchy, painless, fuss free, can comb hair extensions. Because I need to do confinement for one whole month, will be using dry shampoo, got to comb it off. So I went to buy wigs from taobao…
I think better for me.. LMAO

Hopefully it suits my face. The model they use face so small -.- hard for me to visualize.

Feeling Studious... 1
Feeling Studious... 2Feeling Studious... 3

If it’s good, I may want to buy bob hairstyle wig! Hahaha… I think hubby will freak out.. !
Will take a photo soon once I get it!! Haha.. !!

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