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Actually I haven’t been really hardworking enough to do hair treatment or do something about my hair. Reason being, since I’m pregnant right now, I have been avoiding doing colouring or any chemical treatment to my hair. But Seriously I need it badly lor.. White hair coming out (thanks to genes, I get white hair as early as in mid twenties), I have 2 hair colour with ugly golden brown at the roots, and super dry hair. I’m lazy to try any products, because frankly speaking so far going to salon doing hair treatment is the best results I can get, and I don’t like sitting on the toilet bowl, naked for 15-20 mins just to wait and rinse of the hair mask.

So can you imagine me doing reviews for Hair Treatment Mask?! Almost impossible, but what makes me want to try? Waiting time 5mins only!!!


Yah that’s the only reason I want to try! Lol!! I can continue to wash my face, clean my body and then rinse of the hair treatment mask!! So easy! No need to wait so long!! Muahahaha… *lazy*



Always love their products especially the shampoo and conditional.. smell so nice and not too over whelming.. pregnant lady nose very sensitive.. haha.. but the mask surprisingly doesn’t smell as strong as the shampoo but have slight fragrance.



Me using the hair mask!! Selfie time … no need selfie for 20 mins, haha.. 5 mins then I can wash it off!! Woohoo…

After my hair wash… (when I’m back at home at night lah.. hahaha.. )
Not sure if you can see that my hair is more tame.
And since they stated that the effect last for 96hours, I took another photo few days later! Pardon me photo is kind of blur.. -.-”

and this is recently when I didn’t use the hair mask.. can see my roots fly like nobody business
Save my hair! 1

The main reason I’m willingly to give this product a try because I only need to leave it on my hair for 5mins and I can wash it off, not like the usual hair mask whereby I got to wait for at least 15-20mins. Best part can last for at least 3-4 days! No need to use hair conditional.. which is good! Haha.. bo pian mommy time is precious especially if you are bathing together with your child. So this is really useful for me.

Most importantly it’s specially make for Asian hair. I love products that is make for Asian, like the make up I’m currently using (beauty maker) hehe..  Since it’s targeting for Asian hair of course the ingredients used is also very Asia… (Asience formula) like korea ginseng, Lotus flower etc… which is a lot of natural ingredients.

Everybody hair is very different, I suggest you girls give it a try before purchasing it from NTUC, cold storage etc (retail price $18.90)!
Get the free sample from HERE
MENTION: under blogger

video clip on me brushing my hair after the hair mask! I let my hair dry naturally and no combing of hair after testing the hair mask.

*pardon if I look funny.. haha.. first time filming myself.. I keep laughing after watching the video..



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