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Best Pal wedding~~ 1

(image copyright to the couple Jerry and Mei)

Yesterday attended my SIM best pal wedding, so happy that they are finally entering into another stage of their life.
Whenever I attended my SIM friends’ wedding, I always think back all the nice memories I had when I’m studying my diploma in SIM.
Studying business doesn’t come across my mind at all since young, as all along I’m more interested in medical field. But with this bunch of friends, seriously they make my life in SIM much more easier, helping me a lot in my studies, especially when I went overseas for pageant and when I came back they help me take notes, help me to catch up whatever I have missed, especially Uncle aka Jerry. I’m so happy that even though we are in the workforce, we are still constantly helping each other.
(Anyway I can’t remember how uncle came about, and I become the auntie.. -.-” we are only 1yr difference by age lor..)

Both of them are like me and hubby, went through lots of ups and downs, after many many years of dating, they finally tie a knot yesterday!
I hope they wouldn’t treat marriage as a 坟墓 but rather a brand new life. 🙂 Of course I can’t wait for little Jerry or little Mei hahaha.. but they have to wait for their house first. Jia you jia you!!

Remember in my previous post I mentioned that I bought a wig coz I’m really tired of my hair style.. want to grow long hair, but no patience, but cut short hair, getting pissed over the curl ends.. haha.. so hair wig is the way to go!!

Bought 3 and attempt to wear it, makes me sweat like hell, faster went to google on how to wear it.. Hubby said it doesn’t looks nice because the top part is too flat.. Told him no choice, no time tease the hair, and since the hair wig just arrived not long, so it’s still in the packaging when I took out..
But finally after clipping here and there..

Da da da~~~~~~~

Chio mah?? or cannot bare to see?? Haha.. my girl saw and insist of wearing also! kids hur.. really… previously 连哄带骗 to let her wear her own wig she wear it for few mins, now saw me wearing she want to wear!

my girl ~~~ nowadays I take selfie must have one for my daughter also..

We missed the 1st march in! 🙁
(coz of me dolling up, sending goods to customer, and wait for carpark for freaking more than 30mins!!)
Anyway.. lucky I have prepare some snacks in the car for my girl, but she still get a bit of cranky.
Finally some decent food.. (apple i brought from home), scallop my girl’s favorite.. She’s a seafood lover like me!
If you are expecting some food photos.. sorry nothing at all!! We were all busy chatting non stop.. I think our topic also damn gross, thanks to Clement…. not sure the couple who seat with us will think we are a bunch of gross people.. coz the topic can go from business to xxx drink my breast milk previously… ewwww.. but it was fun anyway.. hahahaha.. super enjoy my dinner.

Went out for some photo taking and grab some more fruits for Yi He

2nd march in and champagne popping!! Yi He keep saying “阿姨很漂亮。。。” hahaha.. I told her next time when she grow up she can also be a beautiful bride.
Not sure if I will cry like hell a not.. T.T
20140620_215725 20140620_215733

After that it’s couple speech time ~ Like Uncle’s horoscope (dog), loyal friend and emotional, he actually CRIED when giving speech lah!! Uncle first time I attend wedding groom cried giving speech.. -.-” But ok lah… u almost make me on the verge of tears also..
Make sure you and mei 白头到老!

Happy family!! Hubby.. u grow fat liao.. hahaha.. every time I pregnant you grow fat.. why hur..

Selfie time!!! The guys are calculating how many photos I have taken.. Seriously I think I’m quite mild liao leh!! Hahaha…
20140620_220015 20140620_220027 20140620_220038 20140620_220041 20140620_220122

Munching her apple

Photos again!! Love my outfit a lot.. esp the beads area.. initially was worried the dress will be too short for me, but the length is perfect!!
Lucky my sciatic (Shooting pain, tingling, or numbness that starts in the back or buttocks and radiates down the backs of your legs during pregnancy) didn’t act up yesterday… otherwise I will have to wear flats.. I had this condition for my first pregnancy.. but it was throughout so makes me having difficulties walking. Since I had it for #1, I will have it for my subsequent pregnancy but for #2, it comes on and off. When it attacks, I can suddenly go numb and couldn’t walk.. sucks… so I’m walking like a tortoise at times..
20140620_221506 20140620_221552 20140620_221558

My girl outfit, she actually wore this dress during her 1st birthday party.. haha… my girl so petite… buy clothes for her very worth it.. hahaha..   fur vest from H&M
20140620_231053 20140620_231441

This is the last dish which everyone is anticipating.. because of it’s description everyone is clueless what dessert are they actually serving!!

Cool hur… it’s actually an ice-cream cake on fire!!
We actually smell some chao tar smell from one of the table.. not sure what they do with the cake.. hahaha..

lastly the photos of the couple and me!
and group photo!


(Clement, I thought u say u very slim,why are you hiding behind Barry and Brian?!!)

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