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Getting Confinement nanny

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Nowadays getting confinement nanny is becoming more and more popular in our generation. It’s so popular that we have to book really in advance! So whenever my friends who got pregnant and ask me for advice, I always tell them, book your confinement nanny and infant care early!

“what does confinement lady do? They help to do housework? So expensive to take care a baby, I mean baby sleep the whole day right?”

This is the most common questions I always saw in the forum. Firstly, all mommies will tell you.. BABY DOESN”T SLEEP THE WHOLE DAY! If you are lucky enough, u can get 3-4hrs of resting while they nap, if not please prepare to be awake every hourly (worst day).
Ok so they don’t sleep the whole day but they only drink and poo and pee what.

That’s correct also, but they don’t drink, poo/pee 3-4 times a day.. They do more than you can imagine! So imagine you got to prepare meals and taking care of new born, making/pumping milk, seriously 24/7 is not enough, not to mention washing baby clothes. Even though I throw my baby clothes inside the washing machine, I still find time is so little, because they can change 4-6 times a day!

Hiring a confinement nanny, not only they helps you to take care of baby well-being, they prepare nutritional meals for you to nourish your body, especially of you are planning to breastfeed your baby.   They also teach and help you to set into routine faster, like how to bathe them, clean them etc. Trust me the dummy baby you learn during pre-natal class it’s definitely very different from handling a real baby.  To make sure that you have a good rest, most nanny will normally ask mommy to sleep at night, and they will do the night shift (remember that baby don’t sleep long hours). Of course some prefer to take care of the baby themselves during the night, to get used to the routine.

That’s why it’s always a “honeymoon” or luxury to have confinement lady around, because there will be someone around, not only helping you to take care of baby’s well-being but mother’s too.

So when Star Confinement approached me, I was hesitating a bit because for my #1 and coming baby I’m using freelance confinement lady, because I booked way beforehand, otherwise I would like to try out their service personally.  But out of curiosity, I’m very interested to know how exactly agent works hand in hand with confinement lady to make sure that we mothers get what we want, with no hiccups and what differentiate them from freelance and other confinement agency. No matter what there is still a risk hiring a freelance confinement lady.

So I make a request to go down to one of their client place to see how the confinement lady work and of course getting feedback from the mommy herself! I mean customers are the best walking advertisement a company treasure most.


About Star Confinement
It’s actually set up by a couple who have 2 children, and uses confinement nanny. I feel that this is very important, because if you never experience before, you will never know a parents demand. They share with me a lot of stuff and experience with their own confinement nanny for both her pregnancy.  At least they have experience dealing with one, so I believe they will be more empathy towards parents!

The confinement nanny feeding the baby girl.

While waiting for the mommy and the nanny to be ready for the lunch, I had a chat with the founder, Winnie and her husband.. and this is what I have gather from them. I hope I didn’t miss out any important information! Do let me know if you have some more questions!
> Their nanny are well trained in breast feeding! That means no nanny going to argue with you about breast feeding and your diet! I have read about horror story on how the nanny argues with the mommy on breast feeding! I feel that is terrible, especially for the first month which is so crucial! I ask them over the email, and once again when I reached client house. Just to double confirm and ensure that this is very important!
> 85% of their nannies have more than 8yrs of experience; their requirement for nanny experience must be at least more than 5 years.
> They focus more on quality (of the nanny) rather than quantity, just to ensure parents get the best of care, rather than just focus on getting as much client as possible. .
> The founder who is a mom, understand that giving birth can be unpredictable, so she always allocate her nanny schedule to ensure that parents definitely will have a nanny if mommy give birth early.
> Once you confirm their service, the staff will go down to your place to sign the contract and also find out your needs and concern before accepting your job. This is important, rather to have empty promises and end up it didn’t turn out as what you expected.

Ok lunch is here!! You can see that it’s quite a feast here! I was quite shocked! Don’t worry mommies, how many dishes you want for your meal can tell the nanny beforehand. And for those who are worried about ginger consumption during breast feeding, the meals that the nanny cooked, out of so many dishes only 4 dishes have ginger, but it’s stir fry ginger and sprinkle on top of the dish. 🙂 That’s very thoughtful!

1. Vinegar Pig Trotter

2. This is a real yummy! Lemongrass with chicken. I didn’t even know lemongrass can be so delicious as a dish. I only know lemongrass drinks and oil for applying.

3. Dou miao

4. Initially I thought this is egg tofu, but it’s actually egg wrap with meat! Creative hur..  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

5. A must have soup for breast feeding mother ~ papaya soup OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

6. Herbal Chicken.. I love the soup, it’s very thick and fragrance unlike the one we had outside.

7. Steam cod fish which is also good for breast feeding mothers!

8. Hua Jiao Soup


According to the nanny, she will cooked according to what client request, like no salt, less salt is what she have encounter so far. They even have encounter customer who are vegetarian, so if you are a vegetarian do voice out, because they have nanny who knows how to prepare vegetarian confinement food!

After lunch, it’s time for baby girl shower!

Getting prepare.. awww.. seeing this remind me of Yi He baby moments..

Shower time!!
So basically while the nanny is doing shower, when the mommy is free she will take a look and learn how to bathe baby, clean them up so they will be able to handle the baby once the nanny left.

Have spoken to the Mommy, so far she’s happy with her nanny experience, especially she’s a breastfeeding mother (both direct latch and bottle feed). As for meal wise she’s looks satisfied as it was cooked according to what she likes to eat and the nanny will adjust the cooking to suits her liking but also to ensure that it’s nutritional for breastfeeding mother and traditional (example getting rid of wind).

Their charges are also very competitive according to market rates, in case you wish to extend your confinement longer (standard is 28 days), do let them know in advance, because like I mentioned they choose their nanny carefully and time slot are also allocated so that the nanny have enough time to rest before excepting the next job.
They will also ensure the work permit of the nanny are all nicely done up so parents need not worry!

Getting Confinement nanny 1
Go to their website and find out more about their services and their confinement nanny!


This is their facebook page:
Contact: 81803038 | 97986588

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Mommies who ever uses their service before, I do welcome your feedback on their services! Share your experience with us!




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