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Advises to look good when pregnant

Don’t get me wrong.. I’m not trying to get you into super model look like the below models, or asking you to go on diet during pregnancy. ANYWAY, WHY R U GOING ON DIET WHEN YOU ARE PREGNANT LEH? BETTER NOT!!
Unless you are telling me you have pregnancy diabetic, hypertension etc which your gynecologist ask you to watch out your diet, of course you need to listen to them.

You may be thinking because I’m still slim so I can look good. NO… You can still look good even when you are at the bigger side! I know I’m not you so I wouldn’t understand, but read on and to see what I have suggested does help you or not (hopefully it helps). Because I do see bigger size pregnant lady looking good too! ^.^

alessandra ambrosio satin perfect 050312

I love being pregnant, why? Because I get more compliments compare to those days(or years) that I’m not pregnant. Hahaha..

Seriously I feel pregnant is the best time to get dress up and you don’t get judge until so bad! Like tummy overflowing, tummy not flat enough still want to wear fitting clothes etc….
*photos mostly taken from my instagram @missyqiqi

So that comes to point number
1: Don’t wear over sized clothes!!
It tends to make you look much more bigger than your actual size. Sometimes I wear over sized clothes to ensure I look pregnant enough when I go to crowded places, so I will get notice. *Attention seeker* Haha… no lah.. afraid I kena knocked or push lah.. coz I walk damn slow.. πŸ˜›

Wear something fitting but of course not over flowing. There is a lot of bodycon dress which is specially design for pregnant mothers. Or wear something which is of skaters cutting, which is fitting on the top and A-shape at the bottom half.
If you really need to wear something loose and not comfortable with mini dress or short pants, then go for maxi dress.

Maxi dress, which I wear quite a lot during my first pregnancy. Even wore one of my favorite for photoshoot. My current job  is more of a executive role so didn’t wear as often as before.
Looking good when pregnant~ 1
Looking good when pregnant~ 2

An example of me wearing a skater cutting dress. I love love to wear skater dress. wear it for my first pregnancy and the current. Another great invention, credit to the designer.. who ever came out this skater dress design.
Looking good when pregnant~ 3
Looking good when pregnant~ 4
Looking good when pregnant~ 5
Looking good when pregnant~ 6

Me wearing dress which is loose but not too loose.  Normally this kind of dress is either you wear one size up or at your usual size but at the early stage when your tummy is not super huge.
Or dresses which normally needs a belt at the waist but when your tummy is big, just ditch the belt!
Looking good when pregnant~ 7
Looking good when pregnant~ 8

Bodycon dress, which fits according to your body curve. FLAUNT THE TUMMY CURVE!!
The first outfit is a bodycon dress from pregnant mom.
Looking good when pregnant~ 9
Looking good when pregnant~ 10

If you really want to wear a loose fitting clothes, find a nice looking loose fitting clothes. Not just a plain oversize clothes.
1st photo is a butterfly sleeve cutting. wear it slightly above your knee, if u r have enough courage can go mini. At least it lengthen your leg, doesn’t makes u look shorter and rounder.
Looking good when pregnant~ 11

Or even a toga cutting dress! This kind of dress cutting is always loose at the tummy area but tight at the thighs.
Looking good when pregnant~ 12

Want to be casual? Can stay chic…
2. Accessories up!! 
Accessories can help us brighten up our outfit instantly! Even though you are just wearing a plain top or dress. Caps/hat, bangles, shawl etc will do the trick. If you are challenge enough, buy a nice looking sports shoes (some not meant to wear for doing sports), loafers or roman sandals.  Don’t limit yourself to only flats.

Looking good when pregnant~ 13
Looking good when pregnant~ 14
Looking good when pregnant~ 15
Looking good when pregnant~ 16Looking good when pregnant~ 17

Looking good when pregnant~ 18


Once you are pregnant, don’t just head to the maternity section and look for boring maternity clothes. Like one look you will know is maternity dress. Find something which you can wear it after giving birth or just go one-two size up and you can wear a belt after you give birth, that will do the trick.
Otherwise asos.com is really a good place to look out for maternity clothes, at least they look fashionable and affordable to me.
*Note: my shopping habit for clothes is I don’t spend more than S$30 for a dress, shoes not more than $150-180 and bags (no limit, since hubby likes to shower me with bags.. hahaha.. ).

3. Make up
Even though you are lazy, still apply some eyeliner, will make you look much more alive. hahaha… esp me at 3rd trim, sometimes lazy is getting into me, but I will never fail to apply eyeliner and eyebrow. Or just stick a pair of fake eyelashes if you are lazy to draw.
*I don’t have a habit of putting lipstick or lip gloss.

Putting makeup or at least a simple one, will tends to boost up your confidence a bit. Of course if you have breakout due to hormones issues of coz avoid foundations or heavy makeup. I also avoided makeup when I had breakout, but still will draw eyeliner. Whoever invented eyeliner must be heavily awarded!! Hahaha..

On days when I feel like doing make up
Looking good when pregnant~ 19

On days when I’m lazy, only eyeliner and eyebrow.  foundation/powder also lazy to put.
If going out I will put a cap. πŸ˜›
Looking good when pregnant~ 20

Although I’m not a  black black person, but if you feel that you are too huge to wear bright and loud colour, then opt for black. I realized that I whenever I wear black dress, nobody bother to give me a seat in MRT.. T.T
But i’m not asking you to wear oversize black clothes or auntie style black clothing. Still stick back to my rule #1.
Looking good when pregnant~ 21
Looking good when pregnant~ 22

Some of the big pregnant celebrities which I find that they looks good!! And if you notice, they are wearing either bodycon or A line cutting dress.

los-angeles-jessica-simpson-pregnant-sightseeing slide_304569_2602028_free slide_304569_2602049_free

Seriously enjoy this 9 months, as this is the time you really no need to both about waistline, yet you hope it will get bigger and bigger.

I hope this post will give you slightly more confidence to dress up!! I know morning sickness, water retention etc sucks, just blame it to the pregnancy, hack care it and wear it!! BE HAPPY!! NOBODY WILL JUDGE YOUR WAISTLINE, DURING PREGNANT! Instead they will say why your tummy so small de or wow your tummy so big liao when due ah….. lol!!!


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