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Did a shopping spree on Saturday.. Seriously I think I’m really have pre-delivery distress shopping mood. First time ever I spend so much in one single shop. Remember my previous post I mentioned I only limit my clothes price to $30, but seldom will spend more than $200 each time, of course per month totally shopping limit definitely more than $200, but not ONE SHOT $200plus!!

So I bought 5 bra top, 2 wireless bra, 3 jeggings and 2 tops from uniqlo..
A trip back to my childhood... 1

Lucky no regrets buying the bra top, comfortable to the max!! Maybe only regret is never buy some more.. lol.. I told hubby is cheaper than I buy bra again for my so-called 2nd puberty ok. Muahahaha.. Coz I told him I already spend quite a bomb buying new bra liao, don’t want spend money buy again…

My outfit on Saturday. Love overall.. bought 2 from cotton on. Told mom I shall dress up my 2 daughters and myself in overalls one day and go out shopping!! Think of it also happy.. hahaha.. but regretted buying one size bigger, because kind of lose, but if I buy the usual size can’t fit my tummy.. 🙁  See how, maybe suddenly I will balloon after I stop breast feeding, that’s what happen for my #1 pregnancy. -.-
A trip back to my childhood... 2

After that went to pick my family (excluding sister, she’s having wedding dinner), I told my dad I’m bringing him out to play.. he said he so big liao still need me to bring him out to play meh! 😛 hahaha.. I don’t care! Coz I came across Cheekie Monkie blog post on this Children Little Museum, so decided to make a trip down.

Before that we went to had dinner around the area, and since I’m not so keen in Arabian food, we walk around to source for chinese food. My dad was like you looking for Chinese food in Arab street??
Manage to find one lor!! Hahaha.. and it turns out not bad!

*Photos grab from google image.

黑木耳番茄炒蛋 Black fungus with tomatoes and egg
This is real nice… though the egg is slightly salty.

What the rest is eating, 四川麻辣烤魚…
20140524_184313_mh1401162463305 20140524_184433

Eating my favorite dumpling. Their dumpling is kind of small, so I had 2 plates, share with my daughter. Though is nice, I still prefer my mom’s Taiwanese style dumpling hehe.. Dad and brother also ordered one plate for themselves.. haha.. our family love dumplings a lot!
20140524_184622_mh1401162510160 20140524_190629_mh1401162568947

My girl imitating me taking photos of the food, then she “force” everyone to look at her “camera” and take photo. Muahaha.. Y u so cute??

Yum yum… I love corn..

Some funny wordings at the restaurant.
wpid-1401172049360.jpg wpid-1401172053342.jpg

Overall food is not bad, we ordered their water chestnut drink, it’s super refreshing and nice. Must try! We had 2 big bowl of soups and 1 水煎包, totally forget about taking photos once we start eating. Total bills is about $98 after all the tax and service charge, feel that is kind of reasonable, especially the fish is so big, with lots of ingredients inside, don’t get fool by the chilli!

Those interested can go to
Chuan Guo Yan Yi
29/31 Sultan Gate
Opening hours: 11am to 3am
Contact: 63980336


Ok here comes the Children Little Museum!
20140524_193345 20140524_193413

Yi He insist of taking photo alone.

Vintage tricycle..

My girl trying to take a selfie…

The old school music stuff ~~
20140524_193636 20140524_193642

Everyone LOVES Vaspa
10246508_663690920368531_2536525446570100904_n 10377381_663690870368536_7204779815822122799_n 10416617_663690893701867_5713527966470642755_n

Trying to imagine I’m a Singer… (i think it failed badly.. hahaha)

The old tingkat

Who ever do this egg handicraft before??! Shall teach my kids one day.. its so fun!

Can spot the super vintage stroller?? Got double stroller with table leh!! Told hubby and brother help me design one exclusively for my company… muahahaha..
20140524_194442 20140524_194616 20140524_195527

Old school rocker and pull cart


MT (my bro’s gf) trying to play five stones in this old school table.
20140524_194504 20140524_195144

Some of the old school stuff. I still remember this white liquid stuff that I have to apply on my white school shoes!! Kind of fun and I miss it too..

Typewriter.. I believe some of you your parents still keep this in the house!

Don’t know why this horse is here -.-

Another vaspa spotted.. Yi He attempt climbing but failed.. Hubby manage to catch her in time to prevent her from further damage.


ding ding ding…. who want ice ball syrup?? Obviously Yi He is not really interested.. think she know is fake.. hahaha..

Mama shop
20140524_194932 20140524_194940

Who wants a haircut?

“hello hello… Rui Ning (my niece) ah…. ”

Last time milk bottles ~ glass!! I also support using glass hahah.. I use it for Yi He till she reached 18 months.
20140524_195911 20140524_195920

Mommy needs a hair perm…
(*Photographer Yi He strikes again)
20140524_200014 20140524_200131

The real mama shop outside the stall

Yay I got new toys!!


The 3 engross in playing… -.- wrapper don’t even bother to take out lor!

This is what I bought!

Its quite a fun experience, can’t imagine the toys I used to play and stuff I used to have is inside the museum already!
Don’t wish to admit I’m getting old.. hahaha… Seriously for those born in the 80s and all the way back should go and explore. Although is not a wide variety and some of the stuff is not exactly super old school, but it definitely bring back nice memories. .

Location details:

Children Little Museum
42 Bussorah St
Singapore 199460
(directly in front of the Sultan mosque)
Contact: 62982713
Operating hours: 1pm to 830pm
Admission fees: $2.00 / person (Yi He got free admission)


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