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Red Bean Essence – The secret to skin radience

It's been 2 months since I delivered Jia He.  Honestly speaking, no matter how much energy I have, taking care of 4 kids is definitely not easy especially when they are young and full of energy. I cannot emphasize enough how important a diet is to me right now. In order to keep my energy up while ensuring that I have sufficient breast milk supply for Jia He and looking 'pretty' when I attend events chicken essence, Dom and red...
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Lao Xie Zhen Chicken Essence – The Strength Booster For Mothers

In the history of Chinese delicacies, to boost energy we have chicken soup, among traditional herbs and etc. Of which,...
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Surviving Gardens By The Bay – National Day Concert Picnic

I've always been a fan of steamboat, BBQ, and picnic. So, when I saw this National Day activity which is...
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Without The Heros, My NDP Preview 2019 Will Not Be Enjoyable

“Yay!! I won NDP Preview 2019 tickets and it will be on my birthday!” I immediately messaged my hubby and...
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1 Year Old Birthday Celebration With DIY Party

Planning a 1-year-old birthday celebration + DIY party, is never easy, especially when the sisters want to have a say...
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Prenatal Massage Singapore – Your Pregnancy Massage In Singapore

The best thing that can happen during pregnancy (besides the little life growing in you) is the prenatal massage that...
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Volume Up Your Hair Mucota DYNA C curls at Focus Chinatown

When you have your own kids, you will start to admire their features that you don't have. For example, Yi...
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Featured Mumpreneur, Jasmine Kang – The Skin Expert

I'm happy to have Jasmine Kang to be our featured Mumprenenur for July 2019! She is a mother of 2 lovely kids and she is ready to share her motivation and challenges with us in running both her business, creating a new formula and juggling the kids.
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7 Ways To Prevent Burnout for ‘Work From Home Moms’!

“Urgh… I don’t wish to work today… I can’t concentrate at all” How many of you have experienced this kind...
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Hi, I’m Qiqi. Thanks for stopping by! I started out blogging way back in 2004 about my modeling, pageant and everyday life. I stopped blogging for a period of time as life got busy with career, building my businesses and having my first child in 2011.

When I got back to blogging, with inspiration of my children, I’ve transformed my blog to be more informative for parents and spreading positive energy for ladies to feel great about themselves and their lives. Read more about me here.

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