Without The Heros, My NDP Preview 2019 Will Not Be Enjoyable

“Yay!! I won NDP Preview 2019 tickets and it will be on my birthday!”
I immediately messaged my hubby and my family and informed my parents that I’m bringing them as well. It will the first time and definitely wonderful experience for us because we have never watched NDP LIVE before.

Told the kids that we will be going for NDP Preview. They kept asking me non stop when is 3rd of August coming, they couldn’t wait for the day to come, and wh attire they should be wearing etc. They woke me up early in the morning to ask about their choice of dresses and snacks to bring.

Kiasu Mum, my sister kept telling me that they do provide snacks, but I still pack anyway. Because this is the best way to keep my kids occupied while waiting for the event to start!

Finally, we arrived and started redeeming our goodie bags and snacks. I felt like a happy refugee receiving my rations here. Haha..

That’s my dad. 😛
Woohoo.. all ready to scream and shot for the NDP!
Of course must selfie, chop and stamp!
Met up pretty Mummy Alicia Cho to watch NDP together!
Keep asking me when the show is going to start. When is the night coming? Are you girls coming for the fireworks only?

The first scene of the show. Took us to the past of Singapore that contributes and shaped our future.

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The Singapore Wave!! Everyone move your butt! haha… The kids were so enjoying this.
So passionate and stand so still singing the Nation anthem.
Fly our flag high!
Oops.. Xin He falls asleep during the march in this segment.
The Red Lions! Feels so excited and yet worried when they fly down and successfully landed. Maybe is a mother instinct.
Luckily I brought his toys along to keep him entertained.
What are you watching? So serious…

Oh, so serious because is Bo Heng’s favorite ~ Big machines with wheels!! Not sure is it a boy’s thing. Passed him so many toys, he is only interested in toys in wheels or balls.

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Oh boy, sleeping at the wrong timing… Missed the fireworks! The big water bottle comes in good use. Act as a bolster for him.
The Last Segment of NDP Preview 2019
Singing her favorite NDP 2019 song. Every day on karaoke just to sing this song.
The last segment! Fireworks! Not as loud as I thought, maybe because the place they released the fireworks is quite a distance.

After having personally experienced the parade, I felt very proud and grateful for all the hard work put in by the volunteers and our NS team. Having seen these volunteers being bullied by parade-goers, insulting them, being rude and making unreasonable demands, making their life difficult. Yet, our NS guys were calm and try their best to meet their demand. It is definitely not easy, because they have arrived in earlier than us, wearing a thick uniform and standing under the hot sun for hours.

It takes a whole year of preparation, a few months of hard work, several rehearsals and sacrifices to put up a national event for all of us to see. While we enjoy the show, take a few moments to appreciate what they have done for us.

After the show, the kids (even my mum) were asking if they could watch it again next year. I told them well if we are going to be lucky enough again.

Enjoy your NDP tonight and the long weekend!!

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