Surviving Gardens By The Bay – National Day Concert Picnic

I’ve always been a fan of steamboat, BBQ, and picnic. So, when I saw this National Day activity which is held at Gardens By the Bay with lots of kids activities, I immediately told the kids that we shall have a picnic on Sunday.

On that day, I woke up and was thinking to myself if it is the right decision because I forgot that she has dharma class that day, so it means that I need to push both trolley and my picnic stuff around (hubby was working)! But since a promise is a promise, so I should just go ahead, prepare the picnic stuff and head out of the house.

Helping to push but that lasted awhile only.. lol.. better than nothing

Luckily, I decided to make the decision to take a cab instead of public transport. I didn’t know we needed to Q to go in! Thankfully, we secured a good spot with no sun shining on us! Must thank the taxi uncle who is very patient with me and helping me with all my barangs. I got so much stuff that the security laughed when it was my turn to check the bags. Hahaha..

We reached!!
Survived!! Hahaha.. makeup still there… hahaha
Didi, let’s selfie.. why u ignore me..
Start drinking their honey bbt.. shiok for the hot weather
My turn!

Things(Checklist) you need to prepare for a good picnic:

1. Food and snacks (kind of obvious haha), but you must bring a few varieties, especially if you have different age groups like mine.
2. Drinks. Lots of it, because the weather is very hot and with the different activities, the kids get thirsty very easily. I packed 2 bottles of water, excluding their own water bottles, some drinks, and even bought bubble tea.
3. Fruits. The best! Thirst-quenching and everyone’s favorites snacks.
4. Toys, for the kids. Keep them occupied while waiting for activities.
5. Big picnic mat. I believe in comfort so even with only the 4 of us, I still brought along the big picnic mat. Which is good, especially for Didi, he can roam around and charming the aunties sitting beside us.
6. Lastly, plastic bag for the rubbish. I brought one along, but since I got 1 for my bubble tea, so I just recycledthat. 🙂

One container of snacks, fruits and drinks.
Rubbish bag 😛

Let’s enjoy some photos spamming

The kids got free plants!!
Nice goodie bag
Doing their own activities before the event starts.
Playing his toy car while the sisters went off to enjoy the activities like bouncing castle, tattoo, sand art etc
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Got bored.. lie down and selfie. The good thing about bringing huge mat
why u give me your back!!
Got one point, the drum is too loud, so I covered didi’s ears.
End up he falls asleep! Like that also can.
Smell my armpit.. hahaha
Ok, like that better. My legs can rest lol..

The concert will be shown on Mediacorp Channel

Highlights from the two-day concert will be shown on Channel 5 on Aug 18 in two parts, at 7.30pm to 8.15pm, and 10pm to 11pm. It will also be available on Toggle as VOD and Channel 5’s YouTube.
Personally, I feel the segment you shouldn’t miss is the comedy talk shows by our local artist
1. Jacky Ng (Happened to sit beside his parents, and they are so nice to direct my girls where is the goodie bag collection point)
2. Fakkah Fuzz
3. Kumar > This is my favorite of all!

woohooo!! We survived!!

If you are interested, you can read about how I bring my kids out alone, with some training, of course.

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