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Top 5 Daiso Items I Love & I Think You Should Have It

Daiso, the shopping paradise for young to old and those who love bargains and budget products. But often we will get lost in the rows and rows of shelves, because they literally have everything, from home, beauty products, travel essentials baby products and even pets products!

I can’t deny that whenever we shop Daiso, we tend to buy stuff which is not practical or aka impulse buys. But I’m going to share with you practical buy from Daiso that is definitely worth your $2.


Top 5 Daiso Items I Love & I Think You Should Have It 1
Daiso have a few varieties of cotton pad but this is the one I bought frequently.

I believe we ladies uses cotton pad very heavily especially for removing makeup and applying skincare like a toner.
I find that in terms of quality, Daiso cotton pads feel soft and smooth. Most importantly it doesn’t fall apart easily when applied. I have tried some cotton pads which leaves strains of cotton bits on my face which can be quite irritating. And 180pcs for $2, I would say this is definitely worth every single cent of your $2.

Bento / Rice Mould

Top 5 Daiso Items I Love & I Think You Should Have It 2
I’m just showing like 5% of my collections.

For readers who have kids, this is a paradise for you to get all your bento or rice mould stuff! All these cute little gadgets helps to encourage your little kiddos to enjoy their meals better, Instagram worthy (if u love to post your food photo) and if you have schooling kids, it will make your child’s classmates go “aww….” with all the cute little bento you have done!

But don’t say I never warn you, it can be quite addictive buying all this bento making stuff. This is always the first section I head to whenever I go to Daiso.

Makeup Brush cleaner

Top 5 Daiso Items I Love & I Think You Should Have It 3
This 2 are sold separately.

If you haven’t been washing your makeup brush, you might want to think twice on what is going on to your face. If you wear your makeup often you should be washing it once a week, or once every 2 weeks if you seldom wear makeup. Daiso makeup wash is pretty affordable at $2 and most importantly it does the job of cleaning and not hurting my brush. So if you want to wash every other day, nobody is going to stop you. $2 leh… can wash often and don’t even need to feel guilty.

Washing machine Cleaning

Top 5 Daiso Items I Love & I Think You Should Have It 4
Image taken from google.

The product that always go out of stock. This is another popular products which is high rave by Daiso fans. When you go Daiso, you better grab it, because it is always out of stock! But be careful, it comes with 2 different version, one for front loading and the other for top loading.

Each time you use, you have to pour the whole solution in it. For $2, it really does the job pretty well in cleaning! But be careful, after washing, your next load of clothes cannot be colored clothes, your clothes color may run.


Bonus: Mickey Mouse products

Top 5 Daiso Items I Love & I Think You Should Have It 5
Photos taken by my friends. We always poison each other Mickey stuff and help each other to buy

I can’t say it’s very practical products, but for Mickey Mouse fans like me, $2 is definitely worth buying to use or collect. The only thing I regretted buying is the makeup brush. Don’t get me wrong, the brush is good to use, but the cartoon “go missing” after a few usages. So there is no Mickey Mouse logo. So is like, are you cheating my feelings??


Shopping in Daiso is really very therapeutic, so much so that we tend to lose ourselves in Daiso and come out a shopping bag full of Daiso products. even my kids love to shop Daiso, because of the toys, stationery and art & crafts. It is also a very good place to find your birthday party stuff if you plan to DIY. You can locate the nearest Daiso to you here and start shopping! But don’t say I never warn you, just stick to my shopping list and you will be safe. If you can!

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* Featured image from Daiso Taiwan Facebook Page*


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