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(updated March 2023)
Time to get all the free samples and see which one suits you and your baby!

Being a parents-to-be is not easy! Even though we are excited to welcome the little ones, but with many baby products out there, a lot of parents sure will have thousand and one questions to ask!

The common questions I have received so far is
> what brand of diapers is the best
Frankly speaking, there is no BEST DIAPER but rather your baby’s butt suits which brand.
For example, my eldest girl is allergic to Huggies but she is fine with Pet Pet, Pampers etc… Normally I will advise parents to go for the one which is affordable for them and try it out!

> Breastfeeding or FM is better? Or which FM is better?
Again no BEST FM MILK out there which is suitable for your baby. Yi He doesn’t stick to one FM after I stop breastfeeding when I fall sick, so far she couldn’t drink S26 (rashes) and Dumex (serious constipation).

Of coz asking so many parents for advice, parents will be at lost on what is exactly the best.

Well, the best is GET FREE SAMPLE LAH!! Hahaha… I think I ever share before on samples but now since I’m pregnant, the auntie me strikes again to get a free sample. Every baby is different leh! Hahaha…

I have also included a wide range of samples from Beauty, Skincare Pet and food too!

Most samples will take 2-4 weeks to arrive so be patient yeah!

Samples below are NOT attached to any insurance or purchase needed. 

*If you are a company giving away samples for my readers please feel free to contact me!

Free Sample Baby Diapers

Mummy / Milk Powder Club

Baby Goodie Bag

Beauty, Skin Care, Adult Diaper

Miscellaneous & Pet

Sample product that does not fall into above category. Pets sample products. 

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