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Going To School Next Year? Customizable Labels For Your Kid’s Belongings, StickerKid

Every school opening is always a headache and excitement for all parents. Making sure we have all things packed, labeled and nothing is being missed out, to get through their 1st day of school as smoothly as possible.

I’m honored to be the 3rd time endorsing Stickerkid for their quality label, I have been using Stickerkid customizable labels since Yi He started childcare. Their labels are Swiss-made and are perfect for dishwashers, microwave, fridges, freezers, and sterilizers. The stickers last for 10 years on nearly all surfaces! THIS IS AMAZING!!

One of Stickerkid’s missions is to make parents’ life easier. With customizable name labels, kids’ clothes and belongings can be easily and quickly labeled to ensure that there will be no more lost or mixed-up things in the classroom. The labels do not only make life easier for parents but also for kids: with logos they chose themselves online and then printed on the labels, they can easily recognize their personal belongings.

What I like most is the ability to withstand sterilization and be placed in the dishwasher! Especially if you are sending your child to infant care or child care centers. Labeling the milk bottles is a must so it does not get mixed up with the rest of the baby bottles.

The steps of creating your child’s customizable label are easy!
1. Go to Stickerkid SG
2. Choose your desired sticker kit, I personally recommend their value pack!
3. Choose your sticker background color, text color and cartoon logo
4. Key in your child’s name (even mandarin also can!) or details and choose the font style
5. And checkout!! (wait, scroll down for discount code!)

Going To School Next Year? Customizable Labels For Your Kid's Belongings, StickerKid 1
Shoe sticker! I realized I key the wrong Chinese character, so end up I got a box LOL! You will be surprised why you need shoe stickers. Well, I have children wearing home my girl’s shoes before. In Xin He’s previous childcare, a few girls had the same Hello Kitty sandals!
Going To School Next Year? Customizable Labels For Your Kid's Belongings, StickerKid 2
I start to label all the color pencil and pencil because Yi He always comes back with missing colors. No idea why. Hahaha. So the pencil label is always perfect!
Going To School Next Year? Customizable Labels For Your Kid's Belongings, StickerKid 3
Easy to peel!

If you are also thinking about decorating your newborn baby room, you can also check out their door stickers or wall stickers!

Ok, here comes the #qiqidelobang!
From now till 28 August 2019, key in code QIQI10 during checkout to receive 10% discount on your order. No minimum purchase! Promotion excluding gift card and shipping fees. Anyway, their shipping price is only $3! Cheap ok, all the way from Swiss.

You can’t go wrong with 300,000 parents ordering from them and the high reviews from Trustpilot! Most importantly, it can be sterilized ok! If a sticker can withstand sterilization, I’m not sure what else to say anymore!



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