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Studies have shown that prenatal massage helps to reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, promote blood circulation and encourage a smoother delivery process
Prenatal massage

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The best thing that can happen during pregnancy (besides the little life growing in you) is the prenatal massage that you wish you could have it every day. The increased weight, muscle tension, leg cramps, backaches, and not to mention my varicose vein pain and sciatic nerve!

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My therapist massaged my leg. The place which I badly needed!

Prenatal massage helps to relieve all the discomfort, and water retention. In fact, studies have shown that prenatal massage helps to reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, and promote blood circulation which provides more oxygen and nutrients to both mother and baby. It also encourages a smoother delivery process during childbirth.

Most importantly, that 1hr of massage session, it provides time for me to relax and clear my mind throughout my pregnancy. I even fell asleep during the session.

Please note that during the massage session, you will be in a side-lying position.

When should you have your prenatal massage?

Prenatal massages are generally considered safe after the first trimester. So long as you got the green light from your gynae and hired a certified massage therapist who is trained in prenatal and postnatal massage.

I had my massage done during my late 2nd trim and 3rd trim, because this is the period when we do not have much morning sickness, and it’s also the time when all the aches, cramps and pain starts.

I had a lot of backaches due to the care of my 3 other kids, sciatic nerve pain which causes occasional sharp pain, and also varicose pain in this pregnancy! So many pains and aches, maybe because I just gave birth to didi not long and got pregnant again.

I had my massage done by Post Natal Massage Singapore. They provide both prenatal massage and postnatal massage at the convenience of our home. This is a bonus to me as I have didi to take care of at home and saves me time from traveling because I need to rush to fetch Yi He from school.

The massage is done in my own comfortable bed. The therapist will prepare a protector sheet to cover your bed. All you need to do is have a good bath before the massage and prepare 2 big towels and 1 small towel.

Prenatal Massage Singapore - Your Pregnancy Massage In Singapore 2

The best thing is after the massage I can go back to bed straight away and have a good nap. Since I have difficulty sleeping especially during the last trimester.

With a pool of 60 massage therapists ranging from local Singaporean Malays and Chinese with WSQ certification in conducting massage, I do not need to worry about the therapist changing my appointment. If I find that the therapist they assigned previously doesn’t suit me, I can also call them one day in advance to change, but lucky me, I’m happy with the therapist they assigned. She has got good strength!

A properly trained massage therapist will know which areas to avoid for your stage of pregnancy and condition. So do talk to your therapist before starting your session.

You can find out more information on their packages at their website!

With highly raved reviews from Facebook, it’s not surprising that they have won Best Prenatal Massage by Supermom & Motherhood 2019 and Best in Prenatal & Postnatal Massage Therapy 2019 by Parents World.

Although aches, pain, and water retention are common in pregnancy, we can embrace our pregnancy life by engaging massage therapists and making an adjustment to our lifestyle!

Have a happy pregnancy and you will have a pretty, glowing look and a happy baby!

Disclaimer: This article was brought to you in collaboration with PNSG (Post natal Singapore). The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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