My Postnatal Confinement Food For Speedy Recovery

Postnatal Confinement Food

Postnatal confinement food has its place and has been a part of a long history in Chinese culture. Typically, the food consists of fish soups to boost milk supply, ginger to expel wind and the diet generally avoids ‘cooling’ foods.

Traditional confinement meal
Tian Wei Postnatal Confinement Food

Whether you believe in Chinese confinement or not, there’s one thing you have to agree with me, that eating well and having a good, balanced and nutritious diet does help you to speed up your recovery and give you the energy you needed to take care of your little ones.

After my 1 month confinement (which I will leave it to the later post), I’ve had 2 weeks of Tian Wei Signature postnatal confinement food. Yummy! Really miss having confinement food and pregnancy. Haha… But no. No more number 5. >.<

Why order confinement meals?

I always recommend my first-time mummy friends to order confinement diet after their confinement lady has left. The reason being, as a first-time mum you may not be able to adapt to this new routine. Suddenly you lost a pair of helping hands, the baby keeps crying for milk every 1-2 hours (3, if you are lucky!), piled up baby clothes, which leaves you no time to cook for yourself a proper meal.

With 4 kids, it makes it a lot tougher to handle all of them especially when didi is only 1 year old. So by ordering confinement meals it helps me manage my day time a lot better with a lot of activities going on like preparing the kids for school and handling the care for the youngest two.

Like I mentioned earlier, eating well and having a nutritious diet helps to speed up recovery and gives you the energy you needed to take care of your kids or newborn.

Food for the confinement period is generally rich in protein and calcium. For example, foods like fish and pork help to repair tissues, maintain muscles, and strengthens bone after post-surgery. Herbal soups help to replenish body electrolytes, increase your “Qi”, nourishing the blood, and increase milk supply.

My Postnatal Confinement Food For Speedy Recovery 1
Herbal soup confinement meal

Tian Wei Signature – Generous & wide variety of confinement food

Tian Wei Signature provides a wide variety and nutrient-dense postnatal confinement food from traditional Chinese meals to Multi-Cuisine fusion meals.

Tian Wei Signature Chef Eugene was awarded the Top 8 young chef in 2008. With his passion and experience since 17 years old, he believes that confinement food should be creative, flavourful and obtain the required nutrients. Bless us! Haha..

My Postnatal Confinement Food For Speedy Recovery 2
Postnatal Confinement fusion meal
My Postnatal Confinement Food For Speedy Recovery 3
Yummy fusion Postnatal confinement food

Their Postnatal Confinement food generally comes in quite a big portion! So, normally I will share my lunch with my eldest who will come back from school. There is no MSG and they serve only brown rice, so mummy approves! Not to forget, every meal comes with a red date tea!

My Postnatal Confinement Food For Speedy Recovery 4
Healthy brown rice option for confinement meal

They always try to maintain on-time delivery daily so mummies like us can receive our meals hot and fresh. Especially when you are breastfeeding, you will get hungry so easily, and all the time!

Book Your Trial Meal!

Trying it yourself is always the best! You can order your trial meals from Tian Wei Signature. If you are happy with the trial or if you just decided to go ahead to order, just plan your timing well by keying in your EDD date to view your confinement menu.

If you have some food preferences, like me, I request for non-spicy food, you can indicate your food preference in advance so they can prepare your meals according to your preference and dietary restrictions.

My Postnatal Confinement Food For Speedy Recovery 5
My Postnatal Confinement Food For Speedy Recovery 6

Tian Wei Signature


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