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Glovida – A Store With Wide Range Of Supplements, Vitamins And Clinic Exclusives

As eCommerce is getting more and more popular, we are also opening up to purchase beauty products, supplements, and clinical supplies online.

Glovida believes in providing a reliable source of health & beauty essentials at better prices, not by constant price-slashing, but by believing in giving CONSISTENT good value and service for the money! Like receiving your order the VERY next day!

Glovida is made up of the words “Glow” and “Vida”, which means “Life in Spanish. We want to empower all our customers to embrace life and live life healthier.

Why I love Glovida?
Their bundle deals, low min delivery order, and speedy delivery are what I love most about Glovida. The range of health care products that I ordered, are always the ones I always keep stock in my first-aid box. These are the Moms & kids products that is super useful for me because I’m giving birth soon!! OMG, time flies.

Let’s see what I got! Check out my unboxing

Glovida - A Store With Wide Range Of Supplements, Vitamins And Clinic Exclusives 1
Leftose for kids

Leftose Syrup for Kids
Hubby swears by this product in pill form whenever he has sore throat and cough, so I always stock a few of this at home. It’s not easy to find the kids version and I’m glad they have it! I heard from the pharmacist that it’s made out of egg whites! So natural!

Glovida - A Store With Wide Range Of Supplements, Vitamins And Clinic Exclusives 2
Prospan cough syrup for children

Prospan Cough Syrup for kids
This is for cough and helps to clear congestion, the good thing is, this is a herbal concoction which is suitable for kids below 2. Standby for Bo Heng in case he falls sick, no need for GP!

Glovida - A Store With Wide Range Of Supplements, Vitamins And Clinic Exclusives 3
Cetaphil baby lotion

Cetaphil Baby Daily Lotion with shea butter
Ordered this for the kids to use, especially Yi He. Not sure if it because of the steroid she’s taking, her skin tends to get dry so easily.

Glovida - A Store With Wide Range Of Supplements, Vitamins And Clinic Exclusives 4
EGO Qv Cream

Ego QV Cream
This is for me! Hehe, I’m a suckle for moisturizing products. Well moisturized skin makes one look more youthful you know. Taking care of my face and body is very important at my age. =X

Glovida - A Store With Wide Range Of Supplements, Vitamins And Clinic Exclusives 5
Ganilia soft gel

Ganilia Soft Gel for Pregnant and Lactation
Bought this more for lactation purpose, since the duration I last gave birth to Bo Heng and conceive is kind of near. I do not want my body to breakdown like the previous time. So it is good to get myself supplement up.

Do you realize that I bought them in 2s? That’s the beauty of Glovida. They have a bulk discount for almost all items, and you don’t have to buy like a carton of the same item to enjoy the lower rates. You’ll just have to purchase 2 to 3 and you get to enjoy great deals and next day delivery for them. Super love the speedy delivery.

Not only that, one good thing about shopping on their website is, the product photos are well taken. Which allows me to see the ingredients and product description clearly before I decide to purchase. They are also constantly updating their website with new products and clinic exclusive products too! While waiting for my order, their website has already updated some new items! And I think I’m gonna order another batch of items pretty soon!

Your experience is their best testimonial, so don’t just take my words for it. Try it yourself and SHOP NOW!
To all my readers, there will be a 10% discount with a min spend of $100, just quote qiqiGLO during checkout. Valid till Oct 2019!

Do follow their Facebook and Instagram for new products updates, promotions etc!

Check out my Instagram post on Glovida 👇🏼👇🏼

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2 more months to the BIG day! Check out my #survivalkit that I got from Glovida. . I call it a survival kit because running errands during this last lap and then confinement is no joke! Check out my unboxing in my IG stories! . Glovida is an online store with wide range of supplements, vitamins and clinic exclusives! “There will be something for everyone in the house. No need to fight!” My favourite “chant” which I have kept on repeating ever since I got 3 kids. . Read my blog post (link at bio) on the stuff I got and also a discount code for all my readers! With bundle deals, rare and exclusive items and next day delivery, you will definitely fall in love with the experience that the Glovida team provides! P.s. With 3 kids of wide age gap, I have serious problems taking photo properly. 🥴 Maybe need like 20 or more pictures to take a perfect shot. 😵 Swipe all the way to see screaming baby and funny pose. 🤷‍♀

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