17 Nov 2011 ~ Birth Of Yi He


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This day mark a special day in Mr Tan and my life…

That day is my usual gynae appointment with Prof Han, hoping to hear some good news like my cervix is dilated.. etc.. but too bad, baby girl decided to stay in my womb for longer period. Mr Tan and me are so sad.. haha.. even though we know full term baby is good (anyway she’s already in full term), but we just can’t wait to see her!
Right after appointment, we run some errands before heading home. 
10+pm ~
Was discussing some stuff with hubby suddenly I stand up
Me: Dear I go toilet first
Few seconds later….
Mr Tan got a shock for a while, suddenly very happy, baby girl going to come out ah? 
Me faster went to change, lucky I just have my shower, otherwise so weird to have a nice clean bathe but “ahem” u are leaking water at the same time. 
So Mr Tan and I faster rush down to KKH, took us quite a while to find out where is the delivery suite coz all the lift and escalator access is limited. 
Finally reach delivery suite and settle myself down, so far no contractions, no pain or anything. So still can watch tv and take photos. 😛

(Photo taken by Mr Tan)

17 Nov 2011 ~ Birth Of Yi He 1
An hour later, the doctor came and check, find out that I was not dilated. 
I thought I “suddenly” dilated, that’s why the water bag burst. So no choice got to wait for awhile and see if it will dilate on it own. 
Few hours gone, nope still not dilated, no choice, got to insert pill to dilate. After inserting the pill, the contractions started but still bearable. After 1-2 hours have gone, contractions stronger but still not dilated, can’t make myself to sleep properly. So the nurses suggested that I take painkiller so I can relax myself and let the cervix dilate.  Before taking, Mr Tan keep on asking whether got side effect, is it epidural etc.. and glad the nurses are patient enough to attend to him.
Finally after 7+ hours later, my cervix is dilated!! Thank god, otherwise got to insert the pill again, which I don’t want to. So despite the pain, I still refused epidural and thanks for Mr Tan who’s around giving me encouragement, holding my hand, doing whatever stuff he can to make me feel better. 

Mr Tan took the super unglam side of me -.-
the 2nd pic showing me holding on to the laughing gas. I find it no use at all.. or maybe I don’t know how to use.. haha.. End up using my own breathing method. I used it when Dr Han is doing the stitching, I still can feel the stitching and the injection (before stitching). It just makes me feel drowsy thats all.

17 Nov 2011 ~ Birth Of Yi He 2


At this point of time, the female doctor (I wonder is it HO or MO) on duty, keep on asking me to talk epidural, so I wouldn’t be in pain etc. Told her I don’t want already, she still keep on saying, Mr Tan also told him I don’t want. She still keep on saying!! -.-!!
If I wasn’t concentrating on my contractions and pain, I will definitely give her a piece of my mind! Who wouldn’t make noise when in pain, and I’m not shouting or screaming on top of lungs.. That is why choosing a gynae is very important. I’m glad Dr Han respect and encourage me and my hubby wishes to have natural birth without epidural. 
So those who are deciding on which gynae u want to see, make sure you and him have good, respect and understanding communication. 

Finally after several pushes (which really feels like shitting!), which took me about 30-40mins, our baby girl is finally out!!

Guess what, straight after she come out, I still got the energy and forget about my pain. I tell Mr Tan: Got take photo? Faster take photo.. 

Haha.. I’m glad he waste no time to take our baby girl!
Fresh from my womb~~~

17 Nov 2011 ~ Birth Of Yi He 3

Clean and nice!! She’s definitely a curious baby. After cleaning up, she keep on looking around, no intention of sleeping at all, even when I do skin to skin contact and breast feed, until the nurses took her to the nursery..

She’s not tired.. mommy is tired..
Suddenly, I feel warm water flowing at my tummy.. 

MY BABY GIRL PEE ON ME!!! See lah… >.<

17 Nov 2011 ~ Birth Of Yi He 4
17 Nov 2011 ~ Birth Of Yi He 5


Healthy weight! At first we thought our baby will be very heavy coz Dr Han estimated about 3kg plus.. and some more I’m tall hard to give a good estimation. Some more with my big appitite but I only gain 10kg.. My mom got worried, complain to Dr I ate too much.. lolz..  Coz we scared to heavy, will need to do c-sect, which we don’t want.
Lucky she’s at a healthy weight of 2.8kg! 😀

17 Nov 2011 ~ Birth Of Yi He 6

OK will stop here for now.. haha… will be back again for more updates!!

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