Early ROM 1st Anniversary Gift!!


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Yesterday Mr Tan pass me a watch!! 

It’s a present for our 1st ROM anniversary + our 9yrs together, he almost forget.. haha.. 
Actually is quite early, another 1 more week then is our ROM
~ 23 Oct 2011!!

Can’t imagine, right now we are married and expecting our little precious girl few week later.. 

Being together is not that easy, really need a lot of understanding, trust and confidence. I’m happy to know him even thought we been through some ups and downs during our relationship. 

ok stop the long old grandmother story..
and da… da…

Here’s my watch!!

Marina Militare Skeleton Watch πŸ˜€

Early ROM 1st Anniversary Gift!! 1
It’s mechanical (hand winding) movement. 

And yes it’s transparent, so u can see all the mechanics movement inside the watch.. LOVE it a lot a lot!! πŸ˜€

Trying to be vain with my new watch 
(be nice to me, ur stomach and ur computer, only apply eyeliner no makeup so don’t vomit.. haha..)

Early ROM 1st Anniversary Gift!! 2
*jumping with joy!!* Say only cannot jump later my baby girl pop out wrong timing.. haha.. 


Celebrated mommy’s birthday yesterday at our favorite eating place 
~ Thai Express

Early ROM 1st Anniversary Gift!! 3

XX and JS went for wedding dinner, my mom don’t want my nephew to go, so she can play with Rui Tai… That’s how a grandparents feel yah.. super happy!
Early ROM 1st Anniversary Gift!! 4
The busy guys!! The power of smart phone.. 

Early ROM 1st Anniversary Gift!! 5

My cutie and θ΄ͺ吃 nephew!
Early ROM 1st Anniversary Gift!! 6
Yummy Food!! 
Early ROM 1st Anniversary Gift!! 7
I love the sweet and sour fish, but yesterday the portion was SO BIG!!
Mr Tan, trying to show how big is my fishy~~
Early ROM 1st Anniversary Gift!! 8
Daddy enjoying his meal!
Early ROM 1st Anniversary Gift!! 9
Rui Tai turn to feed Mommy to drink
Early ROM 1st Anniversary Gift!! 10

Wish my mommy stay happy and healthy forever!! πŸ˜€

Back to work tomorrow… And counting down 27 Days to go!!

And also thank u hubby for the nice watch!! 


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