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Heels Crazy!

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Those who have following me since the day I started blogging (which is donkey years back), know that I love heels and this is definitely not my first post on my heels.. haha.. 

My heels addiction must thanks to my hubby ~ Mr Tan!! I don’t know whether he feel like crying or laughing if he see this post.. haha.. 

Y must thanks to him, because he encourage me to wear heels, and when he came to know that I only have 2-3 pairs of shoes, he said how can a girl don’t have heels? So he bring me shopping.. haha.. 😛
From there the addiction never stop, and even though he ask me to stop buying, he will still show me when someone wore nice heels or bring me shopping when shoe boutique having sales.. 
see, how to stop.. ahyo.. 

okok back to heels.. 

Was reading the Oct issue of Her World magazine, they featured this article on this 5 women with heels addiction!

I almost drool.. seeing all the heels collection, and admire their spending power and courage to wear such an expensive heels. 

For me, currently I don’t have that strong spending power my highest limit is only less than $200, and also I’m not driving, given Singapore weather condition, best not to wear such an expensive shoes. If it rain, I will cry for few days few nights… T.T

Ok back to the article, my favourite 2 ladies and their collection:

the 1st one have about 70 pairs of heels, but her collection is incredible, very fashionable and lady gaga feel haha.. .

the 2nd one have 150 pairs of heels, I like her because I love her shoe display rack behind.. haha… 

Heels Crazy! 1

Heels Crazy! 2

My current she rack ~ like don’t know what because no space for my shoes.. T.T the last time I counted was 70+ pairs of shoes, after throwing some away when moving to hubby/in-law place.. 

Messy hor.. T.T Coz no space, some got to stack, those expensive one are in the shoes and some are in my room. 

Heels Crazy! 3

Think after I give birth got to clear again, because more than 9 months never wear heels, so low quality heels will be spoiled and some because of wearing flats for long, the feet will get broader so some cannot wear anymore .. hmm.. come to think of it, its a good reason to buy new pair of shoes!! Haha.. 

I’m mood is always on the cloud when I buying shoes, but the most happiest moment was I was being sponsored 2 times for having the pretties on my feet!

The first time is for blogger advert, the second one is because of pageant, got a subsidiary awards, so won few hundreds vouchers from the shoes sponsor. 

Seriously I don’t mind more coming!! 

Can’t wait to wear back my pretties after giving birth!


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