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Every new mommy or daddy will be very excited on what to buy but at the same time having headache on whether or whatever stuff they bought are enough or not enough for the precious one. Not only that price also plays an important part in making decision for those who are more money conscious. 

Especially now,baby market are very broad, multiple brands, packaging, etc. and also we are under a lot of influence like media, forums and advertisement. All this does affect one’s decision too. 

Same like every new mommy and daddy, Mr Tan and me got very excited on what to buy but at the same time got to be kind on our pocket also (mainly Mr Tan’s pocket lah :p )

First I went to google on Baby checklist, there is a lot on the internet from forums and some from pampers/milk company.. Choose what u feel most comfortable with and print it out, use it as your guideline. 

For me I got this printable checklist because its print friendly and after going through a few checklist, I find this is more realistic and more detail. 

After few months of handling the checklist it will be like this if u are hardworking enough haha… 

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 1
Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 2

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 3
So after u print the checklist, go through whatever stuff u think u don’t need it and put a cross at the box. Then put a tick if u have bought it. 
Some of the items if u are buying in big amount of during big sales event look out for free gifts because in that way there will be a lot of stuff u no need to buy πŸ™‚

OK below will be the breakdown on what brands/products/price of the items I have bought, together with some advice and guideline. 
For the features, I will leave it for the company to explain πŸ™‚ link provided!

*P.S. all this is just my personal or experience shared to me by other people.. No matter what still got to discuss with ur the other half yah, and make sure you are comfortable buying or using it. *

For those which I have cross out, I will not go through πŸ™‚

Price listed all after disc, if i nvr list out means I forget the price. Most of the items we bought, we paid by CC, so not only we can have discount we can have cash rebates also.. Kiasu mommy πŸ˜›

Baby Cot: Bonbebe Rocio 4-1 Baby Cot (Features) $300
Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 4

Bought this during Takashimaya baby fair. I find it quite worth it to buy after doing some simple online research. Because of the gifts which the sales provided. 

Comes with (Free)
– 1 x Fiberlux mattress
– 1 Baby pillow
– 2 baby bloster
– 12 bedding set
– 1 mobile musical
– Diaper organiser

Bedding set, mobile musical and diaper organizer if u buy separately you will realise its very expensive although diaper organizer is not a must. Since its giving for free why not. πŸ™‚

Otherwise u can get a decent 2nd hand babycot for less then $100 bucks. Of course excluding the bedding set, mattress etc.. Can do ur maths πŸ™‚ Because of all the free gifts, half of my baby sleeping items are settled! πŸ˜›

Extra Bedding set: Aussino (Link$71.90 (disc and voucher)
Bought another extra bedding set to exchange, can’t possible survive on one right :P. Sign up for Aussino email updates or visit their website frequently, once in awhile they have vouchers. So after their discount and vouchers, bought it at $71.90 πŸ˜€

Baby Pillow: Puku Beansprout Pillow $15.90 (20% disc)
Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 5
Most chinese believe in putting beansprout husk over the chest to let baby have a good night sleep. 

U can make this for a lower cost. Buy the beansprout from wet market. Otherwise u can search online shopping website, the lowest I saw is about $15+

Waterproof Sheet: Ikea (Link) $9.90
Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 6

Waterproof sheet is not a must but I feel that it will be easier to clean up especially for busy mommy who are juggling between taking care of baby and working. And also to reduce the mattress urine smell > increase the life span of the mattress. 

Infant Car Seat: Maxi-Cosi Pebble (Link) $150 (2nd hand)
Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 7

Infant car seat is important in Singapore laws if u are driving car. 

Infant car seat is very important to us, because we will be putting our baby girl in infant care near our work place so we got to travel everyday. So its very very important, that’s very obvious -.-

We bought this in super good condition still comes with warranty, can’t remember why the seller want to sell it away. My mom thought its new.. πŸ˜›

Original price: ~ $428 – Mothercare

Baby Stroller / Pram: Joolz (Link) $700 (2nd Hand)
Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 8
Mr Tan like this pram/stroller a lot. For me I’m quite alright.. haha.. .I think his heart will break if he saw this. 

Initially he ask me what pram I want, I told him as long as I can see my baby (front view), and it’s around my height, I’m good. 

So he thought of Quinny Buzz, planning to buy second hand also. During the search he saw this seller selling away her Joolz, so he got so excited and start asking me. I was quite reluctant because its kind of expensive. But he started telling me all the super good mechanism functions, I gave up. If guys started to talk about things with wheels, I will go sleepy, unless u r talking about Jeep, yes I will be super interested. The rest, can’t be bother and can’t even remember the model.  

Since he’s the one paying and it can use with our maxi cosi (reduce the transferring trouble esp when baby girl sleeping), I said up to him. With his super bargaining skills he manage to reduce to $700!! I’m super impress. Because its almost brand new, just bought few months, sell it away because the child refuse to sit it, wanted to be carried. And warranty is valid for 2 years.. GREAT! And can seat up to 4yrs old, even if don’t wan to seat, we can put our barang barang.. Seriously mommies out there, ur child don’t want to sit, u use it to put barang barang right.. haha.. Coz I experience this before, and we observe other parents to that also.. πŸ˜›

Not only that, if u are going to an eating place with no high chair, this can serve as a high chair also.. good hur.. 

The above picture is with maxi-cosi, below is the original stroller. 
Comes with a free rain cover. 
Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 9

Original price: $1768, (so u can imagine how amazed I was with Mr Tan bargaining skills)

Baby Support Cushion: Puku 
Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 10

Mine is slightly different from the pics, The inner piece is full length instead of half. 

This head support cushion is for the pram/car seat. Because baby head is still quite fragile, support head cushion supports their head from any big movement especially when driving. 

Hot & Cold Pack: Puku
Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 11
Important for baby when they are having fever. 

There is disposable also. Depends on individual liking. I prefer this, and it have a tape to secure around baby head. 

Diaper Bag: Naraya bag (Link)
Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 12

Mr Tan bought this last year when we went bangkok. He said this will be your baby bag! Haha.. He so cute right.. buy so in advance!

Normally a diaper bag can cost about $80 plus onwards with all the compartments. 

Actually you can just add in bag organizer put it inside, it still act as a nice diaper bag πŸ™‚ And cheap.. 

Travel Changing Mat: Free
I got 2 of this for free during the baby fair road show and in KKH pharmacy, just do a simple questionnaire or sign up for their newsletter and u will get it for FREE! πŸ˜€ 

Sterilizer: Philips Electric Steam Sterilizer (Link$135
Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 13

Bought this at the Philips warehouse sale. 

Consider quite alright, comes with the following free stuff:
– 2 pacifiers with the box
– 2 BPA milk bottles in 260ml and 200ml
– 1 drinking bottle for 12mths
– 1 cleaning brush
– Bottle Tong

Original price for just the sterilizer alone is $149 

Liquid Cleanser and sterilizing tablets: Free
I got it for free when Mr Tan sign up 2 years magazine for me during the baby fair. Quite a lot of bottles, so I didn’ buy any and other reason is I don’t believe in using soap to wash, although is soap free. Because baby only drink milk, how dirty can it get? So just use normal water to wash will do.. (Personal preference)

Diaper: Cloth Diaper from Anuka and nappy liners (Pureen)
Whether to use cloth diaper or disposable one depends on individual. I’m starting off with cloth diaper, to reduce nappy rash, cost effective and more comfortable. We will be using disposable when travelling and/or when she going to start infant care. 

As for what brand I choose for disposable I haven’t choose yet, because I got a lot of sample from baby fair (signing up the 2 yrs magazine) and went to each diaper company website and request for sample. πŸ˜› So going to take my time and research which one is cost effective and good… 

We bought it during metro sale, which we have 20% off and CC cash rebate. u can do some research in some medical hall or Chinatown, I believe can be cheaper or about the same price. 

Thermometer: Braun Thermoscan IRT 4520 (Link) ~$79 (after shipping)  (USD$43.35 including refills)

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 14

Bought this from amazon because it’s 50% cheaper from local. Didn’t know that the packaging comes with 2 boxes of refill, end up I bought another 2 boxes of refills.. -.-“

I prefer using ear thermoscan, depends on individual some prefer to use the forehead scanner. No matter what type of thermometer u using, make sure u read through or consult ur doctor the correct method of testing. πŸ™‚

For those who don’t mind waiting, can search for motherhood forum, sometimes they have spree (purchase in bulk) about $90 plus, which is cheap also if u are comfortable with online spree πŸ™‚

Original Price: $145.90

Feeding bottles: Puku Glass bottles $6.30 (20% disc)

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 15

Bought this puku glass bottles because my sister use it for my nephew, its good because reduce/ doesn’t cause colic, its cute and cheap. 

Prefer glass bottles because I still feel safer to boil or sterilize my glass bottles even though nowadays plastic bottles are BPA free. 

Teats: Piyo Piyo

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 16

Also recommended by my sister. 

Was thinking to use this or NUK, but after much research on NUK, not much on piyo except my sister recommendation. I decided to use piyo teats. Because NUK the hole is quite big so will tend to leak, piyo hole is small good for infant, and u can cut the hole bigger when baby grow bigger. πŸ™‚

Its quite cheap also. Not only that the teats have this little bump thing to clean and prevent the milk stains forming at baby’s tongue.. 

Nappy Rash Cream: Desitin (Link) $10.00

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 17

There is 2 version of Desitin. One is the purple packaging and the other is the blue one which I bought. 

I bought it from THIS shop. 

I have a few left, bought it with friends to get a better price, those interested let me know. πŸ™‚

Local packaging is in 2oz.. What I have is the 4oz, which is mostly from USA. 
Original price: $12.00 for 4oz (online research)

Baby wipes (rolls) and cotton balls
I’m using the olden days method.. haha.. So some may not like it but I feel its a safer, nicer and cost effective way. 

I ordered a few rolls of cotton wool and balls through the medical supply company which I know, so its even cheaper from outside. If my baby poos, I can clean it off easily! Because some of the wipes are very small pieces, I have to use it a few to get the buttock clean.. So back to basic wipes, confirm no alcohol, artificial fragrance or whatever chemical stuff and its soft. 

Breast Pump: Medela Pump-In-Style Breast pump (Features) ~$358.00 (after shipping) (USD239.98)

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 18

Bought this in amazon also. More then 60-70% cheaper! 
– Comes with the cooler bag
– 4 bottles. 

The warranty only covers USA, doesn’t cover local warranty. Its ok for us because we bought through prime amazon directly so in case of defects we can send it back, but so far tested no *touch wood*.. And also we found out that warranty only covers manufacturer defects so forget it.. 

For this pump there is 2 types, the other one comes with the travelling chargers for the car, which is not necessary for me and cost a bit more expensive. Will be good for those mommies who are driving and/or doing sales. 
I can just charged mine at work will do πŸ™‚

Some people prefer manual pump and/or single pump. The reason I choose electric pump because its faster especially if u are going to pump while at work, I don’t think it will be nice if you are going to go missing for more then 30mins right. And also ur hand muscle will not be tired from the pumping. 
As for dual pump, a lot of feedback I got from my mommy friends and forum is if you pump only one side at a time, the other one will tend to leak, such a waste right! So must well pump 2 at a goal, save time, save milk, save energy!

Nipple/Breast Cream: Pigeon (Features)

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 19

Can’t remember how much I bought, but as usual is bought with extra discount. πŸ™‚

This one got to use it when u are in 24 weeks, don’t use before that. 

This breast cream is to prepare your breast for milk and at the same time keeps your nipple supple. Use it after breast feeding also. 

If u have dry lips, can use it also.. that’s what my sister do.. haha.. 

Stretch Mark Cream & Oil: Palmers (Cream & Oil)

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 20

All along I have been using palmers so I’m quite alright with this brand. And touch wood so far no stretch mark yet, but I know maybe at the later stage I will get it.. Coz my sister got her stretch mark 2 weeks before my nephew pop.. so.. just wait for the “flower” to form at my tummy 

But for people who have sensitive skin, best is to avoid using this, use Clarins better even though more pricey but doesn’t cause any allergy reactions. I read the reviews is good. Told Mr Tan I will use Clarins for my next pregnancy hehe.. 

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 21

Beside using the cream I also use the oil, to relieve itchiness and keep it more moisture and contains collagen also to maintain firmness and elasticity. 

I bought a small empty bottle from watsons and pour some over, which makes it more easier to bring it with me. So whenever I feel uncomfortable I will just apply. πŸ™‚

Breast pad: Pigeon 60 + 12 $13.90

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 22

Disposable breast pad is more suitable for me compared to the washable cloth one since I will be going back to work after 3 months, and going to continue to breast feed for about 6-7 months. 

So far the reviews for breast pad, pigeon got the highest vote for comfort and high absorbency. 

For this brand – pigeon their product seems like a control price, everywhere is selling it for $13.90 for sale price. Lucky I got some vouchers earn by doing some survey so just nice πŸ˜›

Otherwise if u have any friends going to Thailand, can just buy from there. πŸ™‚ Or google online for pigeon breast pad, got one particular shop selling pigeon breast pad at slightly cheaper price but products from Thailand. 

Baby Monitor: Motorola Digital Baby monitor 3.5″ LCD colour screen (Features) $294 including shipping (USD$209)

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 23

Bought this from amazon. 

This baby monitor is not a must for everyone. Depends on individual. My sister got it also, different brand. 

We bought it because once we move house, the baby will not be sleeping with us, got to train her to be independent. And also if I’m in the living room or kitchen doing my work/stuff I can just monitor her in her room through this rather put her to sleep outside. 

Not only that our family also love to have chalet function, in order to let us, the adults to enjoy and baby girl get her routine sleep, the monitor also very important. 

So this is baby item is really base on personal preference. 
I’m not sure whether Singapore is selling this, but comparing the monitor and the functions with other brands, it can easy sell as high as $400 – $500 plus. Otherwise u can buy a simple black/white with smaller screen it works as fine too. Most importantly is the night function and the sound. 

Baby Shampoo/Bath/Powder: Johnson & Johnson Head to toe and powder. 
Choose this brand because its quite cheap and reputable. 

Powder Casing: Puku

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 24

Powder casing more for using it at home, for travelling we have a few bottles from kodomo (got it for free also), those in lotion type put when apply becomes powdery form. 

I bought this because the puff shape fits just nice and there is a seprator, so that it wouldn’t be messy. Some puff is way too small for the container. Imagine if u r using it, the handle everything will be powdery and messy. 

Baby blanket
We didn’t buy any because the cloth diaper can act as a blanket also. That’s what our old folks do πŸ˜›

But I did buy 2 receiving blanket, more for outdoor or travelling use, because its thicker and also nicer design. 

Cloth Detergent: Pureen Anti-bacteria (Features)

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 25

So far the reviews for this brand is not bad and also quite cheap, so decided to buy this. 

Bought this during carrefour expo sales, super cheap, few dollars cheaper then NTUC and some neighbor stores. 

Bath Tub: Ikea (Features) $15

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 26

Ikea bath tub is kind of worth it because it’s quite big, so u can use it from infant till they are quite big.

It’s build with the slide protectors and a soft anti-slip at the bottom. So there’s no need for u to buy another anti-slip bath mat.. πŸ˜€

Comb & Brush: Pigeon (Features)

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 27

the brush is super super soft and most importantly the comb and brush are design with round not sharp edges. 

Nail Cutter: Safety First (Features)

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 28

Bought this because the price is quite alright, there is even cheaper one, but find the design is not that comfortable and safe. So end up choosing this which the price is of middle range. 

The design make it more easier to cut baby little finger nails. 

Drying Rack: Munchkin (Features

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 29

Whether this is necessary is up to individual. Mr Tan feel that it will be neater, dry faster, no water accumulation so wouldn’t breed gems and no need to mixed with adult utensils so he bought this. 

Baby cabinet: Toyogo $60 plus 

Qi's Tips on Baby Checklist 30

Bought this at toyogo warehouse. Very worth it and it comes with a free small drawer which I can put the small items like nail clipper, teats, refills etc.. 

It has 5 drawers, so enough to fill up all my baby stocks and her clothes. Lucky her clothes is not a lot haha.. only half filled.. πŸ˜› 

Baby clothes do get from friends or relatives because they grow very fast and for old folks believe by wearing old clothes, they are more willingly to share and grow faster. 

Ok finally come to the end of my baby checklist!! For those parents-to-be feel free to ask me anything. 

And if you have the time or pocket conscious, spend more time online searching for great deals, like brand new items that people don’t need it or 2nd hand items a great condition. Most importantly ask the seller for pictures or go down to have a look. We spend few months to search for 2nd hand car seat and pram/stroller and we got a very good deal. So take your time do some research, sign up for whichever baby products company you are interested to get their latest sales updates or download vouchers etc.. But must remember not all baby fair or expo fair are worth going. 

Those are not worth going is the John little expo sale. Coz we came to realise if metro going on sale it will be cheaper then John Little. 

If you have credit cards, check which one have the best rebates, for us cash rebates is the best, so just use it for additional discount! πŸ˜€

Enjoy ur shopping process!!

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