Black Chicken Soup with white fungus



Previously I have cook a black chicken soup with carrot and corn, this time I’m cooking it with white fungus.
This soup is good for promote blood circulation and gives you good skin complexion (of course not after drinking one time) hahaha.. Although the ingredients I have added is very simple, but the soup come out to be very clear, tasty and smooth. This is one of the soup my daughter love to drink.

Nutritional Fact:
Black Chicken: Less calories than normal chicken, high level of antioxident called carnosine. In chinese, if cook with herbs, it can help to promoto blood circulation.
White Fungus: Similar nutritional values as bird nest (high collagen), anti-inflammatory and nourish lung.
Gou Qi Zi: Good for eyes, kidney, nourish lung and promote blood circulation

Pork Bone
Black Chicken
White fungus
Gou Qi Zi

1. Soak white fungus till soft
2. Boil a short while> pork bone and black chicken seperately to clean away the dirty blood
3. Add a new pot of water and boil the pork bone for at least 1-2hours. I boil for 6 hours. I use rice cooker ans set timer before I go to work.
4. Once the pork bone soup is ready, add in ginger, black chicken and white fungus.
5. Boil for 50mins
6. Add in gou qi zi cover lid for another 1-2mins.
7. Serve.































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