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The start of terror 2~

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Finally I can blog this long over due happy post. I know many readers will want to know whether is there any updates on the travel agent scam, but all I can say is we have leave it to the police and also keep in contact with all the victims, and hopefully the lady will get the punishment she deserved.

Last weekend we celebrated my girl’s 2 years old birthday in our own home, just a very simple affaire with my family and in-laws. So I cooked a feast like what my mom always do for us when we were young.
I start preparing few days before, looking for the types of dishes to cook, combining some and re-write the steps. Not only that, I keep reminding my hubby to take care of Yi He  (except for making her nap) while I’m preparing the dishes because I need to start preparing at 2-3pm and got to prepare lunch before that too.. life of a mom without helper so got to plan my time wisely.. haha.. but I’m still enjoying it!
Because I feel cooking for your loves one to eat is such a blissful thing. 😛

Preparing fish~ Actually I’m quite proud to know how to prepare fish.. haha thanks to my parents who teach me how to do it. I like to prepare my own because
No.1  I do not have to Q to get my fish. Because the Q to clean up the fish in NTUC is so long
No.2 some uncles will throw away my fish egg (if any).

Getting ready!!


My girl enjoying herself with my parents while waiting for dinner
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Finally the feast is ready!!

Simple 面线 and egg for the birthday girl
20131117_193934 20131117_194317

Although the 主角 is Yi He but out of the 5 dishes she can only eat 3. Haha.. so actually thanks to the little girl, all of us get to feast.  托小苡禾的福,大家有得吃大餐!

Let’s see what I have prepare >>>>>>>

1. Cereal Prawn. Is wet because I have use the normal drinking cereal, so it’s kind of sweet but salty because of the salted egg yolk I have added. Although dad and mom said its quite a sucessful dish but I will want to try it again using a dry cereal.

2. Is just a normal dish ~ Baked chicken wings, coz the blur me forget to order roast pork from my friend. -.-”

3. Specially cooked this for Yi He, because she loves broccoli and carrots a lot.

4. Seaweed Handmade tofu. Is the most tedious dish compared to the rest, but received the highest positive feedback. But I feel that it can be better, because I bought the wrong tray, end up it can’t fit into my wok for steaming, I have to use another size/shape tray. End up it doesn’t turn out thick and nice like a gold block.

5. Steam Fish. Steam fish is always my , because I love to eat fish a lot! Guess what this fish cost me like less than $30, so I always don’t understand why restuarant charge so high..

Although its not as delicious compared to resturant standard but my parents said I have improve a lot and still yummy 🙂 Really thanks to them for fnishing up everything on the plate!

Hubby bought coconuts from Malaysia, which makes our feast more enjoyable!

My macho brother!!

Enjoying the coconut 20131117_204106 20131117_204113

Cheers!! Too bad my sister’s family can’t join us for the celebration because of her exam. My niece’s bithday and Yi He’s birthday is only 1 day difference. It will be so fun too have both kids around.

It’s time for cake cutting!! Initially I wanted a number 2 shape cake or a rabbit shape but most places need it at least 2 kg, but I only need 1kg. After searching asking around, finally we manage to get a rabbit cake from Icing room.


吹蜡烛 lo!!

Cake cutting! On the left is my mom and I cutting the cake now is Me and my duaghter!! Trying to re-act the same scenario.. Definitely not easy! NG so many times!!
I said my mom why she so hiao.. red nail polish some more. Actually I wanted to do that but no time.. She said I only 2oplus years old leh!! Ok lah young and beautiful.. I told her yah lah me 30yrs old then get to cut my daughter 2 years old cake.. so emo….

Bonding time!

Yi He trying to ‘steal’ some bites while we taking photo
20131117_210450 20131117_210512

Note for my little girl~

Having working in a healthcare line for so many years, as a mommy all I wish is pray for your happiness and health. Though my delivery was considered a smooth one but while we celebrate your happiness for joining us as a family, you also must remember this day is also my 母难日, giving birth is not easy, taking care is also never easy. But seeing you getting healthy and happy day by day is my most ultimate blessing. There is a very long road infront of you, all I want you to do now is enjoy your childhood and keep those innocent laughter as long as you can. 🙂



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