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Won a S$80 dinning voucher from Skinny Pizza organize by BubbaMama. So brought hubby and Yi He along yesterday to Wheelock Place have a feast!

My small family! My girl is getting more and more cheeky.. 20131204_184320

Enjoying herself while waiting for the dishes.

Here comes the side dishes. From left to right: Truffles Fries, Pan Fried Brie Cheese and Grilled Prawns. I like pan-fried Brie Cheese. First time eating cheese which is pan-fried. Doesn’t feel oily or too cheesy. Going to try to do it myself one day. 😛


Corn Soup with crab meat. This is really yummy, slurp.


Here comes the Squid Ink Skinny Pizza! The crust is really really skinny. Not only that is crispy but not dry. I’m not sure what sauce they actually put, it taste a bit like mayonnaise. Is very light, not too heavy like some mayonnaise taste is too strong.  And is in black colour maybe mixed with squid ink too.

Hubby all time favourite ~ Risotto

Black Pepper Prawn Linguine for me

Lastly the dessert ~ Salted Caramel Banana Cake. Didn’t really find it super nice. Since it is call Salted Caramel, I expected some saltiness and sweetness, but all I have tasted is only the sweetness of the caramel. So is a bit of a dissapointment.

Quite a big feast hur.. overall is quite a nice dinner. The staffs are very helpful, this is really important especially you have kids around eating with you. I’m quite satisfied with their Skinny Pizza, going to go back to try other flavours if my craving kicks in. 🙂

2 more days will be going to Taiwan! I’m so glad that this trip is not being spoiled by the idiot cheater, otherwise I’m going to miss my relatives badly, even though they just came to Singapore in Sept, but still miss them much. And also the food over there! I miss my la la soup aka clam soup, 猪血糕 aka pig blood glutinous rice, tong yi pudding and many many more! How I wish I can “smuggle” all this back to Singapore. 😛
The weather will be so wonderful (and cold) over there! I hope my girl likes Taiwan as much as me and hubby do. This will be her 3rd overseas trip, hope I will be able to cope well, as she is able to walk, run herself, thus I hope she will want to seat on the pram/baby carrier/car/plane for long! Better keep my finger cross!

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“Chao!! “


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