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Bee Choo Origin – Pregnancy Struggle With Postnatal Hairloss

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I agree pregnancy and the birth of a newborn do bring us a lot of joy and happiness. But not when I have to struggle with the postnatal hormones, it just messes you up with problems like the oily scalp and postnatal hairloss. Before you start jumping and thinking if there is something wrong with you. No, don’t worry about it, you are as perfect as the many pregnant mothers in the world. Most of us will return to their usual hair growth cycle between 6 and 12 months after birth.

But! What can we do while waiting for our hair to return to its normal growth cycle?
– Cut your long hair! This is why a lot of mothers choose to cut their hair when they are due, not only because of confinement but it also requires lesser care.
– Change to a better quality of shampoo or conditioner.
– Avoid using comb or brush that pulls or stress your hair.
– Visit hair specialist care salon – Bee Choo Origin to have proper hair and scalp treatment, which is totally safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

Established in 2000, Bee Choo Origin started out as a home-based business with a stand-alone steamer. Over the years, they have earned the trust of their customers through their special herbal recipe that yields effective results.

What’s so special about them compared to other specialty hair treatment salon?
Their treatments and ingredients, made from Chinese herbs are 100% synthetic chemical, preservative and additive-free. The herbal pastes are freshly prepared daily in the factory to ensure freshness and quality. The precious herbs are cooked for hours in order to bring out the nutrients from the herbs which are essential in bringing back the health of your scalp.

Do you know that their herbs contain 4 premium ingredients? They are
1. Ginseng
2. Ling Zhi
3. Dang Gui
4. He Shou Wu

Most importantly – affordable! they charge flat rate according to your hair length.

Bee Choo Origin - Pregnancy Struggle With Postnatal Hairloss 1
This price list is for Bee Choo Ladies Outlet.

They have 8 outlets and several resellers in Singapore. The outlet I went to is Bee Choo Origin for Ladies, which is located at 5 Pahang Street, few minutes walk away from Bugis. It is purely for ladies, with privacy and the reason I chose this outlet is that I brought didi along too. Not wanting to disturb other customers, I can choose to close the curtain.

Bee Choo Ladies is exclusively for ladies only. This is to cater to women with greater privacy needs due to their hair condition, religion or just preference. In addition, Bee Choo Ladies, is in a premium setting and location. The additional services include a 5 mins scalp massage before herbal application. Bee Choo Ladies also offers complimentary hair scans during off-peak hours 10-5pm weekdays.

Bee Choo Ladies also has an appointment system to reduce waiting time whereby other Bee Choo Origin outlets does not accept appointments and is strictly walk-in only.

Bee Choo Origin - Pregnancy Struggle With Postnatal Hairloss 2
So pretty!! Just for ladies! Even the delivery guy cannot step inside! How do I know? Because I ordered food, but the guy was stopped and he had to wait outside. hahaha. So for my Muslim friends, this place is good for you!
Bee Choo Origin - Pregnancy Struggle With Postnatal Hairloss 3
Hello didi. Look at him staring with amazement.
Bee Choo Origin - Pregnancy Struggle With Postnatal Hairloss 4
Ok gross. My oily scalp. -.-

The steps on getting your hair treatment
– Ginger wine spray on your hair
– Massaging your head to promote blood circulation
– Application of olive oil
– Application of herbal paste (supercooling and shiok max)
– Steaming of hair
– Hair wash & blow-dry!
Check out the video steps below!

Bee Choo Origin - Pregnancy Struggle With Postnatal Hairloss 5
The ginger spray, olive oil, and herbal paste.
Bee Choo Origin - Pregnancy Struggle With Postnatal Hairloss 6
Yi He followed me to one of the treatments during the school holiday. She was so curious that she tasted the herbal paste. Don’t worry the herbs can be eaten, all are Chinese herbs!
Steps on the hair treatment
Bee Choo Origin - Pregnancy Struggle With Postnatal Hairloss 7
So thick and cooling. This kind of treatment really very satisfying during our weather.

This treatment by Bee Choo Origin was a God sent to me. Not only I was experiencing postnatal hair loss, but I’m also pregnant! This makes my scalp even more oily. Their treatment helps to relieve my itchy and oily scalp.

See how fast my hair grows! Do a quick comparison from May 2019 to Aug 2019. I started the treatment in May 2019 for 3 months! Don’t play play hor.

You may ask if there’s any strong herbs smell after the treatment, I would say is manageable for me. It smells like henna, that’s what Yi He says. Hahaha. My friend also went for treatment after I recommended her, she also feels the herbs smell is bearable.

Bee Choo Origin - Pregnancy Struggle With Postnatal Hairloss 8
Bee Choo Origin - Pregnancy Struggle With Postnatal Hairloss 9
August 2019

While postnatal hair loss is nothing to be scary, we still have to watch out for our diet and basic hair care to enjoy the hair loss will not be a permanent problem.

Together with Bee Choo Origin, we are going to give 1 lucky winner who has never visited Bee Choo Origin at all to enjoy and experience this wonderful hair treatment.
To Join, simply
1. Answer the question: How many premium herbs did Bee Choo Origin used in their herbal paste?
2. Like and comment on the correct answer in my Instagram post
3. Follow me and Bee Choo Origin Instagram
4. Share this blog/Instagram post to your social media account

And we will choose the lucky one! Good luck and the contest will end 28 August 2019!


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