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My Favourite 6 Educational Outdoor Activities You Can Explore With Your Family

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Outdoor activities can bring a lot more benefits than you think. Sharing 6 of my favourite educational outdoor activities you can explore with your child plus the benefits of it!

With my consistently getting sun-tanned skin tone, it’s easy to guess that I’m an outdoor lover. So I love to get my kids out to do outdoor activities and enjoy nature. Will be a Children’s Museum Singapore opened in Dec 2022, a museum dedicated to learn while you play. Read about my review and tips (on how to get free tickets) before heading down to the museum!

Benefits of Going Outdoor.

Outdoor activities in Singapore
My Kids trying to catch the butterflies.

Vitamin D – One of the reasons I like to get my kids out under the sun. Exposure to sunlight helps our body to make vitamin D, which regulates our immune system to help our body fight off infection. Vitamin D also helps our body to absorb calcium, which is very beneficial to our kids.
It is also for us to prevent osteoporosis. Just make sure you apply sunscreen for yourself and your child!

Happier mood – I think I’m much happier than my kids. Before, I felt it was a lot easier to handle kids when they were outside. They enjoy, they drain their energy (mine too) and go back home happy and sleep. Anyway, lifting your mood and reducing stress are proven, not just my words.

Improve self-esteem – Apparently, outdoor activities can stimulate our five senses in a way that indoors can’t. These impact our brains positively, making us have a “feel good” factor.

Improve social skills – I feel my 4 children have done this a lot better than I am. The way they make friends at the playground, play together, solving conflicts. It is really amazing to watch! Of course, at times we need to step in to help to solve their conflicts. In these ways, they get to learn too.

My Favourite Outdoor Activities.

Other than the usual Zoo / River Wonders, below 6 outdoor activities are my favourites. They are a mixture of free and paid activities.

Farm Trip

I love farm trips. Not only because they can enjoy exploring and having fun outdoors, but the kids can also engage with the animals, find out more about their food source and appreciate food.
Understand the circle of life and develop sensory skills.

Have been bringing my kids to farm trips ever since I had Yi He. As the years go by, our Singapore Farms are getting lesser. Below are some of the local farms which are still available for visiting (based on 2023).

Most farms are located out of the way in Singapore. If you do not own a car, you can take the shuttle bus by WTS Travel for $5 per pax. The bus will take you around Kranji Countryside but do double-check with them as the list still shows farms which are not operating any more.

  • Hay Dairies Goat Farm
Hay dairies feeding goat
The kids feeding the goats.
Hay dairies milking session.
Milking Session.

I would say this is one of the most popular farms in Singapore. Hay Dairies entry is free, and 1 big packet of hays is $5. Normally I get 2 packets, and 2 kids share 1 packet. You shouldn’t miss their milking session, which is from 9am to 1030am.

After the tour, you can buy milk ice cream or goat’s milk from them to drink on the spot or pack back home. They are open every day, except on Tuesday.

3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, Singapore 718859
Opening Hours:
9am to 4pm, Closed on Tuesday.

  • Kin Yan Singapore
My Favourite 6 Educational Outdoor Activities You Can Explore With Your Family 1
Kids at Kin Yan Agrotech.

I would say this is more like a wheatgrass farm tour rather than a mushroom farm tour. They are the largest organic wheatgrass farm. The mushroom farm is at the back of the wheatgrass farm, but it’s quite a small room. Besides mushrooms and wheatgrass, they also grow a lot of cactus and aloe vera.

It’s free entry, but you can arrange for their farm tour which comes with a lot more activities. A minimum number of pax is required.

You can buy some fresh produce like mushrooms, pea sprouts and also a mushroom growing kit.

220 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718830
Opening hours:
9am to 5pm daily.

Mushroom growing kit.
Fresh mushrooms, pea sprouts and mushroom growing kit.
  • Bollywood Veggies
The kids exploring the vegetables at Bollywood.
The kids explore the vegetables at Bollywood.

Bollywood farm is an excellent place to explore, learn and have a meal over there. It’s quite a sizeable area to explore, so I would suggest light clothing, comfortable shoes, sunscreen and lots of mosquito repellent.

It’s free entry. Over there, the kids can run and roam (under supervision) around freely to enjoy nature, the plants and fruits planted there. Most of the plants/trees have a name tag to identify them. So you can teach your child, explain to them. Let them observe and smell.

You can enjoy your meal at their Poison Ivy Bistro. Their menu is seasonal and changes often because they use their fresh produce to bring you the freshest food. This is also a fantastic opportunity for you to teach your kids how foods are being harvested and produced before bringing them to the table.

Bonus: If you are lucky enough, sometimes they will have some free plants/vegetables to give away. Previously, when I went, they were giving away big Pandan leaves.

100 Neo Tiew Rd, Singapore 719026
Opening Hours:
Thurs to Fri – 10am to 4pm
Sat, Sun & PH – 7am to 6pm

  • Kok Fah Farm
Ducks at Koh Fah. Sorry for the low resolution. Download it from my IGS.

They are the largest leafy vegetable farm in Singapore. They have a few farm animals for the kids to look at, but no feeding. We do a walk-in simple farm tour ourselves during the weekend where they also organise a weekend market.

You can enquire them for a proper farm tour and activities if you need, if not it’s free entry.

18 Sungei Tengah Rd, Singapore 698974
Opening hours:
Guided tours (no walk-in), Mon to Fri – 9am to 5pm
Walk-in, Open to public, Sat & Sun – 9am to 5pm

  • Funan Urban Farm
Funan mall urban farm
The kids discuss the plant’s growing journey.

We found this place by chance. It’s located at Funan Mall, rooftop garden level 7, with free entry.

It’s a very nice place where you can find different types of fruits, vegetables (all labelled nicely) and even herbs. They also leave a note on the herbs to ask you to rub their leaves and smell them! They even have a fish tank to show how the whole ecosystem work.

Besides the food garden, there are some benches, swings, and a small grass field for the kids to play and run around.

Funan Mall, level 7, Lift at Lobby A
107 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179105
Opening hours:
Mon to Sun – 10 AM to 10 PM

  • Nature Kindred
My Favourite 6 Educational Outdoor Activities You Can Explore With Your Family 2
Kids with their potted plants.

This is a new place that opened in 2022. Nature Kindred adopted the idea from Taiwan, which they are popular for a family-child bonding activity. There are a total of 4 paid organised activities: bonding, planting, fishing and science exploration. You can check out their rates and activity breakdown here.

I can say that my kids totally enjoyed the session a lot. They have both Mandarin and English sessions. We attended the Mandarin, for all 4 activities. It took us about slightly more than half a day. An excellent way to spend your weekend.

Their science activity is a drop-off activity. After dropping your kids off, you can enjoy a break at the Tenplus cafe in the same area (not related). Do make a reservation, as it may get crowded during lunch/dinner time.

65 Sungei Tengah Road, Singapore 699000
Opening hours:
Sat & Sun (May open on Public & School Holiday) – 10.30AM to 7PM

Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa

A unique outdoor trip for the kids. Haw Par Villa is an outdoor theme park depicting scenes from Chinese mythology, folklore, legends, history, and illustrations of various aspects of Confucianism.

Although there is nothing much to play in this area, it’s good to bring kids to learn about Chinese culture and history. The kids can run around (under supervision) and feed the fish.
It’s free entry except for Hell’s Museum, but is not recommended for kids below 8 years old.

262 Pasir Panjang Road, Singapore 118628
Opening Hours:
Haw Par Villa, Daily 9am to 10pm (last entry 9.30pm)
Hell’s Museum, Tue-Sun & PH 10am to 6pm (last entry 5pm)

Wildlings Urban Play

Wildlings Urban Play
Didi playing at the water play area in Wildlings.

I saw this nature play at Seeksophie, but right now you can only purchase their play tickets directly from their website. The ticket price admits one child and one adult. An extra adult can top up an additional $5.

I really love this place, as the kids can take this opportunity to climb the trees, jump around, play in mud and water, paint the floor and so on. See more of my videos here. Remember to bring mosquito repellent and additional clothes and a towel. They have a well-equipped and clean toilet for bathing after playing.

27A Loewen Road, Singapore 248839
Opening hours:
Please check their website for the booking time.

Picnic / Camping

My Favourite 6 Educational Outdoor Activities You Can Explore With Your Family 3
Picnic at Gardens by the bay
My Favourite 6 Educational Outdoor Activities You Can Explore With Your Family 4
Camping at the beach in 2017 and at home during the covid period 2021.

We have been doing picnics more often compare to camping as my kids are still very young. My hubby is not comfortable letting them shower outside because it’s a little inconvenient, especially if you book the campsite, which is nowhere near the toilet.

Even though I don’t see that as an issue (Xin He was only 2 years old when we went), and he said he would prefer to do that when the kids are older. We may be looking forward to doing one this year since Xiaomei is big enough.

You must be wondering what kids can learn from picnics and camping. In fact, they can learn a lot like,
Taking risks. Staying outdoors without our own comfort home itself it’s already considered taking risks. Letting your kids know the risk during camping and how to deal with them.
Teamwork. Setting up a campsite/picnic site requires teamwork. Everyone needs to help put, with setting up the tent, and the play area, prepare the food and so on. This way you can teach your kids about how to be a team player and work together, which will be very useful in life.
Resilience. During camping/picnic, you bond to encounter some issues like the windy season, raining and some sleep issues. Helping kids to learn how to overcome and solve these issues, encourage them to learn how to keep calm and face challenges.
Connect to nature. Playing around with what nature provides is positive for their brains and improves their mood and concentration. Observing the natural environment around them also encourages them to learn how to care for their mother earth.

Location: There are various campsites in Singapore. You can check and book the camping permit for free here. As for picnics, you can check out Sassy Mama site for 23 friendly places to have a picnic.

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is Asia’s biggest children’s garden in the Singapore Botanic Garden. It’s quite a popular play area among families in Singapore.

They have curated trails for children to explore, adventure and play, with a farm, an orchard, and a forest with its own stream and ponds. You can download the activity sheet here for them to do too. Sometimes you can even spot some wild animals! Check out my video above.

Even though there is F&B, you can have a picnic over there too. Just make sure you spam mosquito repellent and sunscreen.

481 Bukit Timah Rd, Singapore 259769
Opening Hours:
8am to 7pm (last admission at 6.30pm)
Closed on Monday, unless it falls on a Public Holiday.


MOE Dairy Farm OALC
Xin He observing leaves at MOE Dairy Farm OALC

Singapore has a lot of hiking trails that organise educational tours for the kids. If you do not wish to join the tour, you can arrange your own hiking trip!

Our hiking trails are quite kid-friendly and Instagramable. Just make sure you are well dressed with proper shoes. Some of our hiking trails have resting stops with educational material, games and activities e.g. Wallace Trail.

Check out our hiking trip at Wallace Trail below!

Our I Am Shaman Vendor Review will help you discover what this плюс is all about. Are they a good kratom ? Read more now!


Outdoor activities can bring a lot more benefits than you think. Hope my favourite places will be yours soon. If you can, the Desaru Farm trip in Malaysia is also another place worth bringing the kids to explore.
Feel free to share with me your favourite outdoor place or comment below if you have any questions.

You can also follow my Instagram or my IG hashtag for more kids’ activities sharing.

All photos belong to and cannot be reproduced without permission.


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