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Family Friendly Desaru Farm and Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Stay

family friends trip to desaru

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Detailed kids-friendly Desaru farm trips and hassle free trip itinerary. Besides the ostrich farm and fireflies, we also explored the fruit farm which comes with food and fruits feasting!

After our Legoland trips in June and September, we wanted to continue exploring Malaysia, so we headed to Desaru Farm.

Since we have a lot of kids, we decided to book Hard Rock Desaru since its more kids friendly and they have Roxity Kids Club which we can put our kids there and have some time of our own. We booked directly, so we will have free Adventure Waterpark tickets for our stay.

And for this trip, we have only 2 families driving in, so to make our Desaru farm trip tour easier, I booked a Desaru farm tour package from Desaru Fruit Farm tour. Below is our itinerary for the trip:

Desaru itinerary
This is the overall 3 days tour

Before heading to Hard Rock Hotel, our family and Vanny went to Tasixi Hong Kong Dim Sum.
It’s not exactly on the way, but it’s not too far off from Tasixi and Desaru.
Their dim sum is pretty good, but just don’t expect excellent services 😂.

Hard Rock Hotel

Hard Rock Desaru
Family photo outside Hard Rock Desaru Hotel.

The service at the lobby generally is ok, just that you got to be patient if you are checking in and out at peak timing. We check in around 9-10am so it’s still not so bad and manage to check in early with 1 of the room ready. The official check-in time is 3pm and the check-out is 12pm.

If you need a connecting room, you have to book in this configuration, but it’s subject to availability. I suggest that you give them an email after booking to let them know if they can try their best to give you a connecting room.

1. Superior King and Superior Double.
2. Superior Double and Superior Double.
3. Deluxe King and Deluxe Double.
4. Deluxe Double and Deluxe Double.

Even though the room is a bit dusty but overall is ok.

Room Video tour (about 1min long). We booked Deluxe Double.
Total paid: MYR 1,729.00 excluding tax, resort & package fees (during Sept 2022 for Nov 2022)

Their breakfast selection is also not too bad. Quite an extensive range. They also include a lot of snacks and desserts. You can view more in my IGS.

Room tour

Desaru Adventure Waterpark

It’s connected to Hard Rock Hotel, and it’s really big. Especially if you want to walk to a more adventurous area. The toddler’s and kids’ areas are nearer to the entrance. I didn’t manage to take more photos and videos of the area because Jia He keeps sticking to me and the girls went to play with Nicole and the rest of the aunties. The area is very kids friendly, it’s like a mini Wild Wild wet.

In case you did not book your hotel with Hard Rock, you can also buy your adventure waterpark ticket from Klook.

Adventure waterpark at Desaru
Height requirement guide for the rides.
Family Friendly Desaru Farm and Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Stay 1
Didi enjoying himself. He plays this a lot of times!

Because our kids had breakfast so we went for our lunch at 2pm. We went to Sessions inside Hard Rock Hotel and near to Adventure Waterpark entrance. Outside the cafe have a mini playground. Me and hubby share a bowl of salad and the kids had Salmon and croissant set.

Family Friendly Desaru Farm and Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Stay 2
Family Friendly Desaru Farm and Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Stay 3
Kids meal

After the older kids finished their meals, I accompanied them to Roxity kids club to register. You can choose to put your kids for 1 hr, 3 hours or a whole day. Adults cannot go in, so after settling them, we went to the lounge to enjoy some drinks. And Jia He just sits beside us to play.

Since adults can’t go in, you can visit their website to see 360 degree view of the club area.
You can email them for the program that particular month you are going because they change their program monthly.

Roxity kids club min age requirement is 4 to 16 years old, so Xiaomei follow us to chill at the lobby.

Family Friendly Desaru Farm and Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Stay 4
Xiaomei playing the reusable stickers from here >
Family Friendly Desaru Farm and Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Stay 5
We ladies chilled at the lobby, some went to the SPA.

After all the activities, we went to a nearby Chinese restaurant – Nelayan, for our dinner. It’s about 5-6 mins drive, but very difficult to get a cab in. Our friend waited for about 30-45mins for the cab. So it’s best that you can drive in, or just have dinner in Hard Rock. I’m not sure if walking down is possible or not. Most importantly, remember to bring along mosquito repellent.

If you going there as a big group, it’s important to book the table before going down. Overall, the food is ok, price I would say is reasonable for a tourist area. Do request for their houseflies machine, because the area got a lot of houseflies! Their service sometimes is a bit slow. Most importantly, do check your receipt before making payment.

Nelayan Seafood dinner
Kids occupied 2 tables and adult occupied 1 table.
Family Friendly Desaru Farm and Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Stay 6
After dinner, the kids also enjoyed playing outside the restaurant.

Desaru Farm Trip

2nd day is our Desaru farm trip which takes up one full day.

Desaru farm tour package
Details of the package.

I changed the crocodile farm to the Ostrich farm, so the Ostrich farm is at the 1st stop of the itinerary. After our fruit farm tour and ATV, they sent us back to the hotel to rest awhile and then pick us up again for dinner and a firefly tour.

Desaru Ostrich Farm
Desaru Ostrich Farm. We bought some vegetables and corn for the Ostriches.
Family Friendly Desaru Farm and Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Stay 7
Some of the Ostrich are free to roam. The kids start feeding them before the briefing.

If your child is below 20kg and dares to ride an Ostrich, you can let them ride for RM30.
Both Yi He and Xin He tried riding, but I think Yi He is a bit too heavy for the Ostrich.

Family Friendly Desaru Farm and Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Stay 8
Family Friendly Desaru Farm and Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Stay 9

After the Ostrich Farm is lunch, a Fruit farm tour and ATV ride. All are in the same place.
We had our lunch first, fruits are free flow. I feel it’s not too bad for the price we paid.

Desaru Farm tour lunch
The image is from You can see my IGS for detailed video sharing.

After lunch, we decided to do ATV first. Toddlers/ Kids can ride on ATV together with the adult. To ride alone, the child must be at least 16 years old. Our kids enjoyed it a lot! Lots of sunscreens are needed!

Desaru ATV ride
Group photo before our ride start!

After the ride is the farm tour, it’s quite a long tour which takes about an hour. Where the tour guide will introduce some of the common fruits, the kids can also feed the fish and farm animals. Took a lot of videos which are in my IGS highlights ^.^”

Desaru Farm tour animal feeding
The kids enjoy feeding the animals. Some of the animals like goats, chickens are roaming free.
Family Friendly Desaru Farm and Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Stay 10
The kids enjoyed their tour; the mothers enjoyed our photo-taking. haha..

The dinner which is included in the package is at Nelayan. Although back to the same restaurant, they served totally different kind of food than we had the night before. In fact, we actually find the dinner package quite worth it compare to what we ordered.

Family Friendly Desaru Farm and Hard Rock Hotel Desaru Stay 11
This time we had our dinner indoors, which is a lot better because no flies and mosquitoes. The only thing is, if the kids want to go out to play, we can’t help to eyeball.

After dinner, we head down for our last stop fireflies cruise at Bujang. In order to see fireflies, we have to be in a pitch-dark environment, so we are not able to take proper videos and photos. Remember to bring mosquito repellent.

And we end our farm trip on the 2nd day! Overall, I like the food and the itinerary of our full-day tour package. Not too rushed, the bus ride is very comfortable, and the driver is friendly too. I would say if you are going there as a family with young kids (especially if you don’t have any transportation) or big groups, it’s ideal to get the package for hassle-free trip. And we calculated, if we were to go on the trip by ourselves (à la carte, without meals), the price came up to be similar with meals included.

The rates we pay based on Nov 2022, S$108 for adult, S$98 for child and below 3 is free.

desaru farm tour
Group photo with our tour bus.

Last Day, Birthday celebration at Hard Rock Desaru

Xiaomei’s birthday happens to fall on the last day of our Desaru trip, so 2 days before our trip, we decided to celebrate her birthday at the hotel. I enquired about the celebration with the hotel staff on the 2nd day and went ahead to hold the celebration at their cafe – The Elephant & the Butterfly.

Because the kids can play in the pool area, and it’s open space which makes it a lot more kids friendly compared to their other F&B. I ordered just kids meal for the kids and the birthday cake on the 2nd day, and adults we just ordered whatever we want on the actual day.

The staffs are very nice to arrange the table for us and let us do a mini setup.

birthday celebration at Hard Rock Desaru The Elephant and The Butterfly.
Our mini setup, reuse material from niece birthday hold a few days ago.

And after our lunch celebration, we all went separate ways after checking out.

transportation to Desaru
Because we drove in, in case you are interested to know what transport companies are available, you can check out the above 2 recommended by my friends.

You can also visit my Instagram IGS highlights to have more ideas on our Desaru farm trip!
If you have any questions or love to share more, feel free to drop a comment below or DM me on IG!


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