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Thermal cooker ~ working mom best helper!

Have been thinking of getting a thermal cooker for quite some time but I was hesitating due to a lot of factors like
Does it really cook my dish and keep it warm till I’m back home which is at least 10hrs
> Will my food be tasty?

BUT IN THE END I STILL WENT AHEAD AND BOUGHT IT! (Actually I already mentioned in the previous post )

Imagine when my 2nd baby pop, he/she will be in different childcare with YiHe, so by the time I fetched both of them and reached will be  about 7pm. That will be too late for dinner by the time  I cook finished.

And the plan of buying the cooker has pushed forward because hubby working hours have changed and thanks to my condition – Sciatica nerve pain in pregnancy, I have to walk slowly.

So da da da…..

Lucky the thermal cooker is  on promotion! *Auntie mode on*

It comes with a cookbook too!

My 贪吃 daughter eating non stop. Is a must for her to end every meal with a fruit!

Went home happily with my buys and can’t wait to try it out!!

Snails spotted outside my house! Every time it rains, lots of them will start crawling out

I decided to do a simple and (my) craving dish ~ minced meat with potatoes!
So I marinate the minced meat overnight and prepare the potatoes in the morning

Then I fry garlic till fragrance in the pot….

And add in potatoes and minced meat and add in water, dark soya sauce and salt. The water must cover the ingredients. Let it boil for at least 20mins so that your food will be tastier. (But I forget about boiling for 20mins)

I set timer and cook the rice too

After 11 hours………………………….

Here’s the proof! Haha… I got no better way test so used this. Temperature definitely slightly higher than this!

Here is my soft and ok-only-tasty potatoes and minced meat!

Is not as fragrance as what I normally cooked using the conventional way, not sure is it because I didn’t boil long enough as suggested by those online people who used it frequently. But I’m still very happy with the outcome!

Going to try more dish with my thermal cooker!

By the way some tips in buying , base on my experience and research.
> for small family, example like mine > 4 adults and 1 kid, 4.5litres is good enough. Because if the food is not about 80% filled, it will loose heat much faster.
> endo brand and la gourmet are from the same company just that the latter are being market as a higher brand. But la gourmet does work better than Endo (according to what I have research online)
> zojirushi is also another good brand but their smallest thermal cooker is 6 litres.
> if you are most likely to put your food at least for 10hrs, I do recommend zojirushi or tiger. Otherwise if budget constraint, or u forsee yourself leaving the food 6hrs or less, endo brand still can buy.
> for the above dish I only fill the pot 50% but it’s working great! So can see that it does retain heat a lot better. (That’s why is double the price *pocket burn hole)



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