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It’s a baby…….

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Finally after 5 months of long wait!! Those who have follow my twitter, instagram or facebook will know!!  I can happily said my little baby is a BABY GIRL!!! I’m so happy, ask the radiographer 3 times confirm girl hor.. hahaha..

Hold on..

I’m not bias as in I prefer girl than boy, if you have not been following my blog please check this > New Challenge and pregnancy.
Told hubby about it and ask him work harder next year ok!! Let’s have another 2 boys!! My perfect dream since young ~ 2 girls and 2 boys!! Haha.. I know life sometimes doesn’t go as what we plan, but so far so good, I just wish to keep my finger cross and hope for the best!

Baby mei mei saying hi!! *wave*
It's a baby....... 1
This is baby Yi He, both have the same high nose!!Very curious how is she going to look like, since Yi He is a mixture of hubby and me (although is more of hubby)
It's a baby....... 2

Since is another baby girl, basically I have (supposedly) nothing  to buy, haha.. but still couldn’t stop myself from surfing carters!!
Saw this so cute twins romper!! I know my girls are not twins but hack.. is so cute lah.. haha.. although it stated the largest is 24 months, but Yi He sure can fit in with her small frame!

Cute right!! hahaha..
I shall keep my wallets “lock” for now.. hahaha..

Ohya.. yesterday I tried my thermal cooker again!! haha.. check out the cookbook given by them, but did some changes in the steps and recipe. It turns out that the soup is nice!! so I shall make an attempt to boil at least 20-30 mins before putting it in the thermal pot.

Cooked Papaya peanut soup with white fungus and pork.
Ingredients I prepare the night before.
Marinate the pork with corn flour, soy sauce, sesame oil and poke the meat with fork.
Soak peanut and white fungus.
Papaya I just buy 2 packets off the fruits stall.

Da da da… here’s the soup, it’s still very warm, but because I prefer my soup to be real hot, so I heat up for another 10 mins. 😛

This kind of days are sunny and beautiful to mother when their child behaves and eat well (of coz still have occasional cheeky moment when she’s eating her her dinner yesterday). Maybe coz I keep emphasizes to her today veg is prepare by her.. lol..
20140320_192231 20140320_192233

Think yesterday soup, she loves it a lot, drank  slightly more than 2 bowls.

I realized my girl enjoy her meals most either when there is other kids around or when she participate in meals preparation (sometimes is play water, keep washing and washing my veg non stop -_- ). I think that makes my job overall some how easier, although my preparation time be drag slightly longer. But I don’t mind continue doing it, because it does really helps in bonding, helps her to understand food more (me thinking) and also having her meals better than other days when she didn’t help out.

Before any parents want to try this method, please be prepare for messy, “flooding” or ugly vegetables, most importantly be open, allow them to participate and of coz keep away all the dangerous stuff!!
Don’t shout and scream at your little ones when they are helping u!

Steps in helping:
1. Assign simple task. For example for the start, I ask my girl to place the cut food from the chopping board to the plates (good for motor skills *wink*)
Then when she is able to help you rinse the food, teach them. Although I can tell u half of the time they are playing water. Anyway you can start educate them the importance of washing the food and cooking it before consuming.
If your child is a food lover like my girl, try not telling them, u will realize part of your food is gone or some have teeth mark. -_-”

2. Assign difficult fun task. I think i rather call it FUN task, because u can ask them to help u 拔菜 aka pluck the vegetables. Normally if I prepare alone, I just cut off the roots, but when my girl is around, I will just ask her to pluck the vegetables for me. Teach them where is the roots, stem and leafs, so they will understand. Sometimes they may give up half way and throw the roots inside too.. *BE PATIENT*
Or if u need a good mix of your sauce and food, ask them to help u. Place the sauce and meat in a plastic bag, seal up and ask them ENJOY SMASHING/SQUEEZING/SQUASHY IT!

3. Clean up! Surrounding the kitchen sink is always wet, ask them to clean it up for u! By now u should know kids love to monkey see monkey do! So show them how to clean and throw the dirty stuff in the plastic bag! They sure enjoy it!!

4. Putting the stuff back. Ask them help u keep the other unwanted or half of the food back to the fridge. Don’t bother whether if they put the correct place a not, either u can teach them, or just change it later. Or something like put back the remaining ginger in the plastic bag, tupperware etc.

Before starting > get a cute apron for your child, u can get it from daiso, $2 only. Cheap and cute
> and a stool!



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