A trip to “The Secret of the Fallen Pagoda”


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Thanks to my friend who told me about this free admission, to this wonderful historical exhibition in Asia Civilization Museum, which was published in newspaper,
Got the newspaper cutting from her, as my TODAY newspaper went “missing”, no idea who took mine outside my house.. -_-

Our family outfit for the day!! hubby also wearing black.. haha.. but he’s not so hiao to post #ootd.
My girl and me.


Here we are at the Museum! So glad my girl didn’t fall asleep on the way to the Museum, otherwise it will be so wasted. Although she may not understand all those lifeless display but at least getting to see, bonding with her trying to explain what is all this about makes it very enjoyable. Although we have to endure the security guard starring. Can’t blame them, who asked my girl go “accidentally” switch of the display light.. *face palm* Lucky only one display light not the entire hall..
20140316_124950 20140316_125344

Time for the photos!! Pardon my unclear photo, happily brought my camera out, but the MEMORY CARD IS FULL!!
Hubby said he is not surprise at all.. -_-”  I should have tell him, time to buy a bigger memory card.. lol

This Jade Buddha really stunt me, my phone camera doesn’t really do justice. It’s really very nice and really admired how the people in the ancient can have such a talented handicraft skills.


I always love and admire China Dynasty clothes, they are so beautiful!! How I wish I have a chance to wear them, the full outfit from top to toe! That is why I always admire all those Hong Kong actress who have a chance to wear it.  20140316_132045

I wonder what is the reason behind this 12 Chinese zodiac horoscope wearing scholar outfit.


Can u figure out which part belongs to the elephant, fish, crocodile and goat?


I walked pass this skull, told hubby if Yi He saw this, she sure will freak out. So both of us lured her to see the skull, but to our surprise she’s not afraid at all and very curious what is that! So I explained to her what skull is, as simple as possible. Though she repeat after me, but how much she understand I have no single idea. Anyway I told hubby, mission failed to scare her. hahaha…

The 2nd horse, from the left, always reminds me on how I broke my mom’s horse, not exactly the same, but similar.

MORE PHOTOS @ Secrets to the Fallen Pagoda Album

One thing nice about this exhibition is they have small activities for kids or maybe young at heart adults to play!
One of them is to decorate you own Tang Dynasty woman face!
Yi He really enjoyed pasting the mouth, eyebrows etc!.. Haha.. Let’s see our “beautiful” art piece!!

I don’t think I suits small mouth.. wahahaha…

Hubby amazed me by change a lady face to a guy!!

Yi He seems very satisfied with her art work (with the help of daddy, pasting the eyebrow)

I always thought those ladys’ eyebrow in Li An’s movie are created by the art director or makeup artist or stylist. After this exhibition I realised the Tang Dynasty women really did have this kind of eyebrows and designs can be as many as about 10! I think I still prefer our current era eyebrow..

About Tang Dynasty Woman

We spend about close to 2 hours over there. Is really a very nice experience, especially I love China rich history and culture, but please don’t ask me the details like when Tang fallen blah blah, although I do Wu Ze Tian is the first woman Emperor in history this kind of basic stuff.. hahaha..

About this exhibition:

The capital of Tang China (618 – 907), Chang’an (present day Xi’an), was a hub for economic and cultural exchange. Nearby lies the Famen Temple, one of the most revered Buddhist sites in China. A finger bone relic of the Buddha and magnificent Tang dynasty objects of gold, silver, ceramics, and glass were sealed within an underground crypt there. For more than 1000 years, these treasures were forgotten until their chance discovery in 1987. Together with objects from other leading museums in Shaanxi, this exhibition is a rare showcase of Tang aesthetics and culture for the first time in Southeast Asia.

This exhibition is co-organised with Shaanxi Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau and Shaanxi Cultural Heritage Promotion Centre, People’s Republic of China

Entry for Adults: S$12
Senior Citizen and kids below 6 are FOC!
Great for this March school holidays. Find out more at http://www.acm.org.sg/exhibitions/901.html

After the museums we head down to Robinsons to look for Thermal Cooker aka magic cooker. Unfortunately they only carry La gourmet brand, so we can’t do comparison. Got to get one before hubby transfer to his new department (can’t fetch me as often as he can), initially I feel there is no hurry in getting one until my 2nd pop, but I’m walking so slow now, think by the time I reached home no time for soup, and having electricity on for more than 8hrs is damn chor on my electricity bills.

Anyway our girl fall asleep, so me and hubby head to KFC to have our tea break.. hehe.. to satisfy our fast food craves. Otherwise if she’s wide awake we got to choose our food wisely.
Can see how happy we are.. lol…

After that we head to our friends place for steamboat! Just nice for the weather!! 😀

Hubby and his friends enjoying xbox games. I keep asking hubby why he bought play station (and he sold away after using few months -.-) instead of xbox. Xbox is so much fun, including those who are watching it!!
IMG-20140317-WA0015 IMG-20140317-WA0016 IMG-20140317-WA0021

Camwhore and disturb my girl, while they guys having a break on the games
IMG-20140317-WA0017 IMG-20140317-WA0018 IMG-20140317-WA0019

After dinner is my turn to play!! But I have limited games to play due to pregnant haha.. Hubby played boxing with me and I WON ALL 4 ROUNDS!!! Seriously either he is sucks in boxing or he can’t box people, haha.. definitely he didn’t give chance to me lor!! hahaha..

Let’s see how I win him!!
20140316_202631 20140316_202634 20140316_202639 20140316_202654 20140316_202701 20140316_202731 20140316_202919 20140316_202910

I think my girl must be thinking my parents are crazy.. hahaha.. 😛
And we end the day with a group picture!!
(uploading soon)

Wednesday is my full detail scan for the baby, gender a side, I wish everything is well. So worried and guilty for this 2nd baby as my appetite is really not so good even though I have no morning sickness.

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