Red Bean Essence – The secret to skin radience

It’s been 2 months since I delivered Jia He.  Honestly speaking, no matter how much energy I have, taking care of 4 kids is definitely not easy especially when they are young and full of energy.

I cannot emphasize enough how important a diet is to me right now. In order to keep my energy up while ensuring that I have sufficient breast milk supply for Jia He and looking ‘pretty’ when I attend events chicken essence, Dom and red bean essence is part of my daily nutrition.

Red bean essence is quite popular in Taiwan after it is highly recommended by Taiwan Celebrity, Xiao S.
Red bean is well known for improving blood circulation and relieving water retention. These benefits can help a lot for women, especially pregnant mothers or those who have just given birth. Red Beans are high in Iron, Magnesium, Potassium, Polyphenols and Soluble Fibre. By consuming it frequently, it gives your skin a natural healthy glow!

WUNJO Red Bean Essence is extracted from red beans and is unique in that each red bean remains intact during the process. This process is key to maximising the benefits of red beans without the carbohydrates. They use high-quality Hokkaido red beans, selected with care, no preservertives and sugar.

How to consume?

Method 1
Open bag and pour red bean essence into a cup. Dilute 1-2 times with hot water.

Red Bean Essence drinking method with hot/cold water

Method 2
Warm the bag directly by immersing it in hot water, and consume it directly.

Method 3
Open bag and pour red bean essence into a cup. Dilute 1-2 times with cold water.

You can redeem your free WUNJO Red Bean Essence samples here and if you want to purchase, you can do so at Sample Store!


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