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Out in the sea!!
Out in the sea!! 1
Haha.. Not exactly out in the sea lah.. so don;t worry 😛

Anyway this is a belated photos.. Mr Tan’s team have a small gathering at the yacht. So nice!! So me “不要脸 的” follow, of course with permission hehe… 
Out in the sea!! 2
Me and Mr Tan in front of the yacht  that we will be enjoying later!
Out in the sea!! 3
Don’t play play I know how to “drive” wahahaha.. 

Out in the sea!! 4
Out in the sea!! 5
Out in the sea!! 6
Out in the sea!! 7
Out in the sea!! 8
Out in the sea!! 9
Big Big Feast!

Out in the sea!! 10
After the big feast, Kelvin “decided” (kena force) to go for a swim.. : D
Out in the sea!! 11

Out in the sea!! 12

CHEERS!!! Group pics!
Out in the sea!! 13
Out in the sea!! 14
Out in the sea!! 15
Out in the sea!! 16
Out in the sea!! 17

Pass few months I was so busy with babies stuff, researching, buying, packing and washing. Now I’m all done, shaking leg waiting for her to “pop” out in November. 

After having so busy for few months, suddenly there’s nothing for me to do! I feel a bit lost during that transitional period. But now I’m out of it, right now busy resetting up my blogger hopefully it will be good as before (few years back, ok I know I’m a bit old haha, but still young) and revamp my online stores! 

I’m really happy and thanks a lot to my friend who still supporting me on my online store even though I haven’t got anything to update anything ever since I start to get busy with weddings, honey moon and now baby! So got to make use of the time now and the next few months to plan my time management. Otherwise I will be in a mess when I’m back to my degree.. Still got few more modules to go!!    

Don’t ask how am I going to cope it, if my other classmates and friends can make it, SO CAN I!! Must be positive.. Thanks to them for the encouragement and giving me advice on what to do and what they did to over come.. 😀

Really appreciate… Sob Sob… haha.. 感动哦!!

Revamping of website designing, my online shop direction etc is in the plan but still thinking how am I going to have en efficient way to bring my stock over from taiwan. The first time we bring our stock over was to ask my mom not to buy too much stuff, Benny and I totally bring almost nothing just to make sure we have enough space to put our stock. This will be what and my most main concern! Can’t possibly rely on my Taiwan relative for help most of the time.. 

*Back to brain storming…. and watching tv 😛
*Photos courtesy of Angela ~ Mr Tan’s Colleague.*


Hihi, I’m Qiqi, a mother of 4, staying in a sunny Singapore. 

Started blogging since 2004, stop blogging in between while trying to manage my parenting life and business. 

Hope my articles help you achieve what you need in life. 




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