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iPhone 4S, Yay or Nay…

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Finally the new version of iPhone is out!!
But is iPhone 4S! -.-“
Mr Tan told me a shocking news this morning, when he is not able to wake me up successfully. >.<
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Mr Tan: no iPhone 5 lei
Me: ah! ‘wake up in seconds’
Mr Tan: ‘smiling evil’ but got iPhone 4S
Me: chey, expected lah better then nothing… 
 To me is better then nothing!! Haha.. Because I have been using iPhone 3GS for almost 2 years, so its time to change.. can’t update, due to jailbreak, battery life span getting shorter and shorter..

Yap is time for a change!!
By now everyone should have now the main functions of the new iPhone 4S, lets see what “wow” me more! 
iPhone 4S, Yay or Nay... 1
Is a new voice assistant, something like a voice control but it does more instead off just doing simple job like calling. 
U can ask her how’s the weather like, how to go to certain places, set reminders. basically is like talking or rather giving instructions to the robort ~ iPhone 4S. 
I think guys will be happier because the robotic voice is a female and yes u can’t change that.. too bad for females. haha… 
Camera is the most important functions of all, that’s what I feel for a vainpot like me who loves to take picture of myself haha.. 
8-megapixels, although is not much compare to camera and maybe camera functions phone like Sony. 
But compare to my current 3GS, it have better functionns like colour accuracy, face detection, flash, better video quality. Performs 30% faster then iPhone 4. For a camera function in phone I think that will be enough as long as in case of emergency like forget to bring my camera, or my camera battery died, at least the new iPhone 4S can be as good, not like my current one.. blur blur.. 
 Lastly IOS5
 Notification centre: which is good for me, at least I can see my appointments, special functions, emails, miss call etc all in one. I had this function in my 3GS but of course ~ jailbreak it. So it will be nice to have this function, otherwise I have to download the software again (jailbreak)
Twitter Intergration: good for people who is using twitter like me.. 😀 Should I explain further 
Camera functions: Rotate, crop etc. Good no need to download all those stupid software with all the company name all over the wrong place or having to download multiple apps just to do simple task like rotate and crop. 
So to you is Yay or Nay? U decide… For me definitely a yay! Seriously need to change my phone, if I’m going to take my baby girl’s photo everywhere I go and start spamming my friends FB or twitter.. It will be good! Haha.. 

Oops.. running late, got to run meeting friend for dinner!!
I’m going to slowly wait for 22 OCT!!! White or Black?? Should be black for me, since I’m going to cover up with casing.. hmmm.. See what Mr Tan says..


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