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Pamper my Fatty toes!!

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The moment you can’t see your toes……..


Don’t panic, I still can see my toes!! But can’t to a nice DIY treatment to my little feet, so I know its time for pedicure!!

(ok just an excuse to pamper myself, hahaha)

Through my sister recommendation I went to Jocelyn place for a cosy pedicure session.

Pamper my Fatty toes!! 1
I opt for a spa pedicure. So nice to have my feet scrub and pampered.. So difficult to scrub myself because of my sciatic nerve and injury.. So when she start doing scrubbing, I almost say “SO SHIOK”!!! hahaha..  
Pamper my Fatty toes!! 2

Da… Da…. The finishing piece!! Haha.. Really thanks to her, because my 2 big toe nails drop off so grow very slow, hard to do… but she do very nicely.. 😛

Pamper my Fatty toes!! 3

Comes with 2 free nail art, so I do a heart shape, especially for my baby, wish her have a kind heart and a loving heart. 😀

And its very affordable!! 

Those interested can visit her facebook
Not sure if the link works anot, if not, the charges and contact as below!

Classic Mani- $12

Classic Pedi- $15

*INCLUDED : Nail shaping, Cuticle trimming, Smoothen heels, Massage (Passion Fruit/ Moringa/ Pink Grapefruit/Sweet lemon/ Cranberry / Spa wisdom africa Ximenia & salt scrub), Painting

*PAINTING: OPI base coat, OPI colour, SECHE QUICKDRY top coat.

Gelish additional- $20

*Using Harmony Gelish

Express Mani- $6

Express pedi- $8

Lil Princess express Mani & pedi- $5

Normal French- $5

Colour French- $10

Nail art per nail- $1 

crystal per nail- $2

Shatter per service- $5

Water marbling- $20

Gelish removal- $8

Gel/Acrylic removal- $20

Foot spa treatment- $15 (15mins) 

*Passion Fruit/ Moringa/ Pink Grapefruit/Sweet lemon/ Cranberry / Spa wisdom africa Ximenia & salt / QTICA scrub, QTICA lotion, CUCCIO deep dermal transforming wrap mask / equipment

Hand spa treatment- $12 (15mins) 

*QTICA scrub & lotion, CUCCIO deep dermal transforming wrap mask

Tip extension per nail- $5

Tip extension full set- $20

Joycelyn Kwan

HP: 96672299 (SMS or whatsapp only)

Tampines St 11, blk 105, #04-75

[email protected]

Working hours

Saturday : 7 – 9pm

Sunday : 9am – 9pm


More photos on the wedding taken at Mr Tan’s colleague wedding. 🙂

Mr Tan and me

Pamper my Fatty toes!! 4
Benny’s Colleagues
Pamper my Fatty toes!! 5
With the beautiful bride and handsome groom!!
Pamper my Fatty toes!! 6

Time to sleep… oopss… suppose to sleep early… zzzzz time… 


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