Online Grocery Store I love to shop during circuit breaker

We are so looking forward to phase 3 because we can’t wait to get back to our normal life. But one thing for sure, my online grocery shopping will continue to stay.
Online Grocery Store Shopping

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Now that phase 2 has already started, we are looking forward to phase 3 because we can’t wait to get back to our normal life.

But one thing is for sure, my online grocery store shopping will continue to stay. The reasons are, I save time on my marketing, save my transport fare since I do not own any car now and nowadays all the grocery platforms has a low min. delivery order for free delivery! Most importantly, there’s no need to carry so heavy stuff, imagine planning for a grocery trip for 7 people with 2 to 3 weeks’ supply of food. Good work out actually. haha..

With a lot of products that are being sold out or having high delivery charges, we have to look for alternative grocery stores. Let’s see which online grocer’s my favorite during this period and will continue on!

Check out the online grocery stores below!

Sheng Siong

I have been buying from Sheng Shiong since we are car-less. I like their wide varieties and pretty reasonable pricing for vegetables in their physical store, so naturally, I will be more inclined to shop online. Also my family takes pearl rice (Calrose rice), I like their Family brand Calrose rice from Vietnam which tastes very close to Taiwanese pearl rice.

Pros: Wide variety of selections, same-day delivery if you are early and lucky!
Things to consider: Free delivery only if you spend above $100. Below $100 will incur $6 delivery fee.

Things I buy: Happy Family Pearl Rice, vegetables and fruits.

Online Grocery Store I love to shop during circuit breaker 1
Happy Family Brand By Sheng Siong – Pearl Rice

Open Taste

This is a great place to buy fruits and organic products. We buy from here regularly because our family eats fruits about 2 -3 times a day. So their bulk purchase selection of fruits is worth it for our family of 7.

Pros: Great discount on bulk purchases.
Things to consider: Their delivery charges are broken down into bulk purchases (Premium member and nonpremium) and nonbulk purchases. For non-bulk purchase, free delivery for orders over $49.

They deliver their items in a big reusable cooler bag which you can return to the driver on your next order.

For bulk purchases, if you’ve signed up to be a premium member (pay about $4.16 per month), free delivery for orders over $49 + 2% rewards on all purchases. if you are non member, you have to spend over $150 for free delivery.

Things I buy: Fruits, Lemons and Yogurt

My purchase from Open Taste

Amazon Prime

Amazon 2hr delivery was a big hype when they started in 2018. I have not tried it until recently when I wanted an ingredient urgently to cook for dinner. Well, it didn’t really reach me in 2hrs, but it did reach me within the same day, 6hrs later. Luckily, I decided not to cook that dish.

But, I still do appreciate the same-day delivery, especially when I need some ingredients to cook the next day. It’s also a good place to look for some fresh spices and herbs if you need any.

I also like that they pack the food in environmentally friendly paper and for cold or frozen food it comes with a cooler bag and ice packs. I use the paper bag to keep my greens longer in the fridge.

Pros: For Prime Members ($2.99 per month), you can get free local delivery for spending above $60 and international orders for over S$60. There are other benefits like exclusive access to Movies, TV shows, games, and early access to deals.
Things to consider: Choices of selection for fresh grocery and bakery products is still pretty limited, hopefully, they can expand more. And in order to enjoy the prime features, you have to download the Prime app.

Things I buy: Fresh Herbs, last-minute cooking ingredients.

My recent Amazon prime order.

The Care Sg

They started their online platform this year, The Care Sg has a wide selection of fresh grocery and organic products too! I ordered a lot of greens from them which I was very happy with the quality and price. Currently, they are having free delivery for orders above $50 for the month of June. Otherwise, free delivery for orders spent above $80.

Pros: Good selection of fresh vegetables and other groceries. Same-day delivery if your order is before 10 am. Next-day delivery if you order before 530pm
Things to consider: Need to have more wider selection of meat & seafood selection.

Things I buy: Vegetables and Fruits

Online Grocery Store I love to shop during circuit breaker 2
My vegetables from The Care Sg

Tasty Food Affair

I happened to come across them when I was looking for beef tendons and bones. They have a wide selection of meats such as beef and pork in reasonable prices. They pack their food in a styrofoam box. Currently, they have a limited-time offer, free delivery for orders above $55

Pros: Wide selection of meats in different cuts at reasonable prices.
Things to consider: Have to spend above $70 for free delivery. Otherwise, there will be a delivery charge of $20 and $35 for weekend delivery, which is pretty high.

Things I buy: Beef of different cuts
P.S. Click the link above to get $5 off your first purchase.

Online Grocery Store I love to shop during circuit breaker 3
Beef from Tasty Food Affair

H&Z Global Fruits

It caught my attention when my friend bought pretty portobello mushrooms and showed us! So I joined my area Whatsapp group and bought a variety of mushrooms and fruits.

Pros: Cheap when you buy in bulk for special seasonal fruits and bulk purchase promotions. The mushroom I bought is only $15 for 1kg.
Things to consider: You have to collect from the collection point, otherwise free doorstep delivery is available for orders more than $60. Order is through WhatsApp, so it can be quite difficult to place the order using mobile as the ordering list is very long.

Things I buy: Mushrooms, onions, fruits

Online Grocery Store I love to shop during circuit breaker 4
portobello mushrooms

Mr Ong’s Chicken

I love to buy chicken from the wet market because I always request uncle to chop it in a certain size and cut. Also it’s pretty cheap to buy parts like fillets, chicken feet, etc. with a good fixed price.

Pros: Can request the cut you want.
Things to consider: Place the order through FB or WhatsApp. Delivery rates depend on the area you stay. You can organize group buys with your neighbors.

Things I buy: Chicken, black chicken, chicken fillet (for stock paste), chicken bone (for bone broth), chicken feet and duck wings/feet

Online Grocery Store I love to shop during circuit breaker 5
This is $50 worth of chicken for free delivery to my area.

Fu Xin Egg Seller

When the news of limiting each household can only purchase 1 tray of eggs, it was quite difficult for us because eggs are the cheapest for their nutrition and the protein is easily absorbed by our growing kids. This also means that I need to buy eggs every few other days which is not feasible during lockdown. So we started to search for alternatives and ordered from different suppliers, and we settled for Fu Xin Egg as their replies are always very prompt and their eggs are cheap and fresh, but you need to order at least 5 trays for free delivery.

Pros: Cheap and quality eggs
Things to consider: Need or order min. 5 trays for free delivery, otherwise $3 delivery charges will be applied. You can organize a group buys with your neighbors.

Online Grocery Store I love to shop during circuit breaker 6
My eggs!
Fresh Eggs

9s Seafood

They are one of the first few wet market sellers to have an online platform. I prefer online purchases compared to live auctions because I don’t have the luxury of time to sit and monitor the live auction price. You can order the choice of your fish and the cut you want from their website. Especially if you are clueless about cooking kids meals or preparing steamboats, they have prepacked options for you.

They have also expanded their collection to daily staples and condiments.

Pros: Price transparency, simple order process and prepacked options for people who are not familiar with fish.
Things to consider: Free delivery for orders over $60

Online Grocery Store I love to shop during circuit breaker 7

The Daily Catch

Besides 9s Seafood, I also purchase from The Daily Catch frequently. Their focus is mainly on fresh fishes and they have quite a comprehensive collection of fishes. Sometimes, they will give you free clams/bones, just like how you order from the wet market.

When you place your order, you can indicate the “cut” that you want. If you are not familiar, they have slides to show the variety of fishes and the different cut.

Pros: Wide selection of fresh seafood, loyalty rewards.
Things to consider: Place the order through private WhatsApp, they will send updates of the seafood price regularly through the group, or you can request for the latest price.

Online Grocery Store I love to shop during circuit breaker 8

The Food People

I came across their store while searching for Taiwanese Rice wine. I always buy my Taiwanese Rice Wine from Sheng Shiong, but it was out of stock for very long and since my rice wine is running out, I googled and found their store.

They have a wide selection of Taiwanese products and other Chinese cooking condiments.

Pros: Wide selection of cooking condiments, staples, and Taiwanese food/drinks.
Things to consider: Free delivery for orders over $60.

Things I buy: Taiwan Rice wine, Taiwan seaweed jelly (海燕窝), and Taiwan thousand layer beancurd (perfect for steamboat).

APC E-store

If you are looking for dried goods like scallops, mushrooms, Ikan Bilis. This will be a good place to buy from! Previously, I always buy from Bugis wholesale, but with the lockdown, I’ve got to find another alternative.
They also have small gifts for customers who purchase from them!

Pros: Wide selection, clean and nicely packed.
Things to consider: Free delivery for orders more than $54

Things I buy: Mushrooms, cordyceps flower, scallops, ikan bilis

Kelong And Farms

This is one of the newer finds if you are looking for exotic choices of vegetables and fruits, including fresh herbs like rosemary and thymes. I have yet to try them, but one bonus point is they do sell halal produce. That’s good news for our Muslim friends!

I have tried and am very pleased with their services and how they packaged the food! They even bubble-wrapped those fragile vegetables and vacuum-packed some of the vegetables and meat.

You can request the cut of your meat or fish by indicating at the remarks during checkout.

Pros: Halal produce. Low min. delivery order of $50 for free delivery. Loyalty rewards.
Things to consider: Mainly fresh produce, no condiments. $8 delivery charges for orders below $50.
P.S. Click the link above, create an account and receive a discount on your first purchase.

Online Grocery Store I love to shop during circuit breaker 9

I hope some of the newly onboarded e-commerce sellers will continue to sell their products online as e-commerce is really a big market even before this pandemic.

Please share with me where your most frequently ordered online grocery store is so I can have a try and review too. 🙂


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