Maternity Shoot & my 4S

Last Sunday took another series of maternity shoot. This time round is with Hubby ~ Mr Tan. 
Really thanks and appreciate him for satisfying my photo shoot cravings haha.. 

Thanks to Anson, the photographer for the time and effort, especially when Mr Tan is so busy with his work, we actually trying to fixed for the photo shoot timing for 1 month plus. 

I requested for a beach theme, rather then studio. Because already did one studio shoot with my sister so I want to try something different. 

So ~~~ SENTOSA!!

We went to tanjong beach to have our photo shoot, even though the weather is very sunny but we are glad that it didn’t rain, otherwise it will be wasted 

Me!! I love my 4S, super clear and love the front camera…
Mr Tan & Me
My “so sexy” pregnant bikini outfit.. haha..
Really enjoy the whole shooting process because finally I can go to the beach and enjoy the sunshine!

But after 1 hour plus (almost 2 hours) of shooting, I started to feel tired even though there is a lot of resting in between and most of the shoot I’m leaning against Mr Tan. Shows that my stamina is getting down, even though my legs is getting better (thanks to the physiotherapist).. Hopefully my battery is fully recharged after giving birth 😀

2 sneek peak from Anson! He’s fast..

Can’t wait to see the rest of the pics!

I think u guys have realised that I got a new cover for my iPhone 4S!! 

Da.. da… my new cover!

Rabbit.. 😀 espcially for my baby girl
Case design inspired by Vivian Hsu

Mr Tan bought another one more for me to inter-change. 

Bear bear inspired by Faye Wong. 😀

Super bling hor.. Mr Tan loves bling bling stuff.. Haha.. Actually I did told him before I like it when I pass by the booth in Changi Airport T3, but scared too bulky, heavy and the price is also expensive. 

But I’m glad he remember what I like haha.. 😛

Btw, it’s not heavy if you are wondering, the 4S is heavier than the casing. 

Ok time for the overdue photos!

My friend, Fang En’s wedding @ Pan Pacific. Congrats to her and her hubby, wish them stay happy and blissful forever!!

Me.. 😀 look so tired..
Tiffany theme wedding 
The gals.. 😀

Dinner with my missy!! 😀
@ Tumbuah Mas Indonesia 
Sayli’s 2 little kids!! 😀 I really love their big big eyes!

 Gifts from the missy, from Japan, China etc.. So sweet of them.. Hehe.. I love my gifts!

After dinner we went to Canele for yummy dessert.. 
I heart the “Love City” (if i remembered correctly) a lot! The taste is very refreshing, sour and sweet.. can really feel the love hur.. hehe..

Wei Zhi conquered the whole table!! Lol…

Li En trying to do colouring while we adults talking.

Lastly Group photos!! 

Counting down to 10+ days and I can cuddle my baby girl 😀

finally a public holiday on Monday!! Need to zzZZZzz..

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