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You Make Me Realise…

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3 years… you make me realise how wonderful my life can be, how a tiny ‘you’ can change my goals in my life.

It is you who make me realise, that all the commercials of babies sleeping like an angel is just made up… who knows that they actually take hours just to take that wonderful sleeping angelic look.

It is you who made me realise, that 3 hours can be so precious to me. Washing, cooking, toilet breaks, pumping may not be even enough for this magical 3, let alone napping with you.

It is  you who made me realise, that once in a while dropping off everything, just to nap with you for that precious one hour can be a powerful boost for me, even though I longed for more hours.

It is you who make me realise, that I have to sneak around the house like a thief or doing ninja stunts in order not to wake you up from your precious 1 hr nap. 1 hr is what I actually wish for, but in fact you only nap like 20 mins?

It is you who make me realise, that my legs are not only for walking or to showcase my gorgeous 4″ inch heels. I can use it to rock, pat, pick up whatever small little things I have dropped on the floor using my 2 toes, or even dragging the stool or chair when my hands is full.

It’s you who make me realized, that boobs is not just a decorative asset, it is for your survival and you need it. With your little mouth tugging on my nipples, always making me wonder if my nipple will drop off and the pumping, will it makes my boobs bigger? So I can save on plastic surgery or push up bras.

It’s you who make me realized, how precious your poo can be. Be it the colour or the texture, and whenever I saw volcano, I will remember your explosive poo which stains my clothes, hands or my bed.

It’s you who make me realise, that little tiny fingers and toes are so yummy, that I want to have a try too, on yours not mine. It really does taste wonderful, and makes me wonder why my hand is not so tasty and feet is so smelly.

It’s you who make me realise, that you are the best supporter of my cooking, no matter how disgusting the puree looks, you will always show that so excited to try, which makes me try it and tell myself “hey actually very nice leh”… such a positive encouragement we give each other.

It’s you who make me realise, that I can be an octopus, having imaginary hands and legs, in the end of the day I feel so proud of myself but once you had a fall, you make me look like a bad mom, all the job done and positive thinking all gone with your tears.

It’s you who make me realise, that how tiny my brain can be, and you do not seem to be happy about it. Thought I have prepared everything, but I may left out your precious teething toy or even hot water. You cry as though I have starved you for days, making me feel lousy. And as days goes by, your memory gets better, which made me believe I also gave same parts of my brain to you.

It’s you who make me realise, that even though, sometimes I secretly wish that you will be quiet and let me be peaceful for awhile so I can have a proper shower or proper meal. But your sudden silence makes me worried, are you still breathing, or you are up to something mischievous, end up I wish you can make some noise.

It’s you who make me realise, that “bo geh” can be so cute.. accompanied with your never ending saliva, but that doesn’t mean I wish to see it on myself or some cheekopek uncle.. same bo geh, same drooling but different feeling.. eeeee…

It’s you who make me realized, parenting is not about reading up, parenting is just keep on saying, NO, CANNOT, DO IT ONE MORE TIME I WILL….. , STOP IT… and training my killer pairs of eyes…

It’s you who make me realise… I’m an important person in your life.. A person you still love, and wish to snuggle with. A person who you always look for whenever you are upset, or you need snacks, poo or pee, even if I accidentally made you drink your bathing water, cut your flesh instead of your nails, scalded your tongue or even smack you when you misbehave.

It’s you who make me realise how wonderful motherhood can be.

It’s you who make me a MOTHER…

Happy Birthday (17 Nov) my precious girl…. May you stay healthy and happy. 10676140_10154826392775453_629329030672037835_n


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